Congresswoman wants all 40,000 Capitol protesters arrested and charged – even if they didn’t break the law


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC- When you talk about Congressional Democrats, there are so many wackjobs it’s hard to quantify them. From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar to Hank Johnson, you would need a calculator to add the number up.

 However among the most deranged is Sheila (or as Biden calls her Shirley) Jackson Lee of Texas. Jackson Lee appears to be unfamiliar with the United States Constitution, based on her recently proposed gun law (HR-127) and comments she made this past Tuesday.

Her latest claim to illiterate brain-dead claptrap? In a tweet, Jackson Lee suggested that “every” protester that showed up at the Capitol on Jan. 6 should face criminal prosecution.

Every. Single. One.

Jackson Lee, who had zero problem with rioters burning down city after city across the country last summer is still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. As we’ve repeated numerous times, former President Trump resides in these people’s heads 24/7/365 (366 in a leap year).

According to the ignorant Ms. Jackson Lee, she claimed that the estimated 40,000 protesters who had gathered outside the Capitol on that date had all intended to overturn the election by killing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, then-Vice President Mike Pence, and members of Congress.

On Wednesday, an FBI official testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that no guns had been confiscated off anyone arrested on Jan. 6 and that no shots had been fired at the Capitol save for the one which killed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

In other words, if these people intended on inflicting mass casualties, it is unknown exactly how she proposed that would have been carried out.

Her tweet read:

“2/4 alleged that 40,000 protesters were in DC with the mindset to overturn a legitimate election and to kill the Speaker, the Vice President, and Members of Congress, in that instance, only 300 persons have now been arrested and are being prosecuted. What kind of justice is that?”


Well Ms. Jackson Lee, it’s probably more justice than any of the slimeballs who protested in cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and New York have received.

You know, the ones who burned down businesses, many of them minority owned, did early Christmas looting, and injured thousands of America’s police officers.

According to officials, a very small minority of those present at the Capitol on January 6 breached the Capitol and engaged in either trespass or other violent conduct. In fact, numerous videos taken the day of the incident showed peaceful supporters of President Trump urging those who were attempting to break into the Capitol to stop.

Also, videos have come forth which actually showed law enforcement officials allowing some of the so-called “violent protesters” into the building. For all the talk of a violent insurrection, there are many documented videos of the event which showed it to be anything but.

Yet many of those arrested subsequent to the event, including some on rather vague grounds are in fact being prosecuted.

The actual face of the event, Jacob Chansley, the guy wearing the horned Viking hat who entered the Senate chamber, is still locked up in jail. For trespassing.

There is no indication that Chansley engaged in any violence whatsoever. If he’s guilty of anything besides trespassing it’s being stupid.

Jackson Lee however contrasted those arrested on Jan. 6 with the usual gaggle of miscreants and freaks typically arrested in Portland’s nightly riots which plagued that city for over 100 straight nights last year.

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Unlike the Capitol siege which lasted mere hours over one day, the situation in Portland and other cities continued night after night last year, and in some cases has continued into this year. In fact, on January 20, the night Biden was inaugurated, anarchists wreaked havoc once again in Portland.

Jackson Lee however excuses the riots in Portland because, well they’re her people. She’s on their side, or so she thinks. Little does this ignoramus know that those destroying Portland want her dead more than any Trump supporter ever did.

Jackson Lee compared rioters in Portland to “good people wanting good things to happen.” Yes, like taking down the government of the United states. Jackson Lee is just too ignorant to notice.


The ignorant representative however also (of course) had to invoke the liberal Democrat playbook and invoke…racism. 


The Twitterverse of course took the wacky Jackson Lee to task:



And a personal favorite:


Jackson Lee might want to read her history books (while they’re still available). Protest, mostly peaceful but sometimes less so led to the foundation of our country.

One of the reasons our Founding Fathers included the right to peaceful assembly in the First Amendment to our Constitution was because they recognized the importance of people having the right to speak out against what they believed to be a tyrannical government.

Moreover, they recognized the need for like-minded individuals to gather peacefully to stand for their beliefs.

Democrats however, especially those missing a few brain cells such as Jackson Lee view the Constitution as a hindrance.

They use it as a means to justify riots claiming “first amendment rights to protest,” yet dismiss that same right when people want to speak out against what they believed to be an unfair election.

Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble only counts when it’s “their” speech and “their” assembly.

For all of Jackson Lee’s bellyaching and hyperbole about members of Congress being targeted for murder, her silence was deafening when Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelly were accosted by thugs in Washington, DC last summer.

She didn’t say a word when an avowed Bernie Sanders supporter started shooting at Republicans at a softball practice, seriously wounding Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA).

Those were real threats and a real injury to members of Congress. Not one member of the House or Senate was put in imminent danger on Jan. 6.

Yet Jackson Lee wants everyone who was at the Capitol that day charged…with something.

Such is the tyranny of today’s Democratic Party…a party where if JFK were still alive he would be considered a right-wing extremist. This is not your father’s Democratic Party.

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