The National LEO Hall of Fame is taking nominations for 2025! Help honor an officer!

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The National LEO Hall of Fame has been selecting and honoring both police officers and civilians supporting law enforcement. For each person selected comes an incredible story of overcoming adversity, courage in the face of uncertainty, and, for civilians, a level of support for law enforcement that is unmatched.

However, the nomination process is competitive. It’s far more than having a perfect attendance record or the crispiest uniform. It’s about a level of commitment to the profession that is unmatched by 99.99% of other people.

“They take the job as a career, not just going in for 9 to 5. Those officers that go in want to make a difference in the world and that's what's important for us to recognize. The negativity surrounding law enforcement… ‘enough already’ is what I say and it's time to support our law enforcement,” Megan Stockburger, co-founder of the National LEO Hall of Fame said to Newsmax

She continued, “You can do that by going to our website and donating, attending the ceremony, nominating an officer. I mean this is what it's all about, we should support our law enforcement whether you're red, or blue - doesn't matter. Law enforcement is protecting all of us.”

2024 Inductees

Last year, the National LEO Hall of Fame selected several officers such as Sheriff’s Officer Kimber Gist of Berkeley County, South Carolina. 

Officer Gist was ambushed during a routine patrol of a grocery store in Goose Creek, SC in 2016. What went from a standard vehicle stop quickly turned into a gun battle. Officer Gist was shot eight times, three times in the head and face area.

"My initial first thought was ‘What was so loud?," Officer Gist told local media several years ago. "The first shot was my ear. The second in my lip. Only thing I could taste was blood. The only sense I had was the taste of blood and smell of gunpowder. I could actually see my foot blow up in my face."

Officer Gist fired back and hit the suspect, who got away. She then flagged down a Samaritan who called 911. 

“I refused to lay down in the street and die,” she said.

She still recalls every moment of that terrifying day. 

“I can tell you exactly where I was standing in my apartment when I got dressed that day,” she said. “Some days I can still hear Velcro fasten putting on my vest. Some days I can still smell gunpowder,” she later told a crowd of students and staff at Charleston Southern University. 

For her bravery, courage, and commitment to duty, Officer Gist was selected as an inductee for the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame 2024. 

“What the job that [founders] Megan and Adam do - bringing to life these incredible stories of heroism and having an opportunity to showcase them and get them into the Hall of Fame means the world to all of us,” Tom Smith retired NYPD detective said.

Kyle S. Reyes

The National LEO Hall of Fame also recognizes civilians who go above and beyond to support and defend the law enforcement profession. 

Just last year, they selected our very own Kyle S. Reyes, owner of The 1776 Project (which owns Law Enforcement Today, Blue Lives Matter, The Police Tribune and a number of other police news sites) for the prestigious award. 

Reyes spent countless hours and resources to acquire Law Enforcement Today, Blue Lives Matter social media handles, and The Police Tribune so he can continue to use the platforms to be a powerful combined voice for law enforcement. 

The acquisition came perfectly timed as the entire law enforcement profession continues to be vilified by mainstream media, liberal politicians, and anti-police groups nationwide. 

Reyes magnified the law enforcement voice to support and defend police at a time when police morale is extremely low, recruiting numbers suffer, and crime rates continue to soar. 

“The law enforcement community is an underrepresented segment of American society. It’s an absolute honor to be part of the voice they need,” Reyes said.

His commitment to supporting the entire law enforcement profession and improving the image of police is unmatched. Inducting him to the National LEO Hall of Fame was well deserved. 

A Call for 2025 Nominations

Other awards are available such as the School Resource Officer of the Year and the K9 Hero Award, among others. 

If you know of someone deserving of one of these prestigious awards, fill out a nomination form online. Simply enter their information and provide a statement along with any applicable documentation. 

To learn more about the National LEO Hall of Fame, visit their website at To go straight to the nomination form, click HERE.

Our heroes in blue fight hard for American citizens, now let’s fight hard for them!


Writer Eddie Molina is a veteran with over 25 years of combined LEO/military service. He owns and operates the LEO apparel and accessory company

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