Is This Politician Protecting Murderers and Rapists?


Is This Politician Protecting Murderers and Rapists? Seems like a crazy question doesn’t it?  Read on and decide for yourself.

(masked man - Free for commercial use No attribution required from Pixabay.)
(masked man – Free for commercial use No attribution required from Pixabay.)


Delegate Charles Sydnor is a Democrat from Baltimore Maryland. He is proposing legislation that would prevent police from using public DNA databases to solve crimes.

Before we go further, Baltimore Maryland has one of the highest murder rates and shooting rates of any City in the Unites States of America.

It should be noted that due to time and expense,  DNA evidence is used by law enforcement primarily for murder, aggravated assault, rape and similar sexual assault investigations. In short, DNA is used by law enforcement to investigate the most serious crimes.

Democrat Charles Sydnor says he wants to prevent law enforcement from using public DNA databases. He says it’s an overreach and a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

(Delegate Charles Sydnor Democrat - Baltimore courtesy of Fox 5)
(Delegate Charles Sydnor Democrat – Baltimore courtesy of Fox 5)


However, people using the most popular genealogy and DNA websites have the option to keep their data private. Or, they can choose to put it into the public database used by law enforcement.

Still, Democrat Delegate Sydnor says that isn’t enough. Because he thinks people are too stupid to understand what that means and therefore are unable to make that decision themselves.

“I may want to perform a DNA search on, but I don’t think that should subject my children and their children and their children’s children to a state search,” said Sydnor .

Let’s look at an example of how DNA from public databases solved a serial murderer and a separate serial rapist case.

The Golden State Killer

The Golden State killer, had evaded law enforcement investigators for decades. He is believed to have committed 12 murders, at least 50 rapes and possibly 100 home burglaries throughout California from 1974 to 1986.

During the investigation, numerous potential suspects had been cleared through DNA evidence. So, DNA is not only used to convict it is also a valuable tool to clear and prove innocence.

(DeAngelo Mugshot from Sacramento Sheriff Twitter Page.)
(DeAngelo Mugshot from Sacramento Sheriff Twitter Page.)


According to ABCnews, DNA evidence that was collected at various crime scenes was submitted to a public personal genomics website GEDmatch. That search identified 10 to 20 distant relatives of the Golden State Killer . With that information they were able to narrow the list down to a couple possible suspects.

Investigators were able to obtain DNA from one of the suspect’s car door handle and submitted it for comparison. It came back as a match with the DNA found at the crime scenes. The DNA belonged to Joseph James DeAngelo.

The “Ramsey Street Rapist”

(Darold Bowden photo from
(Darold Bowden photo from


Another example as reported by, the “Ramsey Street Rapist”, where DNA evidence from the rapist was submitted to DNA labs. The lab used a public DNA database called GEDmatch, they found a list of matches and constructed a family tree for the suspect. It led police to a man named Darold Wayne Bowden who is now awaiting trial.

Law enforcement across Maryland is in opposition of Delegate Sydnor’s bill. The Maryland Sheriffs’ Association and Maryland Chiefs of Police Association have said that it “would prohibit investigators from obtaining critically important information that may lead to the identification of violent criminals.”

Delegate Charles Sydnor, Democrat, said he doesn’t expect his bill to pass this year, but he plans to continue to introduce it in years to come and hopes his efforts spark a conversation about tactics used by police.

How about sparking a conversation on how to reduce violent crime?

But wait…. that would be trying to solve a problem instead of diverting attention by blaming the police.

Here is a simple start to fighting the violent crime problem. First, law enforcement should be able to use every legal tool to identify and arrest violent criminals. Then politicians, the courts and we as society should insist that they be kept in prisons.

So, in this case we can only assume that Delegate Charles Sydnor, Democrat from Baltimore is more concerned with protecting murderers and rapists then his own constituents. After all it is the people of Baltimore, that he was elected and is paid to represent that are the victims of countless murders and rapes.

(Murderer Free for commercial use No attribution required from Pixabay.)
(Murderer – Free for commercial use No attribution required from Pixabay.)


Why do I care? First, I’m retired from the Baltimore Police Department and have been on scene and investigated countess murders and far too many rapes. Second, I have family that live in Maryland.

An important question we should all ask, is he just another feckless politician or does his actions represent the position of the Democratic party? If it is the latter, than you can expect the same twisted priorities coming to your State soon.

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