In Memoriam – Special Agent Stephen Shaw and Special Agent Christopher LorekThe United States Department of Justice, Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that Special Agents Christopher Lore and Stephen Shaw died during a Hostage Rescue Team training exercise on Friday.

No details of the incident have been released other than stating that the HRT training exercise occurred off the Virginia Beach coast in Virginia.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team is a part of the Critical Incident Response Group that is based in Quantico, Virginia.  The incident remains under investigation at this time.  The FBI website indicates that the unit was initiated in 1983, serving as a tactical team dedicated to counter terrorism.

FBI Director Robert Mueller issued the following statement:  “We mourn the loss of two brave and courageous men, who like all who serve on the Hostage Rescue Team – whether training or on an operational mission – accept the highest risk, each and every day, in their commitment to keep our nation safe,” FBI Director Robert Mueller wrote in a statement. “Our hearts are with their wives, children, and other loved ones who feel their loss most deeply. And they will always be part of the FBI Family.”

Special Agent Stephen Shaw, 40, was an 8-year veteran of the agency and is survived by his wife, a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son.  Special Agent Christopher Lorek, 41, was a 17-year veteran and is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Special Agent Stephen Shaw and Special Agent Christopher Lorek, gone but never forgotten.  EOW: Friday, May 17, 2013.

“Graphic created by Fellow Officer Rose Borisow GraFX”

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