‘It’s a miracle’: 3-year-old boy who was missing for four days in Texas rescued by person from Bible study


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GRIMES COUNTY, TX – A 3-year-old boy who went missing earlier in October and was lost for four days was recovered after being discovered by a landowner roughly five miles away from the child’s home. While the child was reported as being dehydrated, authorities say he’s in both good health and spirits.

On October 6th, 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez went missing from his home in Plantersville, which sparked an intense four-day search throughout the woods and neighboring areas for the child.

Authorities say that Christopher’s mother, Araceli Nunez, was unloading groceries while the child was playing with a neighbor’s dog, with the child eventually following the dog into the woods. The dog had come out of the woods, while Christopher did not.

Hundreds of searchers combed the woods by land, air, and water day and night in the days that followed, as authorities sought for clues connected to the disappearance. The FBI and Texas EquuSearch were among the authorities and volunteer organizations engaged in the search.

According to Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell, it was a local citizen – who opted to remain anonymous – who’d heard about the missing child during a Bible study and decided to search the woods around his land to see if he could find the child on October 9th:

“The citizen was walking his property and heard this whimper, maybe a cry, and saw the little boy, took him into his arms and called in. We responded with the mother and reunited them.”

Sheriff Sowell stated that even though the child was “dehydrated as well as hungry” that he was “in overall good spirits and healthy” considering he’d been wondering missing outside for four days. Authorities are still unclear how the child managed to wander so far away from his home and where he’d been over the past four days prior to being recovered.

Making note of the young boy’s ability to survive for days while out in the elements, the sheriff added that Christopher would make for a fine servicemember one day:

“He was in good shape, for the most part. For the conditions being down in the woods…he’ll be the ultimate Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, Air Force when he [grows up], but he’s already passed the first test.”

The young boy was transported over to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands, where staff will observe and monitor him for a period of time to ensure all is well.

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Where’s the media? Human trafficking stings across 12 states lead to 102 arrests, 47 victims rescued

(Originally published September 1st, 2021)

KANSAS CITY, MO – An operation involving law enforcement agencies spanning across 12 states resulted in the rescue of 47 human trafficking victims and the arrest of 102 suspects.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol led the sting, dubbed “Operation United Front,” which took place overnight on August 26th.

To carry out the operation, the authorities collaborated with federal agencies and law enforcement in 11 other states.

The enormous operation is thought to be the first of its type, according to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

When speaking about the effort, Missouri Attorney General Schmitt stated the following about what he hopes the endeavor accomplishes in the long run:

“Missouri will not stop until it becomes the most inhospitable state for human trafficking.”

According to Schmitt, 102 suspects were arrested from around the country in connection with human trafficking-related offenses. In addition, officers rescued 47 victims – them were also identified “sex workers”. Reportedly over 40 victims required medical assistance.

When just looking at the efforts accomplished in Kentucky, there were reportedly 21 victims rescued and 46 suspects arrested.

The other eleven states involved in the operation reported the following numbers for arrests and rescued victims:

  • Missouri: 2 arrests made; 4 victims rescued
  • Illinois: 3 arrests made; 1 victim rescued
  • Iowa: 11 arrests made; large amount of currency seized
  • Minnesota: 3 arrests made; 8 victims rescued
  • Nebraska: 7 arrests made
  • North Dakota: 3 arrests made; 6 victims rescued
  • Oklahoma: 7 arrests made; 1 victim rescued
  • Tennessee: 4 arrests made
  • Texas: 2 arrests made; 4 victims rescued
  • Wisconsin: 5 arrests made

Schmitt said that collaborating agencies intend to run additional operations of this scale in the future.

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Human trafficking operations thwarted in three states – 82 arrested, 31 rescued including 4-year-old

(Originally published July 3rd, 2021)

Human trafficking operations that were taking place within three states – CaliforniaKansas, and Missouri – were recently thwarted by local and federal authorities in June. 

Between the human trafficking operations busted, reportedly over 40 victims were rescued and over 100 arrests were made across the operations. 

According to a press release from ICE, the human trafficking operations taking place in Kansas and Missouri resulted in 82 arrests and 31 victims rescued. 

The agency noted that the operation took place between June 17th and June 26th, where investigations were being conducted in Wichita, Kansas, Independence, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.

Of the 31 victims rescued during the operation, 14 of the victims were cited as being children – with the youngest of the victims being 4-years-old. 

According to the release from ICE, the operation was conducted by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), along with Wichita Police Department, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Kansas Highway Patrol and numerous other state, local and federal agencies. 

The 82 suspects referenced in the press release “will be charged with crimes related to soliciting prostitution, commercial sex trafficking, sodomy, narcotics violations, felony assault on a police officer, sex offender registry violations and outstanding warrants.”

Earlier in June in California, the Fresno Police Department reportedly partnered with ICE and HSI to conduct what was described as “a multi-day operation to combat child exploitation and human trafficking in the Fresno area” according to a press release from ICE

The operation, dubbed as Operation Stolen Hearts, in Fresno reportedly kicked off on June 23rd, which ICE noted in their press release resulted in 10 women and girls being rescued and 21 suspects being arrested. 

Investigators reportedly took to the web as part of the operation, reportedly posing as underage girls and began chatting with adults who reached out to them and allegedly tried arranging illicit meetings. 

According to the press release from ICE, the 21 suspects arrested are facing charges ranging from “contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense, aiding prostitution, arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes and solicitation of acts of prostitution.”

Reportedly, two of the suspect arrested were also said to have been in possession of illegal firearms. 

Special Agent in Charge Tatum King, who oversees HSI operations in Northern California, gave the following statement regarding the success of Operation Stolen Hearts: 

“HSI is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to safeguard our local communities.”

“By working together, we will continue to identify these dangerous offenders and bring them to justice. Our combined efforts are vital to protecting young people from these heinous individuals.”

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Back in February, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report about another human trafficking operation that was busted in Missouri thanks to the investigative work employed by state, local and federal authorities. 

Here’s that previous report. 


SAINT JOSEPH, MO –  A successful human trafficking operation conducted by numerous law enforcement agencies in Missouri resulted in eight victims being rescued.

Six of them are adults and two are young children.

Officials reported having arrested three suspects but have not yet released the identities of the arrestees or any recovered victims.

The St. Joseph Police Department, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and the Missouri State Highway Patrol recently shared details on the success of a multi-agency human trafficking operation that took place on February 6th at two separate truck stop locations in St. Joseph.

According to AG Schmitt’s office, these two locations where the operation was conducted were at a Bucky’s Travel Plaza and Love’s Travel Stop.

Said human trafficking operation was reportedly organized by the St. Joseph Police Department, the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Attorney General’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.

Six adult victims, only identified as five females and one male, were reportedly recovered between the two truck stop locations during the operation. Also, two children, described as a two-year-old and an infant, were also recovered.

There were reportedly 16 different agencies that assisted in the operation altogether, with AG Schmitt attributing the success of this operation due to the amazing collaboration between all of these agencies involved:

“This operation was successful because of cooperation between my Office, the St. Joseph Police Department, the state highway patrol, the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, and 13 other agencies and departments.”

“This unprecedented success should send clear a message to traffickers: you are not welcome in Missouri, and you can’t hide any longer.”

While only three arrests were reported as having taken place, officials say that there are currently additional arrests pending that are linked to the investigation/operation.  

Due to the active nature of this investigation, officials were unable to disclose any additional details related to the operation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather further updates on this case as they become available.


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