A warning to animal lovers – this one might pull on your heart strings…


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Pit bulls often get framed in a negative light, but any dog lover will tell you that temperament is all about how an animal is raised and how it’s treated. 

A man in Florida by the name of Patrick Hennessey was on his way to work at 4 a.m. one morning when he noticed two pit bulls in the road. One looked to be injured. The other huddled by its companion’s side.

Deputies found the injured dogs, one appearing to have been struck by a car. (Orange County Sheriff’s Office)


Hennessey notified the police, who sent two deputies out to the area, arriving around 4:30 a.m. When Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies Reed and Boggs arrived, they found the two dogs, the healthy one clinging to the side of the wounded, refusing to leave her.

The dogs were nervous and didn’t seem to want anyone to approach them. After a few minutes of coaxing and soothing calls, the dogs began to warm up to the deputies, allowing Reed and Boggs to get them moved out of the road.

The injured dog appeared to have been struck by a passing vehicle and had a large gash in her leg. The deputies patched up the dog’s leg with a bandage and fed the two pups some treats from their cruiser. It quickly became clear that the animals were appreciative of their rescuers. 

Pictures from Facebook showed how quickly the officers and the dogs became friends.

The dogs quickly took to the deputies who were helping them. (Orange County Sheriff’s Office)


Animal Services was called to come get the pair and bring them to a safer environment. Reed and Boggs hung tight, not leaving the dogs until they were taken away.

After some medical attention and rest, the dogs got some visitors. 

Deputies Boggs and Reed reunited with their furry friends in the local facility where they were being treated.

Think the dogs remembered them?

We’d say so.

When the department posted some pictures about the original story to their Facebook, they were greeted warmly with praise for the love extended by the original caller and the deputies who responded. 

“From a pitbull owner I thank you for spending time with these sweet babies they are very beautiful dogs. You and fellow officer are just absolutely amazing!” one comment read.

“Thank you so much Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs,” read another. “When you can extend a helping hand to not just humans, but other creatures as well, it says a great deal about your character.”

The relationship between law enforcement officers and K9’s extends far back in time. While this story is not new, this is just another prime example of the connection between those that are called to serve and man’s best friend. 

Deputies check up on Liberty and Justice

"PUPDATE"!!!!It was one week ago, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs helped calm and comfort two very sweet, scared pit bulls (one injured) that were found wandering in a dangerous high-traffic intersection. The dogs were taken to Orange County Animal Services where they were promptly named Liberty and Justice and are now up for adoption. Here's a short video from Animal Services of our Sector 4 deputies checking up on the pups, who are full of personality. We want Justice (A362290) and Liberty (A362289) to find a forever home. Hopefully together. Please adopt them.The deputies are spoken for :)Please go to this link: www.ocnetpets.com for more information on Liberty and Justice.

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Thursday, November 3, 2016


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