In this line of work


In this line of work,

I’ve taken an oath.

I serve, I protect,
And work hard to do both.

Twelve hour shifts,
Four or five times a week,
With as many arrests
And no time to eat.

I respond to your calls,
And take your abuse,
For hours on end
I feel you tighten the noose.

I’ve seen crashes from booze,
And I’ve lost a few lives,
But I’m sorry if the breath test
Made you late for your wives.

That ticket I gave you
That you resented me for?
People doing the same
Have killed from no more.

You yell when I’m late
But complain that I speed,
You want drugs off the street
But wait! Don’t take my weed!

So you pay my wage?
How dare I buy lunch!
I forgot you don’t pay me
To sit down and munch.

You just can not see
That I started at six,
And it’s now 3 o’clock,
Had no time for weetbix!

Miss, miss, miss!
Can you lock up this man?
He punched me right here,
Can you charge him again?

But I won’t go to court,
I couldn’t do that!
Why are you letting him go?
You lazy young brat!

See you want me to help,
But you won’t help me,
You don’t understand,
You just can not see.

There’s rules in our job,
We need evidence to charge,
And you won’t help me out,
When he’s running at large.

Mr citizen, my friend,
I helped with your need,
I have a heart too,
Remember, I bleed.

So don’t treat me like that,
Don’t yell and don’t hit,
I’m just doing my job,
So don’t have a fit.

The next time you see me,
Take a look at my face,
I’m trying my best,
To make this world a better place.

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