Is there a secret plan in Seattle to abolish the prisons? Here’s what we discovered in a leaked email.


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Seattle, WA– Thanks to a recently leaked document, it has come to light that Seattle has started the process to abolish its prisons.  

According to PJMedia, A leaked email published by Christopher F. Rufo, contributing editor at City Journal, shows active plans to reduce both adult and juvenile detention and close the county jail in Seattle.

Seattle is setting itself up for a “phased closing of the Seattle jail” and a plan replace it with “prevention, diversion, rehabilitation, and harm reduction” programs. Additionally, the county plans to end all youth detention by 2025.

The document claims a whole slew of reasons why they think the prisons need to be shut down, mostly focusing around the premise of racism, and white supremacy. 

The document then goes on to say that jails are designed as:

“A system of oppression based on race, and built to maintain white supremacy.”

The document goes on to define “white culture” as: 

“One that focuses on the corrupt and racist values of “individuality”, “meritocracy”, “linearity”, “progress”, “objectivity”, “and the written word.”” 


With the defunding of police, and now the abolishing of prisons, Seattle is setting itself up to become a black hole of crime and chaos, with no form of law and order, all in the name of racism. 

Here’s a taste of what Seattle is really looking at right now.

After a protest-turned-riot wreaked havoc in the streets of Seattle, the assessment of the numbers of arrests and officers injured is showing 45 people taken into custody and at least 21 officers injured during the chaos that played out on July 25th.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best addressed the press at 11:00 p.m. on the evening of the 25th to describe the events that played out during the riot. Among the 21 officers assaulted or injured during the riot, Chief Best stated that one officer was transported to the hospital for treatment after sustaining a wound from an incendiary device.

Most of the hurled projectiles and explosives took place at the intersection of 11th Avenue and East Pine Street, according to police. Reportedly five trailers were set on fire at a construction site during the mayhem, as stated by Chief Best.

The police chief also said the likes of cars getting spray painted, tires slashed, and even broken into took place alongside the officer assaults, arson and other acts of criminal damage.

Here’s Law Enforcement Today’s previous report as the madness was happening on July 25th.

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LET Unity

Those “peaceful protesters” started early in Seattle on Saturday, with a riot being declared well before dark.

Around 1,000 people gathered at Seattle Central College in Capitol Hill near East Pine Street and Broadway to join in “solidarity” with the riots occurring in Portland.

The group marched past the now famous Seattle Police East Precinct blocks from the school. 

Part of the precinct is adorned with fresh damage from explosives. Police have reportedly used chemical agents to disperse the crowd, which only partially accomplished the goal. 

Perhaps this is because rioters have become quite organized, carrying gas masks with them.

At the time, police and rioters were at a standoff outside of the East Precinct. Several arrests have allegedly been made.

Additionally, part of the group made their way west to the King County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Local KOMO news reported:

“A demonstrator threw some sort of incendiary device into a window of a construction trailer at the site on East Jefferson Street and 12th Avenue, causing the trailer to catch on fire.”

The Seattle Fire Department reported that five trailers were set ablaze. The trailers were for the Detention Facility, which is currently under construction. To get to the trailers, rioters had to break through an erect fence.

Protesters were heard shouting:

“No new youth jail!”

Additionally, groups of people were seen busting out windows to the Detention Facility, and the vehicles around it.

Reporters have shown the massive amount of garbage left behind by these progressive rioters.

Live footage from behind police lines shows chaos ensuing from rioters who are refusing to disperse. They can be seen throwing things at officers as well as busting out windows.

Chants can be heard, including:

“Hands up, don’t shoot,”


“Nazi’s go home,”


“You should be ashamed!”

So far there are reports of three officers injured, one taken to the hospital.

While the chaos reign here in Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan has spoken out. Not against the violence and destruction, mind you, but against President Trump bringing in federal agents to actually stop it. This, of course, after Durkan and the City Council has attempted to tie officers’ hands in doing so.

On Friday, Durkan said:

“I cannot overstate it enough, what is happening is frightening to me. It is frightening that you would use federal agents for political purposes.”

Durkan, along with other big-city mayors facing federal intervention, said that the President is “purposefully targeting Democratic cities.”

It likely appears that way because Democrat-run cities are the only ones who are losing control.

Originally, the day of the riot was supposed to be the first day that Seattle Police were banned from using chemical agents. The ban was blocked, however, pending further review from a federal judge.

Prior to the riot starting on Saturday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said:

“In the spirit of offering trust and full transparency, I want to advise you that SPD officers will be carrying pepper spray and blast balls today, as would be typical for events that carry potential to include violence.”

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