Job listing for a ‘happy’ hair stylist banned because it was discriminatory


STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE – Political correctness is not something that only exists in the United States. 

Recently, a hair salon placed a job advertisement looking for a new hair stylist that was happy, only to learn that the ad may be discriminatory towards people who are unhappy. 

Thus, the ad was removed.

No, this isn’t a joke.

The manager of the salon, Alison Birch, was seeking a new employee at the store, AJ’s Unisex Hair Salon, and wanted them to have a happy disposition. 

The ad said:

“Part time fully qualified hairdresser, must be confident in barbering as well as all aspects of hairdressing, must have at least 5 years of experience working in a salon, after being fully qualified.  This is a busy friendly small salon, so only happy, friendly stylist need apply.”

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Birch said that a short while later, according to the Daily Mail:

“It was less than an hour after I’d gone online and placed the ad with the local job centre that I got a call from a man there saying there was a problem.  I said what’s that and he said I couldn’t use the word happy because it discriminated against people who aren’t happy.

“I honestly thought it was a wind-up and someone I know was pulling my leg.  I thought any second now he’s going to tell me it’s a joke but he didn’t.  He was deadly serious.  In the end I told him I wouldn’t proceed with the ad.  I can’t repeat some of the words I used!

“All I wanted to get across in my ad was that we are a small friendly salon and we wanted someone with a smile on their face.  We have had stylists in the past who come in after arguing with their boyfriends and slam the door and things like that I didn’t want that sort of thing again.”

Birch told John Hawkins of Gloucestershire News Service:

“Sadly one of our stylists has died of cancer during lockdown aged only 42 so my other stylist Claire Young and I could really do with someone cheerful joining us after that terrible tragedy.  In this day and age with Covid worrying us all our customers really need to see happy and smiling eyes.”

Birch posted the incident on the salon’s Facebook account and found that her followers seemed to be in the same line of thinking, perhaps political correctness has gone too far. Birch, and it seems her followers, cannot believe that something so trivial would be viewed as discriminatory. 

She said:

“I still can’t understand why the word happy should be such a problem.  When you think about it, almost any word you care to use to describe someone could be regarded as discrimination.

“I could have said outgoing or friendly but that would presumably be discriminating against people who aren’t outgoing or friendly?  After all, who would want someone miserable cutting their hair?  It’s great to see our customers leaving with a spring in their step after having an uplifting experience here with happy staff – that’s what it’s all about.”

In the world of political correctness, common sense, as we know it, has been lost.  In this instance, this salon manager simply wanted to ensure that her customers receive the best of the salon experience, not wishing to ‘discriminate’ against people who are unhappy. 

It’s worth noting that the job site was run by the government.

Birch was not seeking a certain race, a certain religion, or any other sensible protected areas in her job advertisement. 

She simply wanted someone who had a happy personality in order to fit into her business and make her customers happy. 

Is that really too much to ask?


Company Creates Snowflake Test After Getting Anti-Police Applicant

Last year, our agency was going through a big hiring phase.  And during the interview process, we realized something – there are a tremendous number of idiots in America.

Now I’m not big on name calling.  But I’m also not big on hiring idiots, either – and you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

While interviewing people, we were overwhelmed with the number of applicants who:

  • Didn’t know what our company does.
  • Had no direction in their life other than to the liquor store.
  • Were whiny and entitled.
  • Couldn’t spell.
  • Hated America.

The breaking point for me came when we interviewed someone who had potential as a social media specialist… and then told us he thought all police should be disarmed.

You can’t make this stuff up.

And so… armed with the knowledge that there are a lot of people out there who suck…. my management team and I set out to create a test that would weed out lousy, anti-American job applicants.

And so The Snowflake Test was born (scroll to the bottom to take the test).

Anyone who may be a viable candidate for our marketing agency has to take the test before they get an at-bat at an interview.

It’s 30 short-answer and essay-style questions that help us to really get to know a candidate.  We want to get in their heads.  See how they apply logic and reason to different scenarios.  See what makes them tick.  See if they’d be a good fit for our culture.

Among those questions:

  • What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?
  • What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?
  • Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered “controversial”?
  • How do you feel about police?
  • When was the last time you cried and why?

The full list of questions is below.

The test hit the mainstream media and quickly went viral.  After a bunch of appearances on Fox and Friends, Varney & Co., Risk & Reward, The Kennedy Show, Louder with Crowder, The Adam Carolla Show and countless others… we were buried with more than 10,000 applicants in one week.

With those applications, of course, came the death threats.  The America hating emails.  The anti-police letters.  The ANTIFA love notes.  The warnings to look over our shoulders.

Listen, guys.  The truth that nobody talks about is that you need to fit the culture of a company or it’s just not going to work out… whether you’re with a police department, a marketing agency or some other company.

But the bottom line is this. If you hate cops… and you hate America… there are plenty of other companies you can work for.

After all, there’s lots of ice cream to scoop and I’m sure Ben and Jerry will love you.

Fund Started To Move Anti-Trump Celebrities To Canada

The Snowflake Test

  1. Outside of standard benefits, what benefits should a company offer employees?
  2. What should the national minimum wage be?
  3. How many sick days should be given to employees?
  4. How often should employees get raises?
  5. How do you feel about guns?
  6. What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?
  7. What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?
  8. In a creative environment like The Silent Partner Marketing, what do you envision work attire looking like?
  9. Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered “controversial”?
  10. How do you feel about police?
  11. If you owned the company and were to find out that a client is operating unethically but was a high paying client…how would you handle it?
  12. When was the last time you cried and why?
  13. You arrive at an event for work and there’s a major celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet. What happens next?
  14. What’s your favorite kind of adult beverage?
  15. What’s the best way to communicate with clients?
  16. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
  17. What are your thoughts on the current college environment as it pertains to a future workforce?
  18. What’s your typical breakfast?
  19. What’s your favorite drink when you go to a coffeehouse?
  20. How do you handle bullies?
  21. How do you handle it when your ideas are shot down?
  22. What do you do if a coworker comes to the table with an idea and it sucks?
  23. What does the first amendment mean to you?
  24. What does faith mean to you?
  25. Who is your role model and why?
  26. “You’re in Starbucks with two friends. Someone runs in and says someone is coming in with a gun in 15 seconds to shoot patrons. They offer you a gun. Do you take it? What do you do next?”
  27. What does America mean to you?
  28. You see someone stepping on an American flag. What do you do?
  29. What does “privilege” mean to you?
  30. What’s more important? Book smarts or street smarts? Why?

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