Biden addresses “massive” crowd of 771 people in 365 cars. That doesn’t even compare to Trump’s overflow at rallies.


ATLANTA, GA- Law Enforcement Today reported this week on Joe Biden’s Freudian slip at a rally in Atlanta.

While on the campaign trail in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday October 27th, Biden introduced himself as Senator Kamala Harris’s running mate at the start of his speech. 

Biden “jokingly” said:

“My name is Joe Biden, I’m Jill Biden’s husband, and I’m Kamala’s running mate. Y’all think I’m kidding, don’t you?” 

Normally, especially when addressing union workers and teachers, Biden will refer to himself as “Jill Biden’s husband,” however, he now falls third in line behind his wife and Harris. 

At that very same rally, Biden addressed one of his largest crowds to date. A whopping 771 people among 365 cars attended the drive-in rally in Atlanta. 

Reporter Andrew Solender said this rally was “easily his largest event of the general election” 

Just last week, Breitbart reported that an estimated 75,000 cars rallied for President Donald Trump in Miami last week.
Additionally, LET reported that thousands of people took to the streets in New York to show support for President Trump last week.
Biden’s inability to draw a crown is nothing new. During the primary, Biden was not able to draw large crowds either.
In Charleston, South Carolina, just days before the state’s crucial primary at the end of February, Joe Biden barely managed to fill half a gymnasium. He went on to win the primary — his first-ever primary victory, and a decisive step toward winning his party’s nomination, Breitbart reported.
Just two weeks ago the former Vice President and his running mate, Kamala Harris arrived at an event in Phoenix, and virtually no one attended. 

Fox affiliate Nicole Garcia was out in front of the campaign stop, and made mention that there were press reports that noted the event on October 8th. But, video footage of the area by Garcia and Fox News showed very few people were outside of the building. 

Garcia reported:

“We’re right outside of the Heard Museum where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their motorcade arrived about one o’clock this afternoon.  They are meeting with several tribal leaders here at the Heard Museum, and not a lot of fanfare here.” 

Garcia then stepped away and allowed her camera person to pan over the area, which confirmed the lack of people in attendance. 

She said:

“So, it’s not your typical presidential campaign event.  We don’t see people rallying outside.  We don’t see signs or much of what’s going on. 

I’m told by one of the Biden staffers, local staffers, is that they kind of kept the details of the visit – as far as the timing and exact location – they didn’t want to give that out to the public because they want to keep crowds to a minimum. 

They realize we are in a pandemic, and they don’t want a crowd of more than 50 people at their events.”

Of course, the Biden administration has used various excuses to explain the lack of turn out throughout the campaign. Everything from wanting to limit COVID exposure, to claiming they did not invite the public to the event in the first place. 

Either way, major news outlets are reporting that Biden has a significant lead over President Trump, however, if we are judging by the amount of people who actually show up at the end of the day, President Trump has a lot more support then the media would like you to believe. 

Here is more on the media’s manipulation of the 2020 campaign. 

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Proposed bill in New Jersey would allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses

WASHINGTON, DC Americans have witnessed some major developments over the past week that are staggering, even for an election season. Some events, and media reaction to the events, actually have people changing their minds about the candidates and reconsidering their votes.

Fox News reports about a C-SPAN talk show caller who is likely changing teams after witnessing the massive media coverup over the Hunter Biden scandal.

The caller, “Jimmy from Maine,” stated on the air that he’s now leaning toward voting for President Trump precisely because of the media’s reaction – or nonreaction — to news of Hunter Biden’s laptops, emails, international backroom deals and “pay for play” access to his father, Joe, especially during the time the elder Biden was vice president.

Biden addresses "massive" crowd of 771 people in 365 cars.  That doesn't even compare to Trump's overflow at rallies.
Courtesy of Facebook

Pedro Echevarria, the host of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” spoke with Jimmy from Maine, who expressed support for Biden’s healthcare plan, but supported Trump’s ideas and accomplishments on the economy and foreign policy.

Jimmy discussed how the Hunter Biden laptop issue was dividing his family.  He also noted the lack of mainstream media coverage on the Tony Bobulinski revelations.  Jimmy commented on air:

“I watched all the stations. I did MSNBC, watch you guys, I watch Fox, I watch everybody, just trying to get a little piece of everything.  Nobody but Fox was carrying this guy . . . that was his [Hunter Biden’s] partner.”

“And I thought to myself, ‘Well, they’ll cover it the next day . . .’ You know what Americans don’t like, Pedro? They don’t like a rigged deck. This might be the Achilles’ Heel of Joe Biden.”

Echevarria agreed that only Fox and the Wall Street Journal ran with the story on Hunter Biden’s laptops since the New York Post first dropped the story.  Jimmy responded:

“I mean, you’ve got ABC, NBC, CBS, these are the major networks and I’ve watched them this morning and I’m looking for it and I’m looking for it, and nobody is paying attention to this!  I went in leaning toward Joe Biden; I’m really leaning toward Donald Trump right now.”

Several other statements and stories have voters grumbling and likely considering “the other guy.” Consider Joe Biden’s plans for the oil industry, which has especially riled those people working in oil producing or related industries in Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North and South Dakota and West Virginia.

The conversation in Thursday night’s Nashville debate that led to Biden’s “showing his hand” originated around the climate-change topic. Biden, while explaining his strong environmental stance and his position on renewable energy sources, boldly stated that he would “transition” away from oil because producing oil pollutes the environment.

President Trump pounced on the moment:

“Basically what he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry.  Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded the day after the debate, leaving no doubt about his opinion. He tweeted:

“(Biden) just killed paycheck(s) earned by hardworking families in Texas . . . Joe just wants to transition away from Texas. Remember that on election day . . .”

Biden backtracked on his comments Friday, accomplishing a flip-flop with a triple gainer:

“We’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a very long time.”

The actual proposal posted by his campaign indicates a three-decade plan for arriving at the goal of no greenhouse gas emissions and cutting fossil fuel use by 2050.

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, also responded Friday at a campaign stop, indicating that it was President Trump’s misunderstanding, and not Biden’s actual words, that caused the dust up:

“You know, the president likes to take everything out of context.  Let’s be clear: What Joe was talking about was banning subsidies, but he will not ban fracking in America.”

It should be noted that Biden has said on many, many occasions that he intends to ban fracking.

The media says Biden is winning, but is he?

October 17, 2020

The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

We’ve all seen the polls. Left-leaning news outlets gush that Joe Biden is going to beat President Trump in a landslide.

Trump is down 10, 11, 16 points to a man who calls a lid on his campaign most days at 9 a.m. We hear that Trump’s tweets “bother” suburban women. We hear that he “didn’t take COVID-19 seriously enough.”

He’s condemned white supremacy only 30 times instead of 40. We’ve heard it all.

Then we look at reality. Unless he’s on a teleprompter, Biden can’t answer simple questions without stumbling and bumbling. Some days he doesn’t remember what office he’s running for. He expects African Americans to vote for him, and if they’re undecided, he tells them “they ain’t black.”

For all the whining about President Trump being rude, or crass, has anyone seen Biden? “You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier” he told a young female in Iowa. He challenged another man to do pushups and referred to him as “fat.” He got in the face of an auto worker who rightly accused Biden of wanting to take away guns.

Then, there are the stories. Corn Pop. Attending the University of Delaware, a HBUC. Kids rubbing down the hair on his legs. Graduating at the top of his class in law school. There are scores upon scores of stories. Old Joe has a problem telling the truth.

Biden accuses Trump of being a racist, and ignores his own racist past. Supporting Robert Byrd, who started the KKK in West Virginia. Saying that he didn’t want his kids to “grow up in a racial jungle.”

“Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”

Barack Obama was the first “clean, articulate black man” out there.

“You cannot go into a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

You get the point.

Biden has taken nary a controversial question in any interviews or town halls. Thursday, amid a huge scandal over emails found on a computer belonging to his son, ABC News town hall host George Stephanopoulos never asked a question about the contents of the emails, which showed Biden involved in a quid pro quo involving Ukraine. Not one.

Yet, they continually grill President Trump about pretty much everything.

Then there is the enthusiasm gap. When you ask someone why they are voting FOR Joe Biden, they cannot answer you. They can tell you why they’re voting AGAINST President Trump.

Have you actually met someone who is anxious to vote for a man with significant cognitive decline, who always looks and talks angry? Honestly, have you watched the man?

The comparisons to ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s cranky old man character, Walter, are not that far-fetched. Biden just comes across as a crabby old man.

Biden addresses "massive" crowd of 771 people in 365 cars.  That doesn't even compare to Trump's overflow at rallies.
Joe Biden/ Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” photo: YouTube screenclip

Compare that to the president. Except when he’s being subject to a hit job such as what Chris Wallace and recently Savannah Guthrie pulled on him, he’s usually a pretty cheerful guy. Have you seen this man play a crowd?

His rallies are like rock concerts, with thousands, sometimes 10s of thousands of people waiting in line, even in pouring rain, for the opportunity to hear him speak.

President Trump has to hold his rallies on airport ramps and hangars to hold the number of people who come to hear him. Biden has a “drive-in” “rally” that has maybe 10 cars there. It’s embarrassing, quite frankly. You almost feel sorry for him.

Have you seen the Trump parades? Hundreds of enthusiastic people driving with Trump paraphernalia on their vehicles, just out there having a good time. How about the boat regattas? Hundreds of boats in places such as Florida, New York, even Massachusetts, for God’s sake.

Now, I’ve heard people say, at least in my neck of the woods, that they see more Biden signs than Trump signs, and that may be true. However, first of all, I am in a very blue state. It is hardly unexpected when you live in a liberal la-la land that you would see more signs for a Democrat. With that said, there is probably another explanation.

Some liberals are crazy. Plain and simple.

A Trump sign in your yard, or bumper sticker on your vehicle is an invitation for some angry, left-wing, unhinged loon to take a knife to your tires, smash your windows, or dump acid on the hood (all of which have been done this election cycle, by the way).

Just this past week, a man had his truck torched because he had the audacity to show his support for President Trump.

Then there is the issue of personal safety. Put a Trump sign or flag up on your house and it’s an invitation to get your house egged, have protesters show up at your door, or have your family harassed. For some, it is simply not worth the risk to their families.

Time was in this country, you could have a difference of opinion and people would respect that. Now, people have actually lost their jobs for supporting a particular point of view, usually a conservative one.

People are, in a word, unhinged. That likely explains why you do not see a lot of visible support for President Trump, at least where I live.

Polls? I remember 2016 and what happened with the polls. They were wrong . . . dead wrong. Oh yes, I know . . . “but Hillary won the popular vote.” Sorry, our system doesn’t care who is the most popular in California and New York.

Why would anyone want two or three states to decide for the rest of the country who will be president? Our system was set up for a reason and it has worked spectacularly for nearly 250 years.

President Trump’s approval currently stands at 51 percent. No incumbent president with an approval number that high has lost their election . . . ever. Could history change this year? Perhaps. But it just “feels” like Biden isn’t winning right now.

I talk to a lot of people. The enthusiasm gap for Trump vs. Biden is palpable. Once again, if you ask someone why they are voting for Trump, they can tell you . . . support for law enforcement, lowering taxes, getting us out of bad trade deals such as with China, reducing burdensome regulations, realistic criminal justice reform. 

When you ask people why they are voting for Biden, they tell you basically “orange man bad.” The Biden campaign focuses on what’s wrong with America instead of the Trump message of what is good about America.

Think about the campaign slogans . . . “Keep America Great” vs. “Build Back Better.” No comparison. President Trump loves our country and all that it stands for. Joe Biden despises our country. 

Do not discount a comment made by left-wing Hollywood actress Jane Fonda a week or two back. She said the COVID-19 pandemic was a “gift” for Democrats. That was truly an honest comment and is a good indicator of what mainstream Democrats think, especially the far-left.

How so? The United States economy was on fire prior to the pandemic. Record low unemployment among all demographics, including among African Americans and Hispanics. Booming manufacturing. Low gas prices, and energy independence. The stock market was at record highs across all indexes, propping up 401-Ks for retirees. What wasn’t to like?

COVID-19 put all of that on the back burner, and Democrats saw the pandemic as an opportunity to attack the president. Despite leading Democrats condemning the imposition of first a China travel ban, then a European travel ban, people like Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo and yes, Joe Biden, criticize the president for “not acting fast enough.”

Yet, Trump implemented “Operation Warp Speed” and was able to obtain PPE, ventilators, and other needed items where states had dropped the ball after the H1N1 pandemic in 2009. He assigned two Navy hospital ships, the Comfort and the Mercy to New York and Los Angeles.

Thanks to Trump’s decisive action and the elimination of crippling regulations, there will likely be a vaccine for the virus available later this year or early next year. Therapeutics are now available to help treat those afflicted by COVID.

It’s unimaginable that any other president, without the business experience possessed by Trump, could have moved things along so fast, with government and big businesses collaborating to fight a common enemy.

Remember, when the coronavirus situation first started in China, Democrats were focused on a bogus impeachment scam. Democrats were holding debates amongst themselves for the opportunity to run against President Trump. There was nary a mention of coronavirus during any of those debates. Yet they criticize President Trump for “taking his eyes off the ball.”

What is an even greater benefit for the Democrats? Coronavirus is an excuse to hide Biden in his basement. While Trump is out holding campaign events with thousands of enthusiastic people, Biden secrets himself in his basement, coming out only occasionally to answer softball questions from a complicit media.

More recently, a second debate scheduled between the candidates in a town hall format was changed to a virtual debate without consulting the two campaigns. Trump rightly canceled the event, which was clearly designed to help Biden.

This whole campaign has just a weird feeling about it. While the president is out every day answering questions ad nauseum, Biden has avoided being out in the public except for select friendly events. He has yet to face any tough questions with minimal exceptions.

Above I mentioned the most glaring example of how Biden is being coddled by the media, which was this past Thursday. This was the same day explosive information came forth about his son Hunter. The so-called “town hall” on ABC never mentioned it . . . not one question about it.

Biden is asked about packing the Supreme Court, and he dodges the question like Muhammed Ali used to dodge punches from Joe Frazier. He is never pressed by the left-wing media.

Meanwhile on NBC, President Trump was undergoing an inquisition by Savannah Guthrie, who used the town hall format to launch a 60-minute attack session on the president. The differences in both events was stunning.

Biden being fed hanging curveballs by George Stephanopoulos while Guthrie was attacking the president like a rabid pit bull.

Then, we see social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn blocking content in support of President Trump, or critical of Joe Biden, such as Twitter and Facebook did to the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s computer and revelations of a possible quid pro quo between Biden and Ukraine.

It is incidents like this which has President Trump’s base fired up. And for people in the middle who are not Republicans or Democrats, it is clear that there is a tremendous disparity in how both candidates are treated in the media. It is plain for all to see if only you open your eyes. One is babied; the other one is constantly attacked. It is truly a question of fairness and I believe most right-thinking Americans can see that.

So, according to all the “wizards of smart” in the media and political circles, Joe Biden is going to beat President Trump in a landslide. He may very well win. It just doesn’t seem that way.

In 2016, the very same people had Hillary Clinton beating President Trump. The atmosphere then feels a lot like it does now, although this time it is more palpable.

There is, I believe a huge “silent majority” of people who are not saying how they are going to vote, who are not being included in polling, and who are not publicly showing support for the president through political stickers, signs, or buttons. It simply does not feel like this is going to be a Biden win. My gut tells me that. Many of my friends and acquaintances tell me the same thing.

We’ve heard of an October surprise. I think we are in for a November surprise. Not for some of us, but for those predicting a Biden win. This just looks like another four years for President Trump. This isn’t a hope or a wish . . . this isn’t scientific . . . it’s just how it feels.


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