Instant karma: Man murders bicyclist while hanging out of van, then falls out of the vehicle and dies


LAS VEGAS, NV – A man hanging from a moving van intentionally pushed a female bicyclist, killing her. The man then slipped and fell from the vehicle, killing himself.

The incident unfolded on October 25th in Las Vegas around 7:30 a.m. when witnesses reported there were several vehicles driving recklessly on Hollywood Boulevard at the time of the incident. 

One of the vehicles, a burgundy minivan, was driving around while the passenger was hanging half of his body out of the vehicle window trying to strike people as they exercised on the sidewalk.

A husband and wife who were out walking were one of the intended targets of the people in the van.  The couple told police that they heard an engine revving behind them which caused the husband to look back. 

When he did, he told police that he witnessed the unidentified man hanging half of his body out of the window. The man then tried to strike the husband as they drove by.  The passenger missed as the man stepped out of the way.

The passenger missed his mark on at least two attempts. However, he made contact with a middle-aged woman, Michelle Weissman, who was riding her bicycle down the sidewalk.  The man’s shove caused the woman to fall to the ground, causing significant injuries. 

Despite people rendering aid, she succumbed to the injuries sustained from the fall.

The man who committed this vile act fell out of the van window when he made contact with the woman as the van was still in motion.  The fall caused him to skid approximately 150 feet on the roadway until his head hit a streetlight. 

The man died from his head striking the streetlight.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released a statement which read:

“While driving down Hollywood Boulevard, they pulled along-side a female bicyclist and the passenger leaned out of the vehicle window and pushed her to the ground…At the same time, the passenger fell out of the moving vehicle and struck a light pole.”

Police do not have a clear motive in the case but were told by witnesses that the van seemed to be in the area racing other vehicles before the incident happened. 

The driver of the van, Rodrigo Cruz, allegedly fled the scene after the chain-of-events left two people dead. Police were able to locate him and take him into custody.

Police charged him with murder, refusing to stop and render aid at a crash, and violation of his probation.  He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center. 

Lieutenant Raymond Spencer of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said that they are pulling any video surveillance that may be in the area of the crash, but that the area is relatively remote. 

He also said that speed estimates have not been completed as of yet.

He told KSNV:

“Senseless is an understatement.  You have a woman who was out riding her bicycle and they pull up next to her and strike her, causing her to die. 

“It’s an absolute senseless act.  There’s no reason behind this that I can tell you why it occurred, other than complete stupidity.”

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Three teen suspects brutally attack elderly woman in carjacking, then die in car crash

October 7, 2020


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A 72-year-old woman was the victim of a violent carjacking in Minneapolis on October 5th, where her alleged attackers stole her purse and vehicle and later crashed her car during a police pursuit where the suspects died in the crash.

The victim was reportedly at a friend’s house at the time, feeding a cat that she was taking care of in her friend’s absence. That’s when three teenage suspects approached the victim and beat her in an effort to take her purse.

When the attackers fled the scene in a vehicle that they were in, they’d reportedly realized that within the contents of the woman’s purse were her car keys – so they apparently went back to the scene of the attack to also take the victim’s car.

Police were alerted to the crime and were said to have spotted the vehicle, which prompted a pursuit that ran through north Minneapolis. One of the suspects driving the stolen vehicle had reportedly lost control of the car during the pursuit and crashed the vehicle. The resulting crash left all three suspects deceased.

The aftermath of the attack left the 72-year-old woman’s face bruised from where the assailants punched her. Theresa Schlee, whose husband is the nephew of the victim, spoke out about the crime and the subsequent consequences relating to the fate that befell the teenage suspects:

“They punched her and knocked her to the ground to get her purse. They took off in their car, got halfway down the alley, realized they had the keys to her car backed up and she was standing up by now they got back out, hopped in her car.”

Schlee noted the brazen nature of the crime, with it having happened in broad daylight while the victim was engaged in the innocuous act of merely feeding a cat:

“That kind of blatant attack in the middle of the day to an elderly person who was there just feeding a cat, it’s like, that’s not right.”

Despite the attack lodged against her husband’s aunt, Schlee did note that she feels for the families that lost their loved ones over such terrible decision making linked criminal behavior:

“I don’t know if they were the attackers, my heart goes out to those families, to that community, it really does because these kids were young and it shouldn’t have happened.”

While Schlee notes that some people are going to look at this situation and think that these juvenile suspects’ deaths were the result of police, she says that these youths were in fact victims of their own actions:

“They look at this and not see, ‘oh they’re just victims because the police chased after them’. No, they suffered some awful consequences for some bad choices.”

These are exactly the types of cases that should help illustrate just how one bad decision, or a series of them, can result in the worst of outcomes for alleged offenders.


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