The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the death of an off-duty officer from the Rutland Massachusetts Police Department as a homicide.

Officer Sean Clooney, age 27, of the Rutland Police Department, a community 60 miles west of Boston, was in the Indianapolis area to help arrange the funeral of a childhood friend.  On May 31, he went out drinking with some friends.  Shortly before 2:30am a fight broke out amongst the friends.  Clooney attempted to break up the fight.  During his intervention, he was struck in the head.

IMPD Officers reported responded to a man down, bleeding from the head, and unresponsive.  Clooney was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital where he later died.  IMPD spokesman Kendale Adams stated that they have identified a “person of interest” in the investigation.  Charges have not yet been filed and no arrest has been made at this time.

Rutland Police Chief Donald Haapakoski confirmed that Clooney was a part time officer with his department and was in the Field Training Program.   Chief Happakoski advised that the entire Rutland Police Department is saddened to hear of his death as he was well liked by all members.  He had served the Rutland Police Department for three years a dispatcher prior to his appointment as a police officer this February.  Officer Clooney also was an Associate Court Officer with the Massachusetts Trial Courts.

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