Chief Brad Johnson of the Fairbanks Police Department in Alaska sadly reports the death of Sergeant Allen Brandt.

Sergeant Brandt, 34, had responded to a “shots fired” call during his shift. When he arrived in the areal, he observed suspect walking on the sidewalk. Sgt. Brandt slowed his patrol car to stop the suspect and confront him when the suspect abruptly ran in front of the patrol vehicle and opened fire with a handgun.

Sergeant Brandt attempted to use his patrol vehicle and use it for cover while the suspect was firing. Sgt. Brandt was struck multiple times in the legs and chest. A single round to the chest was stopped by Sergeant Brandt’s bullet resistant vest, however a piece of shrapnel from the bullet struck him in the left eye.

Being incapacitated, the suspect kicked Sergeant Brandt in the head and then stole his duty weapon and the patrol unit. Suspect fled the scene in the patrol vehicle, but was apprehended two days later.

Sergeant Brandt was transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for emergency surgery and then flown to Anchorage Medical Center for further treatment.

Sergeant Brandt was released from the hospital and made an appearance at the City Council meeting Monday night following the shooting. Sergeant Brandt returned to the hospital for surgery to remove shrapnel and save the sight in the eye was unsuccessful and Sergeant Brandt suffered severe complications of the night of the surgery and died the following day.

Sergeant Brandt served the Fairbanks Police Department for eleven years. He is survived by his wife, Natasha, and their four children.

Sergeant Allen Brandt-gone, but never forgotten. EOW: Friday, October 28, 2016.

Graphic done by Rose Borisow GraFX

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