VALLEJO, Calif. – A convicted felon with robbery and drug-related offenses was apprehended Sunday night after he tried to shoot two officers at a Vallejo Starbucks while having a coffee break, police said.

The suspect, identified as Adam Powell, 41-years-old African-American, appeared in the doorway of the shop and “attempted to assassinate” the officers, Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou said during a press conference Monday. He was armed with a rifle and a handgun and wore body armor.

Police said Powell had a high-capacity magazine that could hold 70 rounds. He aimed the rifle at the two officers, but it appeared to malfunction so he fled as the officers drew their weapons. During the foot pursuit, the officers fired, and struck the suspect three times.

The weapons carried by the suspect were not visible in the surveillance video but he can be seen approaching the shop and then later running outside as the officer’s gave chase.

“Actions certainly indicate that the officers were particularly targeted. He drove by the location in a vehicle several minutes before he presented himself at the front doors and leveled his weapon at the officers,” Vallejo Police Lt. Jeff Bassett said.

Powell was said to be in a critical condition at the hospital. He is expected to be arraigned later this week.

In an unrelated case, his two-year-old son, who was shot earlier Sunday in Suisun City, is also in critical condition. Police say the shooting appeared accidental, but the father and firearm were not present when they arrived on scene.

Both officers, who were not identified, were not harmed in the incident. One was said to be white and the other is a mixed race. One is corporal with nine years of service and the other has 13 years of service.

Police Chief Bidou said the incident “underscores the extreme danger that police officers face on a daily basis.”