Jesus and Speed Healing


Jesus had the ability to heal instantly. We have the ability to heal, but it tends to take us a lot longer. We have a process that takes place from the point when we have identified that there is a wound, through the healing, to the point where we can see and feel that the wound is no longer there. Sometimes this takes us a long time.

Can we speed up this process? Yes.

When Jesus would look at, touch, speak to a person in need of healing, what was received was instant. There are key elements to this level of success.

First, Jesus looked at the person as if they were already healed. The person was in perfect alignment with the perspective of Divine energy. The picture was already complete in the mind of Jesus.

Next, Jesus held no resistance to the healing process. His unfailing belief in the ability of the person to be healed by Divine energy never wavered so he was always successful. Because of his level of clarity of vision and the clear faith he possessed he got instant results.

Can we accomplish our healing process better and faster? Yes.

How do we develop our own abilities of clarity and faith? Visualization is the tool Jesus used.

Now over time many people have tried to use this tool and some have also developed excellent success in terms of health and ability. Think Special Forces Operators and top athletes.

Visualization creates alignment between conscious and subconscious mind – no resistance – to forming the clear, big, complete picture of the healing already having taken place.

Emotion is the language of the subconscious, so what we feel – our belief that the healing has already happened – makes it so.

If you would like to learn more about this process of using visualization, creating alignment and success you can check out my book The Secret Weapon; Your Mind. If you are military or law enforcement you may be interested in the Weapons Pkg. which contains that book plus two guided visualization processes you can follow along with. These have been field tested and proven to work. (Even if you aren’t military, these exercises have been life saving for personnel. They will work for you too. Get your pkg. here.)

Why is this important now? Because there are a lot of wounded. Not only in our military; with all of our protectors who hold lines to keep us safe, but everywhere. There is a pandemic of pain encircling our world.

Almost everyone we know is fighting their own personal battle. We need healing.

This understanding of the power of the mind working with Divine energy channeled through the tool of visualization and infused with faith has been around for a long time and taught to us by a master. Jesus demonstrated to us how to use this incredible source of power to accomplish great healing.

We may never reach his level of mastery, but it behooves us to follow his example.

Angela C. Benedict is an author and advocate with almost two decades of training experience. Her specialized knowledge includes; anxiety recovery including PTSD and Combat Stress, mindfulness, empowerment and transitioning, gap analysis, process improvement and project management, innovative training design and implementation. She is recognized as a leader in the security industry.

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