Iowa girl killed by an illegal immigrant. He blames “sleep deprivation”. Taxpayers covering his bills.


In July of 2018, 20-year-old Iowa resident Mollie Tibbetts was stabbed to death while going for a jog.  Mollie’s body was found a month later in a cornfield in her hometown in Poweshiek, with stalks of corn laying over her to hide her. 

The suspect is 25-year-old illegal alien, Cristhian Bahena Rivera of Mexico, who confessed to the murder in August of 2018.  Security camera footage shows that Rivera was the last person to see Mollie alive, and Rivera led police to Mollie’s body after questioning.

When questioned, Rivera told police that he approached Mollie and started talking to her. 

Mollie said she would call the police if Rivera didn’t leave her alone and stop following her.  Rivera started to chase Mollie, and then, Rivera said, he “blacked out.”  He got mad that she threatened him, which caused him to “block his memory.”

Rivera later filed a motion saying that his murder confession should be withheld as evidence because…wait for it…he was tired.

That’s right.  He is actually claiming that his confession, in which he said he “confronted and and chased down” Molly, is not valid because he was “suffering” from sleep deprivation.

I guess repeatedly stabbing someone is pretty exhausting.

On top of that, Rivera’s attorney, Allan Richards, had filed for a gag order, because Rivera “demanded” that the government stop referring to him as an “illegal alien.”

Which is exactly what he is.

The illegal alien entered the US an estimated 4-7 years ago according to authorities, although a co-worker of Rivera’s, Christina Evans, told The Daily Mail that Rivera went across the border with “a couple of cousins” when he was still a child. 

Breitbart News received confirmation from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency shows that Rivera does not have lawful immigration status.

In other words, he’s an illegal immigrant.

Richards opened the first day of court claiming that Rivera was just an “all-American” farm boy.  While it’s true that he was working at a dairy farm called Yarrabee Farms, the illegal alien was using a stolen ID and fake social security number to obtain employment. 

His alias was “John Budd.”

The owner of the farm originally said he used E-Verify to ensure Rivera was in the country legally, but later the farmer admitted that wasn’t true.  Undocumented workers are often drawn to the area around Brooklyn, Iowa because of the vast farming community, and farmers generally turn a blind eye to immigration status in favor of cheap labor.

Moving on.  Richards has been working hard to get the illegal alien off the hook.  He was attempting to get “damaging evidence” out of the trial, but District Judge Joel Yates ruled it as admissible. Richards had argued that a search of Rivera’s car by police shouldn’t be admissible because, again, he was just so sleepy.

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Richards was fighting for Rivera’s “constitutional rights,” and said that those rights were violated with police questioning.  Last I checked, as an illegal alien, Rivera doesn’t enjoy constitutional rights, but I digress.

Richards was also trying to get blood from Rivera’s vehicle, as well as blood from the crime scene, dismissed from trial.  Rivera had claimed that he “found” Mollie’s body in his trunk after his “blackout,” and he later hid her in the cornfield.

Rivera’s trial has been postponed multiple times.  In March of last year, the trial was moved from Poweshiek County to Woodbury County.  Why?  Because there are reportedly less white people there.

Yep.  Richards argued that a fair trial would be impossible with so many whities in the jury, so they moved it to another county with more Hispanics. 

Those darn racist white farm-types.

The trial was again postponed in October.  This time, because Rivera’s new attorney said they needed to wait until Mollie’s boyfriend at the time of her death, Dalton Jack, returned to the US from active duty military service. 

Jack is, according to defense, a “critical witness” who needs to be deposed before trial begins.

Defense says that they need to delay trial again because Jack failed a lie detector test back when Mollie first went missing.  The lies were allegedly about an online relationship Jack had been involved in. 

Jack lied about it because he thought it was “extremely embarrassing,” and because, he said to authorities, “I thought I would put it in your minds that she run away.”

It’s not currently known when the military plans on sending Jack home.

Rivera is facing a life sentence for the murder.

Meanwhile, Rivera’s imprisonment is adding up for taxpayers.  Rivera was awarded with at least $22,000 in translation services, plus all the court time allotted for trial delays and relocations. 

According to Breitbart news, an analysis the media outlet conducted:

“Finds the illegal alien has racked up a more than $22,000 bill for which Iowa taxpayers must pay. The latest figures obtained by KCCI 8 Des Moines reveal that about $1,397 worth of interpreter services have been billed in addition to the roughly $12,485 that taxpayers have [already] paid to an interpreter for Rivera as of March 1, 2019.

On top of these fees, taxpayers had to pay $5,000 in September 2018 to provide Rivera with expert investigators to help him fight the murder charges, as well as $3,200 to pay for an expert witness.”

In total, the cost to taxpayers so far provided to Rivera amounts to at least $22,082.

As one can imagine, this has gotten legal United States citizens up in arms. More than 200 United States citizen have sent letters to the court overseeing the Rivera case stating that illegal aliens:

“Do not have constitutional rights and therefore should not be awarded taxpayer money to pay for their defense.”

If it wasn’t bad enough that taxpayers are paying for the defense of a murderer who was in the country illegally, according to Breitbart News:

“Rivera’s attorneys have sought for months to suppress his alleged murder confession and have it thrown out of the case before the trial begins on November 12. Most recently, they said Rivera’s “Constitutional rights” were violated when police questioned him.”

Reread that last sentence.

Yes, someone who snuck into America, who admitted to murdering a United States citizen (who actually had constitutional rights, before he took her young innocent life), has lawyers that are arguing that his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS have been violated!!

We’ll have to go back and reread the part in the Constitution where the founding fathers mentioned the rights of those who sneak into America.

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