Internet service provider strikes back; blocks social media giants after customer complaints


IDAHO- Every once in a while, a story comes across our desk that just makes us smile. That was the case when we saw a report from Breitbart that reported an internet service provider (ISP) in North Idaho and the Spokane, Washington area has decided to give Facebook and Twitter a taste of their own medicine. The company has blocked both platforms after a large number of customers called to complain about censorship by the two tech tyrants.

Your T1 WIFI confirmed that it will start blocking both social media platforms starting Wednesday, as reported by KREM-2.

The decision came just a few days after Twitter permanently banned President Trump from its platform, while Facebook has locked the president’s account indefinitely.

In addition, Twitter has been shadow banning a number of conservatives, who have complained that their number of followers had dropped off significantly over the past few days.

While some of that may be attributed to supporters of the president walking away from the platform, the purging of conservatives of followers by Twitter is nothing new.

“It has come to our attention that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in censorship of our customers and information,” an email from Your T1 to customers read.

The provider noted that it had been receiving a number of complaint calls from customers about both companies.

“We have the past couple of days been fielding calls from customers voicing concerns that they do not want these sites allowed to be displayed on their internet feed to them and that they do not want their children to go to these sites,” the email continued.

The provider said that due to the large number of customers asking for the sites to be blocked, the sites will be blocked for all customers unless they reach out to the company for access. Those will be accommodated on an individual basis.

“There are too many people that have called for us to do one [customer] at a time so we will be blocking [Facebook and Twitter] and any other website that may also be censoring,” the email reads.

Over two-thirds of the ISP provider’s customers have asked for the sites to be blocked, the company said.

They continued by slamming the big tech companies who had been censoring users, and also for “trying to exterminate the competition,” meaning Parler.

Parler was recently targeted by Apple and Google, who removed the app from their app stores, and more significantly Amazon, who shut down Parler’s internet access. All of this occurred within about a one-day period and appears to have been coordinated between the three companies.

“Our company does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you,” the email continued.

“We have made this decision to block these two websites from being accessed from our network.”

The email continued:

“We also don’t condone what Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Apple are doing either to Parler by trying to strong arm them into submission.”

The company sent an updated email on Monday which told customers it would not block the websites for customers who did not want them blocked.

Some people however were disturbed by the company’s action. One such customer, Krista Yep complained that the email sent to customers was alarming.


“I was pretty shocked that they were just coming out and saying that,” Yep said. “If it’s not illegal, it’s highly unethical.”

She complained that just because you don’t like what Facebook and Twitter had done, doesn’t give the company the right to oppose censorship by “going with censorship.”

Yep was so upset by the company’s decision that she is canceling her service, even after the company had backtracked somewhat on Monday.

“Their original email was pretty alarming, and I don’t trust them anymore,” she told KREM-2.

In their email, the company said their contract and acceptable use policy permitted them to do what they were doing, if they deem the content “break any rules (sic) or illegal or harmful to our customers and more.”

The owner of the ISP reiterated to KREM when asked about the situation that only customers who specifically asked to have the websites block would have it complied with.

“We’ve had customers asked to be blocked by it. That is what the email was about, so no we are not blocking anybody, only the ones who have asked for it.”

The company’s action may violate Washington State’s net-neutrality law, which prohibits ISPs from manipulating access to content.

KREM reached out to Gov. Jay Inslee’s office who said the attorney general’s office of Consumer Protection would be “taking a look at the matter.”

A spokesperson told the outlet that Attorney General Bob Ferguson takes enforcement of the net neutrality law “very seriously.”

No such law is in effect in Idaho. A representative for the Idaho Attorney General said their office lacks original jurisdiction to be the law enforcement authority in this case.

Regardless, it’s nice to see some of the little guys stand up to the tyrants for a change.

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Meanwhile, we reported last money about the political leanings of the big tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter. For more on that, we invite you to:


SILICON VALLEY, CA- If you need another reason why the big tech companies need to be prosecuted under RICO statutes, have their Section 230 protections gutted, or broken up under federal anti-trust laws this is it.

While Democrats acted like they were concerned about foreign interference in the 2020 elections from Russia, it was big tech and probably the Chinese who in fact interfered and it was for the benefit of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The New York Post is reporting that executives from at least two of the big tech social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the Biden campaign, while using their platforms to scuttle information about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, which sources indicated his father, Joe Biden was aware of if not also involved.

In fact, the New York Post was specifically targeted by Twitter, with the platform deleting the New York Post’s account after they reported about Hunter Biden’s laptop being abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware, and then salacious information being released about its contents.

The Post story was also throttled by Facebook, Google and other social media sites.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Facebook’s vice president of public policy and chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, donated nearly $100,000 to Democrats and Biden in the last weeks of the presidential contest, the Post reported.

The records indicated that Egan donated $2,800, the maximum contribution to Biden’s White House campaign on Sept. 8 and Oct. 1, then came up with an additional $55,000 for the Biden Victory Fund and an additional $35,500 for the Democratic National Committee.

Biden’s website indicated that the Biden Victory Fund is a joint fundraising effort between the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and 47 state parties with the goal of defeating President Trump.

According to Fox News, they were unable to find any executives from either Facebook or Twitter who made campaign donations to President Trump.

Fox reported that the chief revenue officer of Facebook, David Fischer, donated $2,800 to Biden on April 22, according to FEC records.

Fox also said that Facebook vice presidents Gene Alston, Michael Verdu, Shahriar Rabii and T.T. Khurana also donated the legal maximum of $2,800 to the Biden campaign during the 2020 election cycle. In addition, Instagram’s chief operating officer, Marne Levine, also donated the maximum amount to Biden.

Switching over to Twitter, vice president Matt Derella made a $2,000 donation to Biden’s campaign in September.

Fox News also reported that dozens of employees at both companies who had either “manager” or “director” in their job titles had donated at least $1,000 to Biden’s election efforts.

For example, Twitter’s senior director, Ryan Oliver, donated $2,800 to Biden in March; senior director of product management James Kelm also donated $2,800 to Biden during the primary season, and another $2,800 to his general election fund, FEC records showed.

Back at Facebook, Steve Satterfield, the public policy director, Michael Matthews, another public policy director, product manager Brett Keintz and Facebook director Ibrahim Obuyucu each donated $2,800 to Biden.

Fox News said that only two Facebook employees with either “manager” or “director” in their title donated to President Trump’s campaign, neither contributing more than $300. Zero…zip…zilch Twitter employees with those titles donated to the Trump campaign, according to the FEC records reviewed.

A spokesman for Twitter, Trenton Kennedy alleged to Fox News that the company “has stated many times—that we enforce the Twitter rules judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service.” Fox didn’t note if Kennedy added “LOL” after that reply.

“Political ideology—especially that of our employees—plays no part in this process,” Kennedy said.

Facebook didn’t respond to a request for comment from Fox.

According to a Biden campaign aide, “No contribution is going to change Joe Biden’s fundamental values, including his belief that corporations who abuse their power should be held to account.”

Biden’s campaign claimed he has been critical of Facebook and referred to instances where Biden has urged the company to more carefully police misinformation. Of course, the definition of “disinformation” depends upon how that is defined. Look no further than Facebook and Twitter tagging posts which question the veracity of the election as “misinformation” to realize that the platforms have an agenda and leftward tilt.

The Trump campaign fired back when the information was revealed.

“The Silicon Valley mafia was always in the tank for Joe Biden and everyone knew it. It’s why they blocked the sharing of the Hunter Biden story, to protect their boy Joe Biden.

“That was election interference, plain and simple, while they also targeted President Trump and other Republicans with censorship,” said Trump campaign communications director in an interview on Fox News Monday.

“So, it should surprise no one that they have also showered money on him.”

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Indeed, both outlets throttled reports which came out mere weeks before the election, when the Post reported on Hunter Biden’s shady business deals in both Ukraine and China.

After Twitter blocked users from sharing the Post’s story, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to apologize, calling the decision to delete the Post’s account and throttling the story “unacceptable.”

The president has been targeting the social media companies, especially trying to eliminate their Section 230 liability protections under the Communications Decency Act.

That section gives legal protection to these companies for content on their sites, claiming that they are only a “facilitator” of information and not a publisher.

However, some elected officials have claimed that due to their censorship of conservatives on their platforms, and their biased “fact-checking,” they are more along the lines of publishers and not facilitators.

Back in October, media watchdog group Media Research Center found that employees of those two companies had sent more than 90% of political donations to Democrats, which employees contributing millions in individual donation and PAC donations, the group said.

Besides throttling content of conservatives, Twitter has also suspended accounts of multiple prominent Republicans, specifically over the New York Post reports, which included White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, as well as the president’s official campaign website.

Twitter claimed the article published by the Post violated it’s so-called “hacked materials policy” however earlier this year, when a reporter from the New York Times published President Trump’s tax returns, a clear violation of the law, Twitter left the posts up.

They also left up unsubstantiated claims about alleged derogatory remarks attributed to President Trump about World War I veterans, which were widely debunked by witnesses. The claims were from “unnamed sources.”

Both Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have testified before Senate committees, where they were crucified by senators such as Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO).

“Of course, Silicon Valley billionaires donated to Joe Biden. But their political bias doesn’t’ end at their checkbooks,” a spokesman for Sen. Cruz. Told Fox News.

“By censoring President Trump and news organizations, Big Tech stacked the deck for the Democrat Party and against the American people.”

The spokesperson continued: “Sen Cruz has long warned that Big Tech censorship is the single greatest threat to democracy and will continue working with his colleagues to hold Big Tech accountable.”

There is absolutely no shot of these big tech tyrants being broken up under any kind of Democratic control of Congress. Those are their home boys, after all. 

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