On Monday, August 12, law enforcement officials and security professionals from around the country are being given the opportunity to attend a free course that will give them the knowledge and simulated experience to properly deal with an active killer situation.

With the massive risk of exposure to violence that police and security personnel face on a daily basis, the right training could mean the difference between life and death.

Matt Parker and Independent Security Advisors are tackling that initiative head-on.

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The class will help first responders with how to handle major threat assessments. (Pixabay)


The course is taking place at the Independent Security Advisors training grounds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And anyone who can make it can audit the first day of class for no cost. Those wishing to stay can sign up for the entire week.

So what’s in store for those who can get down there?

The professional crew at ISA will be covering the latest information regarding threat assessments, triggers, open source intelligence, mitigation planning and more.

Officers train for an active-shooter scenario. (Flickr)


With the recent uptick in active killer situations, law enforcement personnel as well as private security officials need to know exactly what to do when things go south. 

Stephen Komorek runs the US operations for the world-renowned private investigating firm, Conflict International.

He has spoken at this course previously, and wanted every officer in the country to know how valuable the training could be.

“In today’s climate, our public and private security officials need any advantage they can get over their opponents. This course covers everything from looking at threat assessments, motorcade vehicle training, footwork, planning security operations, what to look for and so much more,” Komorek said.

Komorek’s team is largely made up of former law enforcement and military officials. (Conflict International)

“At Conflict International we protect some seriously high-network individuals throughout the world. So we need our agents to have the absolute best training they can get. We’ve repeatedly sent members of our crew to train with Matt’s team.”

“Everyone needs to be a student for their entire lives,” Komorek said. And considering the fact that departments often don’t have the funding for this kind of training, he says what Matt and ISA are doing is monumental.

“We come to find that a lot of departments are incredibly underfunded,” Komorek said. “This allows these guys to get life-saving training and extra tools in their toolbox that they so desperately need.”

Matt Parker is part of the World Institute for Security Enhancement. He and members of his crew have trained countless professionals both on the public and private side, including members of the Secret Service.

“The ISA provides state-of-the-art training to military personnel, members of law enforcement, private security professionals and more,” Komorek said. “Don’t sleep on this opportunity.”


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