Chief Steven Pitts, of the Reno, Nevada Police Department has announced the death of Senior Patrol Officer Scott C. Sorensen.  The cause of Officer Sorensen’s death was not disclosed in a press release.  However, it was widely known that he had cancer and had fought a long battle with the disease.  Officer Sorensen will be given a Line of Duty Death funeral service by the department.

Officer Sorensen, 49, attributed his illness to his service as a police officer and had filed a worker’s compensation claim to that effect.  Officer Sorensen passed away on Monday, but his death wasn’t announced until Wednesday.  A decision on the compensation claim had not been made before he died.

Officer Sorensen was hired by the Reno Police Department on September 26, 1988 at 24.  Sorensen worked a number of assignments throughout his career.  He started his career in the Patrol Division where he worked until 1993.

In 1993, Sorensen transferred into the newly-formed Horse Mounted Unit.  Officer Sorensen served in the mounted unit, along with his horse Utah until 1998 when he returned back to patrol.

Soon after, he began volunteering his time as a TFO or Tactical Flight Observer in the newly formed RAVEN Unit, or Regional Aviation Enforcement Unit.  Officer Sorensen was assigned to RAVEN for over 8 years.  While assigned to RAVEN, Officer Sorensen was deputized by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and was also the unit’s training officer.

In 1999, Officer Sorensen was awarded the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Medal of Meritorious Service for locating and saving the life of an individual stranded in a remote area north of Reno, NV.

Officer Sorensen returned to patrol in 2008 where he continued his career until 2012.  From then until 2013, Officer Sorensen was assigned to the Training Division where he assisted with the development of recruit officers.

In 2013, Officer Sorensen was posthumously awarded the Medal of Meritorious Service for his years of exemplary and dedicated service to the City of Reno.

Senior Patrol Officer Scott C. Sorenson – gone but never forgotten.  EOW: Monday, August 26, 2013.

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