Introducing John “Jay” Wiley as the LET Podcast host. He is a radio DJ, pure and simple. While people like to use terms like radio personality, or broadcaster, he prefers the old school terminology of DJ.

Prior to starting his career in radio he was a member of the Baltimore Police Department. As an officer he worked in the Northwest District of Baltimore in Patrol, Operations, and Plainclothes Drug Enforcement Unit. He was detailed to the DEA Task Force in the Baltimore Office for more than a year investigating drug distribution gangs in the Baltimore/Washington area.

His friends call him “Jay,” so you can too. He was promoted to sergeant at which time he was assigned to the Central District and then the Northwest District. His career in the Baltimore Police Department was cut short by a disastrous line of duty hand injury. Sadly, after multiple surgeries, he was retired. (He promises to tell the story during a future podcast.)

In addition to his radio broadcasting career, he agreed to join TEAM LET. Jay will be the host and producer of the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. So you might say he is our “voice” to America. He will also be assisting in the development of more online multimedia broadcasting.

Jay’s voice has the command presence qualities we all desire as police officers. Don’t tell anyone, but our editor-in-chief, Jim McNeff, secretly wishes he had Jay’s pipes. Thus, he is well suited for his career as a DJ, and we feel thrilled to have him aboard since he never lost his heart for law enforcement.

Check out our podcast page. There will be a new show airing each Monday.

You can contact him at [email protected].