The Department of the Interior, National Park Service is reporting that National Park Ranger Nick Hall, 33 years, and a 4 year veteran fell 3,700 feet to his death Thursday.

Ranger Hall was on Emmons glacier on the north east side of Mt. Rainier assisting four injured climbers.

A group of climbers, two men and two women were descending from the mountain peak when the two women fell into a crevasse.  The men were able to pull them back up out of the crevasse, but all four were injured in the incident.

Ranger Hall was assisting the climbers onto a rescue helicopter when a strong gust of wind struck Hall and he slid down the face of the glacier.

The helicopter was able to remove the three climbers that were already on board, but the fourth had to spend another night on the mountain with other Rangers and rescue personnel for favorable weather.

Ranger Hall failed to respond to radio communications after his fall and it took additional Park Rangers several hours to reach him.  By the time they had arrived to assist him he had died.  He was located at the 10,000 foot elevation on Mt. Rainier.

Ranger Nick Hall is the second National Park Service Ranger at Mt. Rainier National Park to die in the line of duty this year.

The first was Ranger Margaret Anderson who, on New Year’s Day, had stopped a vehicle that was wanted in a local Seattle shooting.  That suspect, Benjamin Barnes was found deceased the following day a mile from where Ranger Anderson was shot and killed.

He was single with no children as survivors.  National Park Ranger Nick Hall, gone but never forgotten.  EOW: Thursday, June 21, 2012

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