Chief Bruce Troutman, 64 years old of the Manchester Ohio Police Department passed away from a massive heart attack this week.  He was off duty and just finished mowing his lawn about 8pm when he entered his house and collapsed.  Numerous studies have linked the stress placed upon LEO’s with heart disease.

Fire and Rescue personnel attempted resuscitation for over a half hour before transporting him to a Adams County Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.

He became the chief on October 4, 2010 following Chief, Randy Walters resignation for health reasons. Prior to his appointment as chief, he held the rank of Captain of the auxiliary officers for many years.

Chief Troutman’s law enforcement career spans over 24 years serving at Dayton, Franklin County, Warren County, Peeples and Manchester Ohio law enforcement organizations.

Chief Troutman is survived by his wife, Christine.  Chief Bruce Troutman, gone but never forgotten.

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