Indiana University honors Alfred Kinsey, a child sexual predator who sexually assaulted hundreds of children as “research”


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BLOOMINGTON, IN- Sometimes, things come along that seem to boggle the mind. Again, the leftist utopias known as our colleges and universities continue to one-up each other in the sick and bizarre.

The latest episode comes to us from Indiana University, as reported by CNS News.

Just two years removed from statues of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, and other heroes of our American story were unceremoniously torn down in cities across the fruited plain, IU decided to erect a large bronze statue honoring a sexual degenerate named Alfred Kinsey.

Sure, the university is home to the Kinsey Institute, named after the psycho, however erecting the sculpture of him marking the 75th anniversary of the institute requires something of a back story.

Kinsey was a psychopath who came to prominence after World War II, where he published two manuscripts on the sexual practices of men and women, CNS tells us. His claim to fame? According to  the late Dr. Judith Reisman, a conservative author and someone who condemned Kinsey’s works, he sexually abused over 300 children during his research.

Moreover, Kinsey’s biographer, James H. Jones, who was praised by Kinsey’s followers (yes, he has followers) admitted that some of the children had been “masturbated and penetrated” by at least one pedophile as part of the “research.”

CNS noted that an informant of Kinsey’s who went by the name of “Mr. X” kept a record of his sexual dalliances. He alleged there were 600 boys and 200 girls who were sexually abused. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also had sexual intercourse with 17 blood relatives, including his own grandmother.

But they erected a sculpture of him at Indiana University.

In 2004, Hollywood (shocker) actually produced a movie called “Kinsey.” In reviewing the film, New York Times critic Caleb Crain noted that Kinsey had compiled data on “attempts to bring to orgasm boys between the ages of 2 months and 15 years, in some cases over a period as long as 24 hours.”

Reisman, when informed about those revelations further condemned Kinsey for his clearly criminal behavior.

“When you rape children, it’s still a crime. And if you solicit it, and if you support it, it’s still a crime.”

Yet despite Reisman’s criticisms, Kinsey largely escaped denigration for his perversion.

According to CNS, Kinsey was an anti-Christian and spend much of his life trying to get back at his family, Methodists and especially his father.

So obsessed with his anti-Christian, hedonistic believes, Joseph Epstein said, he blamed Christianity for the breakdown of the modern family as opposed to libertinism. Moreover, he defined celibacy, delayed marriage and asceticism as “cultural perversions,” CNS wrote, but not pederasty.

Crain wrote that “Kinsey has had affairs with men, encouraged open marriages among his staff, stimulated himself with urethral insertion and ropes, and filmed sex in his attic.”

In his review of the film, Crain wrote “the most controversial scene in the movie is Kinsey’s infamous meeting with a sexual omnivore, whose history of sexual encounters with men, women, boys, girls, animals and family members took 17 hours to record.”

Noted anthropologist Margaret Mead, in speaking of Kinsey, said in his mind, there was “no moral difference between a man having sex with a woman, or a sheep.”

In probably the most bizarre and twisted episodes of Kinsey’s life, he actually circumcised himself with a pocketknife a year or so before he passed away in 1956.

As expected, the current crop of pedophiles (oh sorry, “minor attracted persons in liberal-speak) and leftist intellectuals are in love with Kinsey. He is prominently featured on the website of the most prominent pedophile-pushing organizations in the country, NAMBLA which memorializes him there.

And why not? Here is a quote from the clearly deranged Kinsey taken from Sexual Behavior in the Human Female:

“When children are constantly warned by parents and teachers against contacts with adults, and when they receive no explanation of the exact nature of the contacts, they are ready to become hysterical as soon as any older person approaches, or stops and speaks to them in the street, or fondles them, or proposes to do something for them, even though the adult may have had no sexual objective in mind.” [emphasis added by source]

Kinsey is making the argument that perverts who fondle children are not the issue, but rather those who complain about it. In fact, Kinsey further wrote:

“The current hysteria over sex offenders may well have serious effects on the ability of many of these children to work out sexual adjustments some years later…”

Do you see? It’s for their own good, don’t you know? They need to be sexually molested so they can better adjust sexually years later.

Honestly, we don’t even know where to go with this. How could anyone defend this psycho knowing his history? And if they don’t know his history, why are they defending him without knowing the true depths of his depravity?

For Indiana University, the fact they likely know and defend it is indefensible.

For more on psychos defending pedophilia, we invite you to read another piece on the topic:


USA- The liberal left is continuing to disappoint the rest of the world by reaching a new low; to now normalize pedophilia and to show sympathy to those who ‘suffer’ from being attracted to minors.

Who ever believes they deserve sympathy must not have children.

One of the most notable proponents of normalizing pedophilia came from Miranda Galbreath, who works with pedophiles and advocates for them.

According to the Frontpage Mag column:

“The Post Millennial reported recently that ‘a professional counselor who works with incarcerated sex offenders defended pedophiles as a ‘marginalized’ minority in a recent YouTube upload, sparking criticism as clips from the video went viral on social media.’ Miranda Galbreath, who is a licensed sex therapist, posted a video which is, at least for now, unavailable.”

The column continued:

It was entitled ‘Let’s talk about minor-attracted persons.’ In it, Galbreath advocates for the use of the term ‘minor attracted people’ and claims that the term ‘pedophile’ is a ‘judgmental, hurtful insult.’ She says that pedophiles are ‘the most vilified population of folks.’”

Indiana University honors Alfred Kinsey, a child sexual predator who sexually assaulted hundreds of children as "research"
Screenshot of America News YT channel.

Her credentials must be confirmed and if she has any, they need to be revoked.

This isn’t a new concept, however. There has been steady stream of individuals from the educational, therapeutic, and of course the left-wing media entities like the NY Times and CNN.

According to the Frontpage Mag column:

“Galbreath is not alone in trying to normalize pedophilia. She is just one part of a much larger push. As far back as October 2014, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled ‘Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime.’”

The column continued:

“And with that of the Washington Post, which chimed in on July 8, 2015 with a piece entitled ‘We’re shocked by every nice guy caught with child porn. But we shouldn’t be. Our image of pedophiles is completely wrong.’ Even farther back, in 2012, CNN asked: ‘Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?’ The answer was, of course, yes.’”

The liberal philosophy forgets to mention any reference to sympathy for any unsuspecting minor who was victimized by someone who ‘suffered’ from pedophilia.

Many of these victims who experienced this awful trauma carry demons with them for the rest of their lives. Those demons later manifest themselves in many ways; drug use, alcohol abuse, inability to form loving, lasting healthy relationships, trust issues, insecurity and worst of all, become predators themselves.

The normalization of pedophilia will only exponentially increase these problems, leading to even more evil to roam the world.

Indiana University honors Alfred Kinsey, a child sexual predator who sexually assaulted hundreds of children as "research"
Pedophiles are often difficult to detect.
Copyright free stock photo.

There’s no doubt that many, if not all of these supporters of normalizing pedophilia have never seen the true face of evil. Perhaps they live in a fantasy where nothing bad happens and there is no such thing as an evil person.

As anyone from the law enforcement community can tell you, they do exist, and they are everywhere. The most dangerous ones come from disguised places where most won’t expect to see a pedophile, such as teachers, coaches, and youth counselors.

The readers of the Frontpage Mag also displayed their disgust with the left’s agenda and posted such comments as:

Woody Snyder: Next? Beastiality. The list of leftist normalization goals is long, as is their list of gender possibilities.

August West: Isn’t it strange that if a man gets accused of sexual harassment in the workplace he will be immediately fired, but if the same man is found to be a pedophile the has a the sympathy of the New York Times? Strange world these days.

Ben Neviss: I know someone (currently in prison) who first molested his daughter when she was a toddler. The behavior continued for ten years. Go ahead, leftists. Tell me how it was all cool. Just a natural attraction, right? Leftist evil knows no bounds.

Joe Martin: As Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

And an atrocity is exactly what pedophilia is.

Indiana University honors Alfred Kinsey, a child sexual predator who sexually assaulted hundreds of children as "research"


Dig Deeper: Other so-called professionals want to justify pedophilia.

University of New Hampshire professor appears to defend pedophilia, says kids sometimes initiate sexual activities

Posted April 19, 2022

The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

DURHAM, NH- Some people are just sick. A University of New Hampshire (UNH) professor last month participated in a talk where the participants were talking about the “elements of voluntary participation” by juveniles involved in sex crimes, making the nauseating excuse that in some cases, it is children themselves who initiate “sexual activities with adults,” the Post Millennial reports.

Want to know why we’re raising a generation of confused psychopaths? Here is your answer.

The professor, David Finkelhor is the Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at UNH.

“If young people are initiating sexual activities with adults, or enthusiastically involved,” Finkelhor said, “we can’t be effective in working with them if we assume that all such relationships start with a predatory or criminally inclined adult.

As we’ve seen in the discussion, young people bridle at being forced into this box of being seen as the victim of a predator.”

Back when same-sex marriage was granted by the United States Supreme Court, many people warned that the alphabet mafia wouldn’t stop with forcing same-sex marriage down our collective throats.

It’s not that a lot of people had an issue per se with the concept of gay marriage. It’s just that many people knew that would not be enough to satiate the alphabet mob. And as we’ve come to realize especially over the past year, those folks appear to have been correct.

While the focus has been on having men with penises permitted to use the same restrooms as our four-year-old granddaughters or playing women’s sports, a far more sinister move is afoot to somehow attempt to mainstream pedophilia, or as the far left lunatics call it, “minor-attracted persons.”

Finkelhor’s remarks came during a Haruv USA lecture about the “Implications for Prevention and Response” for sex crimes, with a focus being on alleged “elements of voluntary participation” by the minors who are victims of those crimes.

Finkelhor continued that “there are reasons for learning about what the dynamics are and how to talk about them so that we can better help the young people who are in these situations.”

He continued noting that “even the most voluntary of these relationships are considered sex crimes.”

You think? Gee, and here all along we thought that pre-teens had the mental capacity to “voluntarily consent” to having sexual relations with 30-year-old men. Stupid us. While they don’t have the cognitive brain power to decide right from wrong when committing crimes, they apparently have the ability to make decisions about having sex with adults. Makes sense.

Finkelhor continued that in sexual relationships where a minor “voluntarily” engages in sex with adults, it becomes controversial because “discussions of voluntary relationships to some people, opens the door for ex-offenders to feel like this is something that they can do.”

He then proceeded to explain a number of different underage sex crimes which he said are identifiable by the ages of those involved, along with the reasons why such laws are in place to begin with.

“In some states, in some jurisdictions, there are restrictions for 16 and 17-year-olds, so their prohibitions are that it’s illegal for a 16 or 17-year old to have a relationship, say with an adult who is more than five years older than they are.

And one of the problems in this area is nobody knows exactly where the law should create these distinctions. There’s not good enough research on issues related to maturity with regard to sexual behavior, that allows a clear demarcation here,” Finkelhor said.

He addressed crimes that are voluntary nature such as statutory sex crimes, whereby juvenile adults may engage in sexual activity with adults who are at least five years older than they are. He said that statutory rape is “much narrower than statutory sex crimes in general.”

Finkelhor then attempted to draw a difference between statutory sex crimes and statutory rape, which (sometimes) involves coercion.

“If I were going to describe a statutory victim, I would say that it was a relationship between a juvenile and adult, it was illegal under the age of consent statutes. And that does not involve the degree of coercion or manipulation sufficient to qualify it under criminal statutes as a forcible crime.

“So it would be something that it classified as a statutory sex crime, but that also does not have the elements that would allow it to be prosecuted as a more forcible kind of sexual crime. Now, one of the big problems in this area is that I don’t think people have talked enough and thought through why it is that we have these laws and these restrictions,” he said.

Once Finkelhor’s comments went viral, he tried to walk back or clarify his remarks to Fox News.

“Adults are fully culpable of a crime if they have sex with a minor under the age of consent, whether or not the teen initiates it or participates voluntarily,” he said. “The adults should be prosecuted. I do not condone adults having sexual contact with minors.”

Continuing, Finkelhor said:

“My main point was about how to work with victims to minimize current and future harm. To do that, the police and child protection workers need to understand the actual dynamics, which sometimes don’t fit the expectations they may bring. These unexpected cases aren’t common, but they need to be discussed.”

Finkelhor also criticized journalists who attributed his comments to pedophilia.

“This term applies only to people (men) who have a sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. Adult sex with a teen is a serious crime, but not pedophilia,” he said.

“My talk was exclusively about adult sex with teens. Some of that involves adult women and teenage boys. Still a crime. But even people who like to misuse the term pedophile don’t tend to apply it easily in those cases. Police and child protection need to work with those boys and therefore they need to understand the dynamics.”

His comment was actually pretty interesting and shows the disparity between what some attribute to pedophilia. He claims that term only applies to “men who have a sexual interest in prepubescent children.” What about women? (or is it “birthing persons?”)

Fox News reached out to the University of New Hampshire for comment, however the university didn’t respond.

Indiana University honors Alfred Kinsey, a child sexual predator who sexually assaulted hundreds of children as "research"

Dig Deeper: In yet another professor case.

Report: Yet another leftist college professor appears to endorse pedophilia, compares it to kickball

Posted February 4, 2022

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

FREDONIA, NY- Parents need to think twice about paying college tuition to schools who employ deranged maniacs in their institutions.

This week’s journey into the land of sickos comes to us from SUNY-Fredonia in New York state, as reported in The Federalist.

A couple of months ago, we reported on an Old Dominion University professor who advocated for changing the word “pedophile” to “minor attracted person.” Now, we bring you Stephen Kershnar who is an apologist for pedophilia. What is it with these college professors and pedophiles anyway?

Want to know why the young skulls full of mush as the late Rush Limbaugh used to say are so unhinged? It’s because of unhinged professors such as Kershnar.

As posted by Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter, Kershnar can be seen on video basically downplaying an adult male having sex with a 12-year-old girl is “not wrong” and people who do so are making a “mistake.”

He redefines rape between an adult and a child as “adult-child sex,” which is not unlike the softer-sounding “minor attracted person.” This is all being done, of course, to define pedophilia not as a crime but either as some kind of psychological disorder, or more ominously something that is “normal.”

As if that’s not bad enough, Kershnar goes totally off the rails. Not sure of the person he is having the discussion with, but he’s an unhinged lunatic too, as he nods like a bobblehead at Kershnar’s insane claims.

“The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me,” he laughs. “I don’t think it’s blanket wrong at any age.”

He teaches college students.

He continues to argue that young children can consent to having sex with adults, and made the absurd analogy that it was no different than a child engaging in sports such as kickball, or participating in church or being instructed in bar mitzvah.

Clearly, Kershnar doesn’t believe there should be any legal ramifications of pedophilia, and says that in the case of such incidents, that “if you don’t whether something has expected good or expected bad consequences, the thumb on the scale should go to liberty.”

Kershnar continued that while he acknowledges pedophilia can be harmful to victims, he doesn’t get why that is. He spoke that it probably has something to do with people who go “berserk” when pedophiles rape kids.

He proposes that since adults make children to things such as “go to church” or “go to temple” or “go to their sister’s ballet recital,” it is the same thing as forcing children to engage in sex.


Oh, the unhinged lunatic nodding his head up and down is the podcast host, Thaddeus Russell who adds that, “all a child’s life is, is coercion by adults…often to make the child do something for the adult’s pleasure only.”


All of this is of course supported by left-wing outlets and others, with Russell bragging at one point about a piece he authored for The Daily Beast in which he argued to lower the age of consent.

SUNY Fredonia clearly knows what is going on with Kershnar—his bio calls pedophilia “adult-child sex.”

In response to the video, the university called Kershnar’s views “reprehensible and do not represent the values of SUNY Fredonia in any way, shape, or form,” and said that “the matter is being reviewed.”

“Reviewed?” This guy should have been out on his ass as soon as this video was released. However as noted below, nobody should have been surprised by this, as The Federalist notes. Kershnar published a book called “Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis” back in 2015. So clearly SUNY Fredonia is only responding now because they’ve been called out.

There seems to be something truly untoward going on at our colleges and universities, as if we didn’t already know. Aside from the Old Dominion reprobate, a Yale University professor, Joe Fischel argued that children should be shown nudity, such as acts of indecent exposure at LGBT parades. In his piece, Fischel used many of the same strategies child groomers used, as previously reported in The Federalist.

All of this goes back to the gay marriage debate. At that time, many conservatives warned that it was only the first step by the LGBT mafia to normalize all manner of sex. It was only a matter of time before the truly deviant came into the conversation, and we have seen that come to fruition over the past couple of years.

Now, we’ve seen a full-court press to attempt the “normalization” of pedophilia. That has found its way even into K-12 schools, with gay pornography being featured in school libraries with all other manner of indoctrination efforts for kids all the way down to pre-school, such as drag queen story hours which attempt to normalize cross-dressing and voyeurism.

The effort has expanded from public education into the mainstream, with even large companies getting into the act through their advertising efforts. We’ve seen the recent efforts by M&M Mars to mess around with cartoons of their characters in order to become more “woke” Another example was a Twix commercial which showed a child cross-dressing.

We won’t even get into the whole transgender indoctrination, which is a whole other story for another day.

The attempt to normalize pedophilia is sick, plain, and simple. Child victims of sexual assault carry that with them for the rest of their lives. Nobody can convince us there is no harm in a child being sexually molested by an adult, especially if that adult is a trusted person such as a parent or an uncle or aunt.

As the piece in The Federalist notes:

“Pedophilia is evil. That’s it. We shouldn’t accept the notion that pro-pedophilia sentiments are valid ideas to be contended with in the marketplace of ideas by the use of rhetorical flourish or superior philosophizing.”

We’ll leave you with this. During one portion of the video between Kershnar and Russell, they speak of some “cultures in Africa” where “fellating an infant boy” is used in some cases to “calm the child,” and seem to believe that is quite normal.

This man needs to be fired…yesterday.

UPDATE: WKBW in Buffalo, NY reports that Kershnar has been “assigned to duties that do not include his physical presence on campus and will not have contact with students” as the investigation into his comments takes place. 

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