Watch your six: Instagram butt model Anastasia Fields poses with NYPD cops


NEW YORK CITY, NY- Apparently “cover your six”, and “watch your six” has taken on a whole new meaning with some members of the NYPD this week. 

As we all know, social media figures rise to just as much fame, and sometimes make just as much money, as the “traditional”  movie, television, or music celebrates we are accustomed to. 

There are various things that make these social media moguls famous, including dance moves, cooking skills, demonstrations and yes, even exposing themselves.

One of those people, is an Instagram model, who has racked up more than a million followers for baring her bottom in various locations. Her most recent stunt of posing for a bare bottom photo with a pair of NYPD cops in Midtown has gained popularity.

On Tuesday, December 15th, Anastasia Fields, a 32-year-old vegan model, snapped the shot of her lifting up the back of her dress, and exposing her backside, while posing with the officers. The post to her 1.3 million followers was titled “NYPD❤️”


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A post shared by Anastasia? (@vegilates)

As expected, the comments flew! Some were negative, while most of the people posting made tongue in cheek jokes, like one user who wrote:

“The back and the blue.”

Another user who is assumed to be a police officer said:

“17 years never had a photo like this on a foot post smh ?”

A user with a negative comment said:

“Someone needs attention. In the worst way”

Fields has reportedly been using her bare backside as a way to cheer up people during the pandemic in New York. In her attempt at cheer, she has been posting various videos of her flashing her rear at others by herself, or having some people join in with her. 

In the recent Instagram post shown below, Fields and another woman are seen exposing their backsides to an oncoming subway train.


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A post shared by Anastasia? (@vegilates)

She also posted a picture of herself at Hudson Yards.


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A post shared by Anastasia? (@vegilates)

I guess in order to get New Yorkers in the Christmas spirit, she exposed herself near Rockefeller Center, while families are normally gathered to take in the tree and decorations, not see a woman’s behind. 

Fields told Jam Press that she started posting pics of her posterior a year ago:

“just for fun with my friends.”

She went on to say:

“And it crushed it on Instagram so I started doing it more and more. I try to avoid public places with kids, moms, etc.,” 

She continued:

“Male audiences are the best, they just smile and offer to help.”

While some might find this type of behavior entertaining, others might find it offensive and crude. Whatever your take is, Fields has attracted quite a lot of attention with her actions. 

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NYC Sheriff’s Dept. shut down ‘swingers’ party with over 80 people, citing pandemic restrictions

November 23, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Minutes after midnight on November 22nd, New York City Sheriff’s deputies shut down an illegal “swingers” party, which hosted over 80 people in Astoria, Queens. 

With Astoria being listed as a “yellow zone” in relation to the pandemic, gatherings are reportedly capped at 25 people in various venues/instances. 

Here is the story behind the shut-down swinger party. 

Both police and deputies reportedly responded to Club Caligula on 20th Avenue in Astoria at roughly 12:05 a.m. on November 22nd, where authorities witnessed over 80 people inside of the venue. 

Staged throughout the venue was reportedly an illegally run liquor bar, according to the NYSO, and buffet. The sheriff’s department noted that two organizers and one patron were charged with misdemeanors in relation to the event. 

The responses online to a “swingers” joint being busted for a pandemic violation (among other alleged violations) have been rather interesting. Namely, because many responses online have been laced in puns. 

One Twitter user referred to the incident as being a “premature evacuation”. 

Another responses inquired if whether deputies needed to cover their eyes or not upon entering the establishment: 

“Did the deputies have to cover their eyes responding to this one?”

Apparently other Twitter users were curious as to whether the “swingers” club will be open again the following week. 

Whereas there were some online that were completely grossed out at the idea of a “swingers” venue also having a buffet going on inside: 

“And to top it off the swingers had a buffet style party”

In response, someone noted that the idea of a buffet at a “swinger” party would be disgusting even prior to concerns of the pandemic. 

Mandates related to excessive gatherings have become a normal topic of conversation these days in a post-COVID world. While the idea would’ve sounded ludicrous this time last year, obviously times have changed. 

Weeks earlier in New York City, another party was given the kibosh for similar violations as the swingers’ joint – except this late October party had a few more folks than around 80 people. 

A Halloween party that took place on the eve of the holiday in New York City was apparently shut down by sheriff’s deputies for allegedly hosting nearly 400 people which in turn violated emergency orders pertaining to large gatherings.

Reportedly at least nine people, alleged to have been organizers of the event, have been hit with various misdemeanors due to the excessive gathering.

According to the New York City Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a venue located off of Meadow Street in Brooklyn at approximately 1:00 a.m. on October 31st. The official Twitter account for the sheriff’s office tweeted the following:

“10/31/20 @ 0100HRS: Deputy Sheriffs shut down illegal bar/party inside warehouse at 23 Meadow Street, Brooklyn: 387+ people violation of emergency orders, 9 organizers charged with multiple misdemeanors, Administrative Code, Health Code & Alcoholic Beverage Control Law offenses.”

Officials said that there were three bars set up within the venue that evening, along with a DJ in what seemed to be a Halloween-themed soiree.

There were also reports of party attendees having been arrested for various offenses such as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct during the bust of the party.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City has seen an uptick in confirmed cases of COVID-19. Data from the city shows that the weekly cases have increased by 12.6% with 3,604 deaths. However, that same data also shows that weekly deaths have dropped by 27.9%, with the most recent data showing 31 deaths from the virus.

On October 29th, when remarking on the increase in confirmed cases, Mayor de Blasio referred to the spike in cases as “worrisome” and warned New Yorkers that if the trends continue then they’ll be in store for some “huge restrictions”:

“I know they’re looking at the same data with concern. The important thing here is just be led by the facts and the data, be led by the science, because it’s really about not letting a second wave in that would lead to huge restrictions on all of us.”

Among of these restrictions that the mayor warned of would be the re-closure of indoor dining establishments, but he noted that said decisions would be coming from the state-level of governance and not that of the city itself.


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