In Memoriam – Officer Kevin AmbrosePolice Commissioner William Fitchet of the Springfield Massachusetts Police Department regretfully reports that one of his officers was shot and killed yesterday shortly before 1:00 pm.

Commissioner Fitchet stated that Charlene Mitchell had called 911 at 12:47pm to report that she had seen her estranged boyfriend, New York City’s Rikers Island Corrections Officer Shawn Bryan, in the area.  She advised that she feared for her life.  Court records confirm that she had a restraining order issued just 30 minutes prior to her call.  She and Mitchell had been estranged for 11 months.  Bryan was the father of Mitchell’s one year old daughter.

Officer Kevin Ambrose responded to the call and arrived prior to back up officers.  Officer Ambrose encountered both Mitchell and Bryan in the hallway of the Lawton Arms Apartment Complex.   According to a court order, Bryan was permitted to remove his personal effects from the apartment. Officer Ambrose escorted Mitchell and Bryan.  When they got to the door of the apartment, the situation turned violent.

Bryan shoved Charlene Mitchell into the apartment and slammed the door in Ambrose’s face.  Ambrose immediately attempted to gain entry to the apartment.  Knowing where Ambrose was, Bryan shot Ambrose through the door, then opened the door and shot him again.  Bryan then turned the gun on Mitchell and shot her once in the chest.  He fled the scene and went to his vehicle in the parking lot.  Once there, Bryan turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the chest.

Officer Ambrose, Shawn Bryan, and Charlene Mitchell were all transported to Bay State Medical Center.  Ambrose and Bryan died prior to their arrival to the hospital. Charlene Mitchell is in critical condition and fighting for her life.

Kevin Ambrose served the City of Springfield Massachusetts for 38 years with the last 36 as a uniformed police officer. He is survived by his wife, two children, and one grandchild to mourn his loss.  Police Officer Kevin Ambrose, gone but never forgotten.  EOW: June 4, 2012

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