On Monday November 4th – 10th an intensive week-long training course for law enforcement officials and security professionals from around the country took place in Maryland in the shadow of the US Capital in Washington DC. 

 Hosted by the Maryland National Capital Park Police, the Anne Arundel County Police Academy and Executive Protection Unit it was sponsored by the Safety and Security Institute and Police Academy of Prince Georges Community College 

The course titled “Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist” is one part of a 32 day accredited program designed to train law enforcement and corporate or private executive protection agents, and is fully accredited for LE by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission and by the Law Enforcement training regulatory agencies and departments in Virginia, North & South Carolina, and Georgia POST.



The training program is overseen at the direction of Matthew Parker, the Dean of the World Institute of Security Enhancement Protective Studies Department and Director of the Independent Security Advisors Training Division.

 This 70+ hours seven day accredited course is the first module in the program and for the 11 who graduated (of 15) they learned the critical skills and knowledge needed to conduct protective service operations as part of a security detail.

During the course, The WISE & ISA team of instructors covered the latest information regarding threat assessments, human behavior & triggers, open source intelligence, mitigation planning and daily and emergency operational procedures and more.


Special Events

 On Wednesday November 6th Students who attended the course also took part in an unprecedented Dignitary and Executive Protection Training Roundtable discussion hosted by the Anne Arundel County Police Academy in their new world class training facility. 

 This first of its kind event brought together state and local elected officials, former and current federal agents, state and local law enforcement and the private sector to discuss how to protect elected officials and candidates for office in the increasingly high threat environment officials find themselves in today.

 Amongst those who participated on the panel was United States Operations Director of Conflict International, Stephen Komorek, who was invited by Matt Parker to take part as an expert panelist on international operations 

 The discussion amongst the panelists included, whether local law enforcement had the training or resources needed to be utilized as part of dignitary protection details.   With further focus and discussion on the use of stand-alone private security details for officials, and can the private sector be used to augment and work alongside law enforcement.

For comparison the panel also discussed operating overseas and could we learn from that model where host nation security works with the dignitary’s own team. 

At the conclusion of the roundtable, all of the participants unanimously agreed that the private sector and state, local and federal government agencies and law enforcement should consider working together.

For state and local law enforcement it was suggested, discussed and agreed that private EP agents with training that is approved under a national standard and law enforcement could form hybrid teams and that there is a necessity, now more than ever, to build mutual trust and have respect for each of these organizations and departments, across the globe. 

At the time of the event, Komorek stated that he was humbled and honored to be considered and to take part as a panelist in this important discussion. He credits Matthew Parker with “bringing together experts in the fields of law enforcement and personal protection to discuss the important topic of public and private sector individuals working together on the safety of dignitaries and executives.”

Mr. Parker in keeping with the cooperative theme of the day gave credit to Mr. Percy Alton the Director of the Safety and Security Institute for leading the effort to form the panel. “Without Percy were talking to empty chairs” said Mr. Parker.  

Outside of the panel discussion that took place on Wednesday, Komorek also served as a guest instructor and training role player & evaluator throughout certain points in the week long training. 

For his portion of the training, Komorek created and tailored a course specifically for ISA’s training, which he presented for law enforcement and security personnel on intelligence operations and counter surveillance.  Komorek presented his training course titled “Counter Surveillance: A Trade Craft Primer for Dignitary Protection”, on Thursday November 7th.

Komorek shared his extensive background concerning surveillance, detection and operational field diplomacy (working well with others) while providing diplomatic protection and private security with the students. 



Final Thoughts

 With the increase in threats against those they protect law enforcement personnel as well as private security agents need to know exactly what to do when things go bad and Komorek noted the students who take part in this program are placed in scenarios and situations that stress them mentally and physically.

Komorek who heads up the U.S. division of Conflict International, a world-renowned private intelligence and investigative firm, said “at Conflict International we protect some seriously high-network individuals throughout the world.  So we need our agents to have the absolute best training they can get. Parker’s team at ISA goes above and beyond to make that happen.” 

Komorek said “he believes wholeheartedly in the ISA team and routinely sends members of his own crew to continue their training”.

 “In today’s climate, our public and private security officials need any advantage they can get over their opponents. This academy training course covers everything from looking at threat assessments, motorcade vehicle training, footwork, planning security operations, what to look for and so much more,” Komorek said of the training course provided by Parker and his organization. 

Conflict International is a multi-national intelligence agency made up of the some of the best private investigators in the world.

 Conflict International is a co-sponsor and an International intelligence, investigation and surveillance agency headquartered in London and in New York.


Conflict International is a multi-national intelligence agency made up of the some of the best private investigators in the world.


This fully licensed private investigation agency has an extensive, worldwide network of contacts and sources from law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military, private, public, and the corporate sector. Conflict understands the critical need for training that can save lives and has awarded this program a training grant to cover logistical expenses such as meals for students.

In addition to Komorek and Parker, Kyle Reyes was an invited panelist at the event.  Reyes is the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. As well as being an entrepreneur, he is a regular contributor on Fox News, and is one of the biggest supporters of law enforcement and the military in the country.

If anyone is interested in “Counter Surveillance: A Trade Craft Primer for Dignitary Protection,” or other courses he provides, interested parties can contact Komorek directly at [email protected],www.conflictusa.com, or by phone at 212-710-5919.


Komorek is a member of the World Association of detectives, National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, National Domestic Preparedness Coalition, and the Association of British investigators. Komorek is also a senior faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement where he teaches board certified intelligence, and technical course.

For more information regarding “Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course Training”, interested parties can contact Matthew Parker at [email protected] or check out http://eptraining.us or reach us by phone at 315-486-7854.

Matthew Parker is the Dean of the World Institute of Security Enhancement Protective Studies Department and Director of the Independent Security Advisors Training Division.

For a request for Kyle Reyes to be a keynote speaker at an event, interested parties may contact  [email protected]  www.thesilentpartnermarketing.com  or www.lawenforcementtoday.com.

Reyes is an acclaimed Keynote Speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media, as well as the National Spokesman of Law Enforcement Today.