U.S. Border Patrol Agent Leopoldo Cavazos Jr., 29, died in the line of duty Friday following an ATV accident.

Agent Cavazos was patrolling the border fence near Fort Hancock when the accident occurred. Fort Hancock is 40 miles east of El Paso.

Details of how the accident occurred have not been released as the accident is still under investigation.  Agent Cavazos died in the ambulance while being transported to a hospital in El Paso according to Doug Mosier, a Border Patrol Spokesman.

The Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol often uses All-Terrain Vehicles to patrol the rugged deserts of our country’s borders where other vehicle types have difficulty reaching.

Agent Cavazos was a six year veteran of the Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol.  He was originally from Houston Texas and was assigned to the Border Patrol Station in Fort Hancock since graduating from the Academy in 2006.

Cavazos is the first agent to die in the line of duty in the agency’s El Paso sector in more than five years.

Agent Cavazos is survived by his expectant wife and two daughters.

EOW: 07-06-2012