The Larchmont, NY Police Department is mourning the loss of one of its own and most of his family.

Police Captain Thomas Sullivan, Sr.; his wife, Donna; and their two daughters, Meaghan and Mairead, lost their lives in an early morning house fire this week.

According to reports, Captain Sullivan’s body was found on the back porch, where it appeared that he had jumped or fallen from the second story window. The bodies of Mrs. Sullivan, Megan, and Mairead were discovered inside; where it appeared that they had been trapped. The bodies had been burned beyond recognition.  Autopsy results confirmed their identities.

Captain Sullivan’s twenty-year old son, Thomas “Tommy’ Sullivan, Junior survived the blaze by escaping through the garage. He was treated for smoke inhalation and released.

According to the fire crews, the structure collapsed within ten minutes after they arrived on scene. The family is reported to have lived in the home for ten years. The home was a newer model that had been constructed of new materials, which are highly flammable.  The blaze was reported to be so intense that it melted the siding of the house next door and scorched the paint off several cars that were parked nearby.

Investigators reported that the home was wired with eight smoke detectors. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Captain Sullivan had been with the Larchmont Police Department since 1992. He had previously served with NYPD. He was highly respected by law enforcement and civilian communities.

Captain Sullivan was actively involved within his community. He is credited with organizing community events, including the annual Memorial Day Parade and a 5K run. Larchmont Mayor Anne McAndrews described him as Captain Sullivan as “the face of the department for the whole community.”  She stated that he always had a smile on his face and that “he brought his own sunshine”.

Lieutenant Anthony Rigano of the Larchmont Police Department described Captain Sullivan as “a great individual, devoted to his job, his community, and his family.”

“Words escape me,” said Larchmont Police Chief John Poleway. “I knew Captain Sullivan professionally for 18 years. He was a family man of honesty and integrity, very dedicated to both his job and his family. “He is certainly going to be missed.”

Captain Thomas Sullivan, Jr. – gone but never forgotten.

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