Is the DNC quietly thinking of swapping out Joe Biden for Andrew Cuomo?


Well this is interesting.

Carl Durrek of the NOQ Report wrote that after the victory during the South Carolina primary, sources close to and within the Democratic National Committee said that those in power behind the Democratic Establishment were working on getting the “moderate” candidates (other than Joe Biden) to drop out of the race ahead of Super Tuesday.

Durrek wrote:

“Our editor (wisely?) chose not to run the story because we could not get anyone on the record and anonymous sources are generally anathema for news outlets that rely on incontrovertible facts. We don’t want to be CNN or the NY Times, after all.”

Durrek continued by stating that the same original sources – those famous “anonymous sources” that the press argues over – have doubled-down on replacing Biden with Andre Cuomo.

And Bernie Sanders, apparently, isn’t even part of the discussion. 

Durrek indicated that the DNC would accomplish this by pressuring Joe Biden to drop out, and then “give” his delegates to the New York Governor. 

The DNC would surely ask Joe Biden to then endorse their new “leader.”  Neither of the staffers responded to requests for confirmation of this story.

While Andrew Cuomo vacillates between hating President Trump one day and praising him the next, the governor has gained popularity among Democrats in general.  Cuomo has enjoyed massive support via Twitter and other platforms from people praising his methods and approach on the COVID-19 issue in New York. 

At the same time, Joe Biden has been notably absent from the public eye, and his following is waning.  It is nearly the same with Bernie Sanders.

Even with Las Vegas oddsmakers practicing social distancing and many casinos and bookmakers shuttering their operations, those betting on the election have shown a sharp incline with Cuomo markedly ahead of both Biden and Sanders. 

In some polls as well, Cuomo’s general numbers have jumped from less than 1% last week to 14% this week.

We’re definitely seeing more attention paid to Cuomo in recent days by mainstream media. While not speculating about the actual election, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow started calling Cuomo the “President of the [COVID-19] response” while also calling for President Trump’s pandemic press conferences to not be covered.

In a matter of confirmation, Emily Zanotti of The Daily Wire reported that most Democrats are unsatisfied with Biden and Sanders. 

Emily Zanotti wrote:

“Cuomo has earned plenty of praise for his handling of the virus, which seems to have made New York City its ground zero in the United States.

He’s been complimentary to President Donald Trump, largely calm during the crisis, open in communication and, perhaps most importantly, more reliable for New Yorkers than NYC mayor Bill de Blasio who, last Monday, was still reticent to order a school closure and working out at a Brooklyn YMCA. De Blasio was finally motivated to action when his staff reportedly threatened to quit.”

The New York Post has referred to the #PresidentCuomo hashtag while the New York governor issues his daily press briefings.

One Twitter user explained:

“President Cuomo is really raising the bar for leadership [right now], and I’m here for it. #PresidentCuomo#CoronavirusPandemic.”

Timing may be a critical factor here – with most of the Democratic primaries, and very possibly their convention delayed or cancelled, and where Biden and Sanders are both close to topping the number of delegates needed for nomination, we’re getting down to the wire. 

If either current candidate hits the mark, things may get exceptionally ugly if the DNC decides to shut down that notion and replace either person with Andrew Cuomo. 

Democratic voters would like revolt.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed


Meanwhile, Cuomo is trying to earn major points for his COVID-19 response, even if that means flat our lying. Early today, Law Enforcement Today reported on just that.

On March 9th, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled plans to help thwart those grimy price-gougers who’ve been hoarding all the hand sanitizer to create artificial inflation. His solution?

Having inmate-workers produce hundreds-of-thousands of gallons of the state’s own brand of hand sanitizer.

Well, turns out Cuomo was really embellishing on that note. In other words, lying.

According to inmates tasked with “making” this hand sanitizer, they’re not actually making any of it. They’re essentially re-labeling another brand’s sanitizer.

During this display of “ingenuity” that the state governor claimed, he showcased the branded NYS Clean hand sanitizer. All the while, boasting that it’s “made conveniently by the state of New York.”

Apparently, the definition of “made” has changed over the years.

By this definition, every time I pour some soda into a cup with my name on in, I made some “Greg Cola.”

This is what was revealed by the very inmates working behind the scenes at the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock. This was also further reiterated by a spokesperson for the prison system, too.

Still, Governor Cuomo was all-too excited about this hand sanitizer “made” by the correctional facility. He bragged about how there’s a substantial price difference versus commercial offerings like Purell:

“This is also much less expensive than anything the government could buy—a gallon bottle is $6.10, the 7-ounce bottle is $1.12 our cost, and then there’s a very small size… which is 84 cents. So it’s much cheaper for us to make it ourselves than to buy it on the open market.”

Now, it would be one thing if perhaps Cuomo had singularly used some bad verbiage describing the revealed sanitizer operations.

NY Governor claims his prisoners are 'making' hand sanitizer. How noble. Too bad that's apparently a lie.

Except he specifically claimed that Corcraft, the brand name of the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s Division of Industries, is crafting this outright from scratch:

“Corcraft makes glass cleaner, floor cleaner, degreasers, laundry detergent, vehicle fluids, hand cleaner, and now they make hand sanitizer with alcohol.”

From what inmates inside the Great Meadow Correctional Facility have stated, this is just a massive bottling operation with sanitizer that comes in by the truckload.

According to the unnamed inmate, this is a 24-hour-a-day operation:

“There’s one guy who worked 116 hours in one week, and just stays there. They ask people if they want overtime, but a lot of people refuse it. It’s not actually overtime, it’s just more hours but you still get paid the same amount.”

He explained that all the inmates essentially work an assembly line, dispensing sanitizer from a hose into various sized bottles.

One of the touted claims by Cuomo is how inexpensive Corcraft’s hand sanitizer is compared to national brands that offer similar products. Well, that’s because the average hourly wage inside of Corcraft is 65 cents an hour – of course that’s going to make things cheaper.

Also, you’d think with the abundance of this sanitizer that perhaps the inmates might be able to get some thrown their way for their hard work. Yeah, that’s a big negative. Apparently, they’re not allowed to have any at all.

Prison policies aside, considering that everyone loves to “fact check” Trump’s obvious comical puffery, we couldn’t let this blatant fibber go unchecked.

Perhaps the best quote to come from Cuomo’s dog and pony show earlier this month is this tidbit describing the scent of his “crafted” hand sanitizer:

“It has a very nice…floral bouquet! A little, I detect of…lilac…hydrangea, tulips. What does it smell like to you? Tulips, yeah. Floral bouquet. Made here in the state of New York.”

[Editor’s note: maybe this is getting nitpicky, but all but the rarest of hydrangeas are scentless, and the same goes for tulips. But I digress.]

I’ve heard of “stopping to smell the flowers”, but stopping to smell the hand sanitizer is a new one.


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