SAN JOSE, Calif. – Bedding and clothing made into a makeshift rope allowed four inmates to rappel down the side of a California jail after cutting their way through a set of bars on a second-story window reported the LA Daily News.

The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office, along with allied agencies, are looking for two of the escapees after two others were recaptured just outside the jail after the escape Wednesday night.

Rogelio Chavez and Lanon Campbell, remain on the run early Thursday, Sgt. Rich Glennon said.

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Detectives were working to figure out how the men were able to cut through the bars. A deputy patrolling the jail’s perimeter spotted the men as they made their escape.

“He kind of thought he saw some movement in the shadows looked up and saw some bedding in the window,” Glennon told The Associated Press.

Both Chavez and Campbell were facing false imprisonment and weapons charges, among other counts, when they made their jailbreak.

Several local agencies are searching for the men, with help from tracking K9’s and a helicopter using thermal imaging.

The men were last seen in their jail clothing, consisting of an orange top over gray bottoms. Chavez has a distinctive face tattoo that resembles an inky gash going through his left eye.

The recaptured men, whose names were not being released, are expected to face charges for the escape.

Glennon asked the community to remain alert, while warning the public not to approach the men if spotted.

“We definitely don’t want the community to approach these individuals, but be aware of anything suspicious,” he said.