Commissioner Aleksandr Farsevich, Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-Kiev Municipal Police Department, in the Ukraine has reported the death of Officer Arina Koltsova.

Officer Koltsova, 35, suffered a fatal infection of tuberculosis while she was arresting an individual who had spat in her face on New Years Day.

Officer Koltsova and her partner Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich apprehended an individual who resisted arrest and spat in Officer Koltsova’s face during the arrest. At the time, it was not known that the suspect suffered from tuberculosis. Officer Koltsova contracted the disease from suspect and it aggressively attacked her body. Officer Koltsova did not seek any treatment at the time.

Officer Koltsova continued to perform her duties as a police officer even though she still felt ill since the New Year’s Day arrest. She was hospitalized after she collapsed while on duty and was ordered by her superiors to seek treatment. Officer Koltsova was provided advanced treatment of the tuberculosis by undergoing a series of chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to halt the aggressive progression of the disease. The treatments were not successful and she died as a result of the disease.

Officer Koltsova served the Kiev Police Department in the Ukraine for several years. She was not married.

Officer Arina Koltsova-gone, but never forgotten. EOW: Monday, July 25, 2016.

Pictured, Arina Koltsova. Images via social media.

Graphic done by Rose Borisow GraFX

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