Caught on Camera: Jemele Hill asks if it was ‘racist’ to knock out Nate Robinson in a boxing match


LOS ANGELES, CA – Good question:  Is a white person beating a minority in competitive sports racist?

Of course not, but the left is going there after a black former NBA player was knocked out cold in a recent boxing match by a white man who is generally known for being annoying online.

Jemele Hill asked Jake Paul point blank in an interview if he felt that beating his opponent was “racist.”  Yes, winning a boxing match is now considered “racist,” according to Hill.

Jemele Hill, a sports journalist who writes for The Atlantic, spent 12 years with ESPN.  She has made some of the most audacious and mind-boggling statements about race and prejudices that have ever been recorded. 

It’s only natural that she “went there” this week when interviewing Jake Paul, a YouTube “star” who is regarded for being annoying, who participated in a boxing match with former NBA star Nate Robinson.  Robinson was a point guard for the New York Knicks at the end of his basketball career that spanned from 2005–2018.

Jake Paul knocked Nate Robinson out in a devastating manner, showing surprising boxing talent for a YouTube guy, embarrassing Robinson in his second professional fight.

There are several questions that immediately come to mind:

  • Is Jemele Hill advocating for segregated sports or advocating for deeper racism?
  • Is a white person beating a minority in competitive sports racist?
  • Should Jake Paul have “thrown” the fight because of white privilege?
  • Was Nate Robinson either serious or prepared?
  • Is Jake Paul a serious fighter?

Jake Paul must think he’s serious. After the fight, Paul challenged UFC champ Conor McGregor to a match and also signed up to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout.  That means Mayweather agreed.

Brian DeRocha commented:

“It’s funny how microphones find their way into the hands of people who have no grasp of ‘sport.’ Their ethno-political agendas have stolen their minds. Racists.”

Cari Champion joined Jemele Hill and Jake Paul in the interview, and appeared to play “devil’s advocate” towards Hill and her ridiculously obnoxious line of questioning.

During the exchange between Jemele Hill and Jake Paul on her show, it’s initially hard to know if she’s being serious, but after the fog clears, it appears that she is:

“Hill:  ‘Considering where we are right now in our racial conversation in America, was what you did to Nate Robinson racist?’

“Champion:  ‘That is the question of the week.’ 

“Paul:  ‘Nah, stop playin’ with me, come on.’

“Hill:  ‘Listen, it’s a sensitive time right now, we just had to witness a white man knock out a black man smooth out in front of all of America, and that’s why I asked that.’

“Paul:  ‘Stop playing with me, come on.’

“Hill:  ‘It’s a sensitive time right now.  We just had to witness a white man just knock a black man smooth out in front of all of America, so that’s why I asked that.’”

Paul attempted to take the interview in a more serious direction and explained how much preparation went into his fight. The young man also paid respect to his opponent.

“Paul:  ‘No, stop asking me that. I said no. It’s a s—ty question.  It’s a sport.’

“Champion:  ‘Why is it a s—ty question? Why is it a s—ty question?’

“Paul:  ‘How does this have anything to do with race? It doesn’t.’

“Champion:  ‘It’s a fine question. We’ve got to wake you up.’”

Nick Webb commented:

“Wow… If you would have told me that an interview done between Cari, Jemele and Jake Paul would result in Jake Paul being the smartest person in the conversation, I would’ve laughed at you. The joke is on me apparently. What an idiotic question.”

Whether Hill and Champion were joking is irrelevant, especially considering Hill’s past and her propensity for sparking racial and political dramas online — for example, calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” and those who voted for him “racist.”

Hill later was astounded that people didn’t realize she was joking.  Jemele Hill “joking” about racism when she’s called millions of people racists without basis or reason, simply isn’t allowed. She doesn’t deserve a pass on this. 

Paul won a bout with a seasoned athlete. Rather than be allowed to celebrate that, he and his victory were connected to racism, which is unfortunate.

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