Schools starting to ban terms like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ when describing students’ behavior


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LEICESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND- According to reports, the headteacher of a school in England wanted to remove “emotional words” from classroom management, so the terms “good” and “bad” are no longer allowed to be used when describing student behavior.

Teachers at Loughborough Amherst School will now describe good and bad behavior as either “skillful or unskillful.” Headmaster Dr. Julian Murphy stated that the policy, loaned from Buddhism, was “designed to take the emotional heat out of language.”

Dr. Murphy said that while he did not want teachers to be “soft,” he didn’t want them to be “shouty” either, or to make “pupils feel guilty.” He added:

“I think it’s human psychology, even when you’re an adult – if people make you feel guilty, then you get angry and then actually that’s when you’re likely to play the blame game and not to work that well. That’s when things get into a big of a vicious cycle.”

Dr. Murphy continued:

“You’re not really angry with them, your action is actually much more one of concern because they’re behaving in an extremely unskillful way, which is going to negatively affect the [sic] chances and possibly those of people around them.”

The headteacher maintained, however, that he still ran “quite a strict school,” claiming that there was a “cumulative behavior policy” that could result in expulsion for handing in homework late too many times or frequent littering. 

Dr. Murphy’s methods made headlines in 2018 when he banned traditional school reports, instead replacing them with a biannual report modeled on employee reviews in the workplace.

Murphy, who runs the £12,000-a-year private school, stated that at the time the decision was prompted by pushy parents who would complain that teachers’ remarks criticizing their children’s efforts or behavior were upsetting. 

As a result, most reachers self-censored in reports, instead filling them with “waffle” and other euphemisms to describe a child, such as “chatty” or “high-spirited,” when they mean disruptive, in order to avoid the wrath of parents. Dr. Murphy added:

“It is a cultural change, now parents are more likely to say to teachers: ‘You have upset my child, you have damaged their confidence, the problem isn’t my child, it’s you.'”

Reportedly, parents had recently lashed out over claims that a new teacher dubbed the “UK strictest teacher” had allegedly scolded children for not speaking loudly and clearly and for demanding they pay attention to him when he leads a class. 

In September, Mr. Barry Smith had been brought in as a consultant on improving The Abbey School in Faversham, Kent and had been “previously praised by Government ministers for his impact on school improvement.” 

While working in other schools, Smith had introduced strict uniform policies, including banning certain haircuts and rules on the lengths of girls’ skirts as well as confiscating mobile phones. 

Mr. Smith made a similar appearance at the De Lisle College in Leicestershire earlier in October, with parents complaining about the “new discipline regime,” including claims children were being “forced to smile constantly” at teachers and staff.

While teachers and parents have been in conflict in certain schools over maintaining order, one principal at a London school appeared to lose control entirely to its students, who demanded social justice action at their school. 

Sparked by Black Lives Matter activism, hundreds of students at Pimlico Academy in London had protested over what they called “discriminatory” uniform policies, including banning hairstyles that blocked the view of others, such as afros, and colorful Islamic headscarves.

They also protested over the flying of the British flag, which in September 2020 students had taken down from the pole and burned. 

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Students slam school for inviting “controversial” journalist to speak – because he didn’t attack cops

October 2nd, 2021

CHICAGO, IL- According to reports, a pair of DePaul University students took to their student paper, The DePaulia, to complain about the invitation of a “controversial” journalist to campus.

The article, which is an opinion piece, was written by Sonal Soni and Nadia Hernandez who allege that former Chicago Tribune’s journalist Eric Zorn’s invitation to the university’s upcoming “Tough Times for Local Journalism” panel was “insensitive” and “inappropriate.” 

What makes Zorn so contentious? Well, according to Soni and Hernandez, his “expressed racist views about Latinx youth and great insensitivity towards police brutality” are among top of their list. They wrote:

“It is inappropriate for Zorn to speak to at DePaul, which prides itself on diversity and social justice. Given the magnitude of protests against police brutality in recent years, this decision is incredibly out of touch.”

Soni and Hernandez added:

“It is insensitive and intimidating to expect students of color to confront Zorn at the in-person event. This decision puts BIPOC students in an uncomfortable position as they may be apprehensive to approach the predominately white panelists with their concerns.”

It seems Soni and Hernandez have the same issues with Zorn as Northwestern University Professor Steven Thrasher who earlier in the year slammed Zorn over his comments regarding the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. 

Zorn had dared to write that it “was still too soon to draw conclusions” about the officer involved shooting before body camera footage became available. In their op-ed, Soni and Hernandez stated:

“We understand people can have their own opinions; however, inviting someone to DePaul who has made publicly racist sentiments places students of color at risk.

Chicago is the third largest city in the nation with a large journalism industry. DePaul could have selected any other journalist who has not offended an entire community.”

The two DePaul students went on to further allege Zorn is racist by discussing his comments on Kyle Rittenhouse and George Zimmerman, two men who killed people in what they claimed was self-defense. Zorn brazenly wrote:

“Zimmerman was acquitted at trial in 2013 for the shooting of Trayvon Martin and I believe, rightly so.”

He also wrote:

“Whether you think Rittenhouse is a hero for helping guard against a repeat of the vandalism the night before or if you think he’s a reckless wannabe cop who had no business in Kenosha, you’ve got to concede that, at that moment, he was probably terrified.”

In their op-ed, Soni and Hernandez continued by saying:

“Toledo was murdered in March 2021. Inviting Zorn to guest speak at DePaul a mere six months after the fact is insensitive because students of color, specifically Latinx students, may still be mourning his death. Selecting Zorn to speak at DePaul shows students of color that the school has no regard for their physical or mental wellbeing.”

The duo added:

“DePaul does not have a policy on hate speech and they are allowed to invite whoever they want to speak on campus. We believe that hate speech should not be allowed on campus because it can put students at risk of vulnerable situations.”

Their op-ed concluded:

“Inviting Zorn to speak violates what St. Vincent DePaul stood for and what his legacy continues to represent. If the university and its journalism department genuinely cared for its students, especially its marginalized students, they would make the Vincentian decision to drop Zorn from next week’s panel and hire more faculty of color.”
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Caught on camera: Man attacks local photo journalist because he’s wearing a MAGA hat

July 10th, 2021

TAMPA, FL – A man was caught on video screaming obscenities and then attacking a local journalist outside of Amalie Arena following Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.

According to the victim, the assailant targeted him for his MAGA hat and yelled anti-white slurs prior to the altercation caught on video.

On the evening of July 7th, Your Content journalist Jonathan Riches was outside of Amalie Arena in Tampa shortly after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

Riches was simply gathering footage at the time, where there was a crowd of people chanting “fuck Joe Biden” nearby. Suddenly, as seen on the video, a shirtless man begins to harass Riches and then assaults him without provocation.

Riches told us at Law Enforcement Today the following about the incident:

“I was standing there next to the Big Trump Flag filming the crowd and minding my own business when he just comes up to me out of nowhere with a girl and starts shouting, giving me the finger, calling me a white ass Cracker. I just kept ignoring him, then he comes up and just smacks my arm and my phone flies out of my hand.”

Following the attack, Riches flagged down an officer nearby and pointed out the assailant who attacked him. However, once the officer tried pursuing the subject on foot, the assailant fled the area.

Riches has since followed up with Tampa Police regarding the attack, which sources proclaim that the suspect allegedly behind the attack is 18-year-old Kobi Morter.  

The suspect was last seen running from the scene with this unidentified female who was also present during the assault.

Female subject seen running away from the scene with the male assailant - courtesy of Jonathan Riches
Female subject seen running away from the scene with the male assailant – courtesy of Jonathan Riches

Anyone with information on the incident or suspect’s whereabouts can contact Tampa Police District One Department at 813-354-6600.

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We at Law Enforcement Today have reported on several incidents regarding people being targeted by individuals and attacked for adorning the likes of MAGA hats or anything showing support for the former president. 

Back in September of 2020, we shared a disturbing report of a 77-year-old man being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat and a Thin Blue Line face covering. 

Here’s that previous report. 


RED BLUFF, CA- A 77 year old man was attacked in broad daylight while outside of a post office in California. The military veteran says that he was assaulted for wearing a “Back the Blue” mask and a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The attack occurred on September 18 outside a post office in Tehama County, roughly 130 miles outside of Sacramento. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to KRCR-TV in an interview where he recalled the details of the attack.

He explained that a man and woman approached him outside of the post office and expressed disdain for his pro-police and MAGA attire:

“She looked at me and she goes, ‘We just don’t like people like you.’ Just kind of got shocked a little bit and said, ‘Well, that breaks my heart,’ and no more sooner out of my mouth, I get hit on the left side of my head.”

The veteran then said that after being punched he was put in a headlock by his attackers and ruthlessly beaten:

“Then somehow he got me in a headlock and started pounding me on top of my head … I got blood all over the place and I’m trying to figure, you know, where’s my hat, where’s my package?”

Following the blitz attack the veteran was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. He sent a picture of the top of his head to KRCR-TV whitch shows deep bruises along with cuts and scratches from the attack.

He says that, although it’s been days since the attack, he is still experiencing headaches. 

Red Bluff police later arrested 26 year old Daniel Gomez-Martinez in connection with the attack. Gomez-Martinez is being charged with battery and elderly abuse according to the Sacramento Bee. The woman who was involved in the assault has not yet been identified.

Military veteran, 77, brutally beat wearing Thin Blue Line mask and pro-Trump hat

Although he was blindsided by the attack 77 year old still feels remorse for letting it happen in the first place:

“I just feel kind of bad, seven years in the military, Vietnam veteran and 30 plus years in law enforcement and you’re always taught situational awareness. And this guy came out of … I never saw it coming.”

He wrapped up the interview by expressing his disbelief over what happened:

“I was so shocked for the hate that people have, you know. I don’t hate them. I never met them. I just can’t believe they would do something like that.”

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Also in September in California, an 84-year-old woman was attacked while attending a Trump rally by a man armed with a knife. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ALISO VIEJO, CA – It shows just how deranged and evil people can be.

An 84-year-old woman was in attendance at a Pro-Trump rally in Los Angeles California in September.  While anyone at any political rally should be safe, especially an elderly woman, that was not the case when a man started attacking supporters of the President.

Donna Snow, the 84-year-old woman was at the rally when she saw 33-year-old Alvin Gary Shaw come up to her.  Snow said:

“He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face…Broke my earrings off.”

Shaw began attacking several people, including Snow, at the event rally, seemingly because he was mad that people supported President Donald Trump.  Shaw, who was allegedly armed with a knife, decided to fight anyone who supported the President.

Shaw apparently attacked one man and knocked another to the ground as he was trying to help other victims.  He also allegedly attacked another man who received injuries to his neck and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

A retired police officer who was either nearby or in attendance at the rally involved himself to stop the fighting.  The officer pulled his firearm and ordered the man to stop as he tried to flee the scene while police were responding.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded and located Shaw.  They reported taking him into custody for elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault and battery after the attack. 

Sheriff’s deputies were able to locate that Shaw allegedly had in his possession at the time of the attack.

Orange County Sheriff’s Sergeant Dennis Breckner said:

“This could have been a very serious incident.  In this case, this was just two groups tat disagree, and while we support people and their using their First Amendment rights to put out their message, we prefer that [they] remain peaceful.”

Incidents of violence is starting to become common place for those that attend Pro-Trump events.  There are plenty of examples of people with opposing political views attacking the President’s supporters.

In August, a man from North Carolina was arrested for allegedly firing a gun towards people who supported the President who were on a highway overpass. The man, Marquise Damarius Asomani allegedly shot at the group who were waving flags and honking their support of the President. 

People who witnessed the incident claim that Asomani, who was with two other people, initially drove by the Trump enthusiasts before he started firing into the crowd.  One person, Angie Freeman, who was at the event said:

“Everybody was cutting up and having fun and laughing and everybody on 77 was blowing the horns and waving.  We had all the windows down because we had all the flags out the windows, and it was [gun shots] very loud and it was four or five shots.”

Another person in the crowd, Shawna Winter, said:

“You could tell that they slowed down and I just heard, like, ‘Da da da,’ you know just three rapid, what definitely sounded like gunfire.  I think it’s a shame that we can’t show our support for our President.”

Fort Mill Police Department responded to the incident and placed Asomani under arrest for assault and battery of a high aggravated nature, unlawful carrying of a pistol, and pointing and presenting firearms at a person.  His bond was set at the time for $75,000.

In another incident, a mother and her son were in Delaware after the Democratic National Convention.  Her young child was wearing a Make America Great Again Hat as they are supporters of President Trump.

The mother alleged, and had on video, two women who attacked the boy and stole his hat because they did not like the President.  Members of the media and others downplayed the incident, saying that it was a set up and scam, only later to learn that the incident really did happen.

Police in Delaware were able to locate the two women involved in the incident and take them into custody.  Both women, Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow, were charged with robbery, conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child.


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