Sheriff Craig Zanni of the Coos County Sheriff Department in Oregon, sadly reports the death of Deputy Sheriff Gil Datan.

Deputy Datan, 43, was working a 8:00am-4:00pm day shift. Near the end of his shift, he was conducting a patrol of the timberlands and rough terrain near Coos Bay. Deputy Datan failed to report in to the office at the end of his shift. A search for Deputy Datan and his vehicle commenced immediately which included the State Police and the U.S. Coast Guard.   The last radio contact with dispatchers indicated that he would be on ATV patrol in the timberlands near Coos Bay.

Deputy Datan was found just prior to 10:00 pm in the timberlands area. It appeared that the ATV that he was riding while on patrol flipped over throwning him to the ground. Deputy Datan and ATV both rolled down a steep embankment with the ATV landing on top of him and crushing him. Deputy Datan sustained fatal injuries and died at the scene.

Deputy Datan’s law enforcement career spanned 19 years. He served the Coos County Sheriff Department for 5 years and previously served the Myrtle Point, North Bend, Confederate Tribal and Reedsport Police Departments.

An investigation into the accident is being lead by the Oregon State Police.

Deputy Datan is survived by his girlfriend and a daughter. EOW: Monday, April 20, 2015.


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Graphic created by Fellow Officer Rose Borisow