“He was upset because they woke him up to search his cell.”


Georgia – In Carroll County, Georgia, a female detention officer was nearly murdered by a male inmate inside the Carroll County Jail on Sunday after she was thrown from the second story of the jail pod.

While the extent of the injuries sustained by the officer aren’t well detailed at this time, reports indicate that the officer was released from the hospital the day following the near fatal assault. Instances just like these reiterate the risks associated with working inside of a jail or prison every day.

The unidentified 20-year-old female officer is currently recovering from a serious head injury and also back trauma from the altercation that played out on Sunday. Investigators from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the officer was viciously attacked by 34-year-old inmate Patrick Gentry while performing a shakedown within the inmate’s cell.

After an exchange of hostile words between the officer and the inmate, Gentry threw the female officer off the second tier of the jail, where she struck her head and back during the 12-foot fall.

Ashley Hulsey of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is involved in the investigation and spoke with the local Fox News outlet about the attack.

“It was a volatile situation there for a couple minutes.”

What spawned the shakedown of Gentry’s cell was that he had apparently been hoarding netted laundry bags. The female officer had approached Gentry inside his cell and asked that the inmate relinquish the bags. At that point, Gentry became verbally aggressive toward the officer, as noted by Hulsey.

“He was upset because they woke him up to search his cell.”

Gentry continued to protest the return of the laundry bags to the officer, and began to threaten her if she persisted with the request. In a matter of moments, Gentry’s threats turned into actions.

The inmate allegedly grabbed the female officer by her hair and violently flung her over the second-tier rails, causing her to fall to the concrete shower stall 12-feet below. The ensuing fall caused the officer to strike her head on a concrete partition between the showers.


According to Hulsey, inmates within the jail pod saw what Gentry had done to the female officer and came to her aid, as well as tending to Gentry.

“The inmate that was particularly in the cell with Mr. Gentry, he actually fully engaged him once he saw how much Mr. Gentry had hurt her.”

While the term “fully engaged” that was used by the investigator is open to a lot of interpretation, as an ex-con myself, I’d fathom that “fully engaged” means his cellmate started beating the brakes off of Gentry. The reason being is that while those in jail and prison can be accused or convicted of a variety of crimes, nearly all of the male population hates to see women being hurt.


Jail staff responded to the scene as well to help the officer. According to reports, the female officer was rushed to a local hospital after first responders saw the seriousness of the injury. Photos of the aftermath show a splatter of blood that scattered across the concrete shower floor. Any after effects of the injury are unknown, but she was reportedly released from the hospital on Monday night, officials said.

Hulsey described the officer’s injuries as having inflicted some damage, but didn’t reveal anything else beyond that:

“Hitting that block partition really did some head damage and back damage, and there was a good deal of blood, so we were really worried about her.”

As for Gentry, he’s going to be facing a myriad of charges now based upon what played out in the jail on Sunday. He’s currently being charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, terroristic threats and criminal attempt to commit murder.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son


Hulsey explained that the department isn’t taking what played out lightly at all:

“We hate that this happened, and Sheriff Langley said today that we plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and will be fierce with that because we will not tolerate someone hurting one of our officers.”

We’d like to wish the detention officer a speedy and full recovery. Hopefully this incident will help jail staff and officials work to instill enhanced protocol so that officers aren’t getting attacked by inmates like in this instance.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley just visited MCI Norfolk in Massachusetts to speak to corrections officers about the 150% increase in staff assaults of officers….oh wait a minute.

In actuality, they went to MCI Norfolk to meet with inmates as part of an “Alternative To Violence” program for inmates and criminal justice reform classes, once again for inmates.

Last Friday, several officers at the prison were assaulted and required hospitalization for their injuries. While they were recovering from getting beaten up by thugs, Pressley and Omar were meeting with some of the very people that put them there. Sweet.


Others in attendance were Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, whom we’ve written about before for her going soft on criminals, as well as some other state representatives, several heads of the Department of Corrections, and other “dignitaries.” 

Since January 2019, assaults on officers in the facility is up 150%.

Just a couple of months back, an officer found an inmate tattooing another and confronted him. He ended up getting assaulted with his own flashlight. Two months later and his injury paperwork has not been completed so he can get paid. You can bet if it was an inmate he’d be all set.

One of the officers said:

“It is disgusting that they too time to go see murderers, rapists, armed robbers, and woman beaters but ignored the officers who put their life on the line every day who were savagely assaulted.”

This is a video Pressley posted to her Twitter account when leaving the facility.

“I’m leaving with my heart full and broken because the men we met aren’t leaving with us. We need their brilliance and their intellect as we work to affirm #JusticeForAll.”

You cannot make this up.

If you really want to see how nutty Pressley is, another tweet says:

“Black bus riders in Boston spend 64 more hours a year on busses (sp) than white bus riders. Transportation #justice is racial justice, which is why I founded the #FutureofTransportation caucus.”

No idea what “transportation justice” is about, but we’re sure it has something to do with raiding the wallets of taxpayers.

As far as the officers who were attacked at the prison, the men who attacked the officers were members of the Latin Kings, according to TV5 in Boston. All of the guards suffered concussions and one has a fractured spine.


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