Irony? Antifa, ‘defund the police’ supporters angry over vandalism – because it’s on a George Floyd memorial (op-ed)


The following contains editorial content written by a current staff writer of Law Enforcement Today. 

PORTLAND, OR – In a single tweet, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo showcased the hypocrisy of two Portland-based pro-Antifa and defund the police proponents when they complained about the vandalism of a George Floyd mural in Portland.

While the two individuals on Twitter bemoaned the defacing of a mural of Floyd in Portland and questioned why police and/or officials aren’t doing something to combat property damage – all Andy Ngo had to do was unearth tweets from these individuals that championed police defunding and gave a pass to property damage in 2020.

On Twitter, Melissa “Claudio” Lewis, who describes herself as an “antifascist and anarchist writer”, took to Twitter on July 25th to express her frustration that a “neo Nazi group” spray painted over a mural of George Floyd in Portland:

“[Patriot Front] has defaced and desecrated another [George Floyd] memorial. This time in Portland, Oregon. The neo Nazi group has been sending their paraphernalia around the United States, art dedicated to Black heroes has been destroyed. They boldly take credit without consequence.”

A tweet from Lewis followed, rhetorically asking what Ted Wheeler intends to do about “right wing property damage”?

The funny thing is, as Ngo pointed out in his tweet showcasing the hypocrisy of Lewis, is that she didn’t have that same energy in June of 2020 when confronted with others being upset about left-wing property damage:

“That’s property damage, do buildings have feelings? Do they bleed? I don’t think so.”

Melissa 'Claudio' Lewis Tweet about property damage - Twitter screenshot
Melissa ‘Claudio’ Lewis Tweet about property damage – Twitter screenshot

Another person who commented on Lewis’ tweet regarding the outrage over the Floyd mural being defaced was Portland-based blues musician Steve Cheseborough, where he tagged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in his response asking what police are going to do to investigate the property damage:

“[Ted Wheeler] is your police force investigating this crime?”

It’s rather interesting that Cheseborough is asking about what the police are going to do regarding graffiti in Portland, considering that back in August and October of 2020 he was tweeting about defunding the police.

Steve Cheseborough tweets about defunding police - Twitter screenshot
Steve Cheseborough tweets about defunding police – Twitter screenshot

What these instances are emblematic of is what’s referred to as “cognitive dissonance”, which is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

While Cheseborough’s calls to defund the police last year versus him asking why police aren’t investigating graffiti is a bit more on the subtle end, Lewis’ defending of property damage in 2020 versus her wanting action taken against vandals today is reeking of cognitive dissonance.

And that’s because it all boils down to these sorts of individuals siding with the means utilized that further their ideology.

They can’t simply be level-headed and denounce all iterations of unlawful property damage, because then they’d be denouncing the very tactics employed by their cohorts all throughout 2020 in Portland.

It’s part of the dogma that these self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” types adhere to which is heavily composed of an “ends justify the means” mindset, which why they’re usually bereft of any sort of moral consistency.

They won’t bat an eye over a storefront window being smashed, looted and the interior set on fire, but demand justice over a mural on the side of a grocery store being spray painted over.

There’s no nuance that needs to be explored in order to reasonably conclude that it is morally and criminally wrong to vandalize property that isn’t one’s own, but again – that conclusion requires the ability or willingness to reason.

While some may think that showcasing the hypocrisy of these sorts of individuals will “own” or “show them right” when they’re confronted with examples – it won’t. These far-left proponents already know they’re being hypocritical and aren’t deterred in the least when presented with examples of their double standards.

Without the far-left’s bad actors’ adherence to double standards, they’d be left without one of their strongest ingredients that fuel the propaganda machine that furthers their ideology.

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LET Unity

Recently, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report showcasing instances of these double standards when a far-left agitator was pushing a journalist capturing footage during a protest/illegal occupation of a commercial building. 

In the following report, one of these far-left protesters was pushing the journalist with an umbrella, but then cried to nearby police that she was “assaulted” when the journalist simply pushed the umbrella out of his face. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in July. 


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Earlier in July, “community members” – aka, BLM and Antifa-inspired protesters, “took back” a vacant retail space in Brooklyn that was under construction.

However, when construction crews arrived on July 24th, the matter turned into a showdown between aggressive protesters and police resecuring the building.

Elad Eliahu, from the YouTube series “Barely Informed with Elad”, captured the footage from when police responded to a vacant commercial property on 1083 Broadway where protesters had gathered in an effort to lay claim to the property that is undergoing renovations by the actual owner.

According to shared screenshot from Eliahu, “community activists” had declared that they “took back” the vacant retail space and proclaimed that the property was now “under collective control”.

Yet, they ran into issues when construction workers arrived to perform work.

Reportedly the construction crew called police, and Eliahu arrived on scene to find a police line that had formed outside of the building, where protesters had formed outside of the police line.

From the view of the video, there’s visible damage done to the front door of the building, and Eliahu shared screenshots captured from various Instagram accounts of protesters that had barricaded themselves inside of the building.  

One of the protesters recognizes Eliahu as he was capturing footage, telling the crowd the neighborhood in which the journalist lives. One woman from the crowd begins to get in Eliahu’s face and opens up an umbrella to block his camera from filming.

The woman can be heard saying “don’t touch me” as Eliahu is simply trying to get the umbrella out of his face, which nearby officers eventually separate the woman from the local journalist.

At one point, one of the protesters attempts to walk past the police line and tries entering the vacant retail space. Video shows the unidentified protester trying to open the door and then holding onto it, when one of the officers physically removes him and gets him on the ground.

Eliahu also captured video of the previous umbrella-wielding woman trying to tell police that Eliahu had assaulted her during her when she had opened the umbrella and was pushing him away from the area with it.

While police were awaiting the response from the NYPD’s strategic response group, the protesters that had gathered outside of the police line engaged in a classless chant of “suck my dick”, which was clearly directed toward the officers working to end the unlawful occupation of the retail space.

Two black female protesters were also caught on video singling out black NYPD officers among the police line, accusing them of “working for the KKK” and alleging that they are “named after a slave catcher” – this was of course clamored in between numerous expletives also directed at the officers.

While it took some time, the NYPD had declared the matter an unlawful assembly and ordered the protesters to move away from the area.

When the protesters refused to do so, officers started making some arrests which spawned a degree of chaos with protesters trying to inhibit police from arresting those present.

Ironically, one of the protesters that was harassing Eliahu was also arrested when trying to flee from officers on-scene.

Video captured the moment where an officer tackled the fleeing suspect and then a crowd of riotous individuals tried thwarting the arrest and attacking officers.

Reportedly two people were removed from the interior of the vacant retail space once police were able to breach the boarded up doors that protesters had placed on the entrance.

Those who were arrested were captured on video being lined up to be transported to the local station.

It’s unclear exactly how many were arrested during the incident, nor what exact charges are being considered as of this writing.

This is a developing story. Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this incident.


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