BOSTON, Mass. – A group of teenagers in Massachusetts helped save a man from drowning on Thursday night, said police. But this good deed had a bit of a twist to it.

Police say that four Jewish teenagers were walking along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir on Thursday night when they spotted the unidentified man laying motionless in the water.

Reacting quickly, they notified a nearby Boston College officer and ran up to his car to report what they had witnessed. 

“As I approached them, two of them ran up to my car,” Boston College Police Officer Carl Mascioli said in an interview with WBTS. “There was a body in the water.”

The boys found the man laying unresponsive in the reservoir. (Wikipedia)


Mascioli jumped out of his car and ran down the embankment to the water. The man was reportedly partially submerged and unresponsive.

Mascioli grabbed the victim’s hand and pulled him onto dry land. That’s when he saw it. 

“While I was pulling him out of the water, I also observed that he had a swastika on his hand,” Mascioli said. Turns out the boy’s good deed had a twist to it.

The BC officer told the boys that they had just saved a man with a blatant Nazi symbol tattooed on his body. The question then became… did the boys regret their decision?

Not a chance. The students, who study at a Yeshiva high school in Chestnut Hill, told the officer that they wouldn’t change a thing about their role in the rescue — but they wanted something in return.

Their only request? 

Telling the man that they were the reason he was still living to face another day. 

Officer Mascioli speaks with NBC about the rescue. (NBC Broadcast)


“They wanted just to let him know that it was four young Jewish boys that helped save his life,” Officer Mascioli said. “A good deed is a good deed and that’s part of life. We should be helping everybody out.”

Authorities said that the man did not have much time left, and if it wasn’t for the boys’ quick reaction, he most likely wouldn’t have survived.

The unidentified man is expected to make a full recovery.

Our take?

You have to love seeing a story like this. You also have to hope that the boys would have the same regard for another human’s life even if they had known about the tattoo. Though a career of police work can make you cynical in the worst ways… you also get to see the good side of humanity. The side where people bridge social gaps and go out of their way to help their fellow man – regardless of the situation. We don’t see it enough. Or maybe the news just doesn’t publish it enough.

The boys study at a Yeshiva high school in Chestnut Hill. (NBC Broadcast)


Either way, huge props to these kids. And maybe, just maybe, it will help open the eyes of the man who lives to see another day.