In between naps, Biden has issued 52 executive orders and actions destroying law and order in two weeks (op-ed)


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC- And Democrats and liberals called President Trump a dictator. He’s got nothing on Joe Biden, who is fixing to be the single most radical president in American history.

Can you imagine if Trump had issued 52 executive orders or actions in his first three weeks? The Democrats would have had articles of impeachment drawn up.

Yet here’s Biden, in some cases unaware of what he’s even signing ruling the country by executive fiat. It’s a pretty sure thing the Founding Fathers didn’t have this in mind when they started this whole United States thing.

If we take our way-back time machine to January 20, Biden’s “Inaugural Address” spoke of “unity.” He promised the masses when he actually left his basement during the campaign that he would govern by “consensus.” Does anyone believe this shell of a leader actually amassed 80 million votes?

Yet here we are, with Biden and his handlers (whoever they may be) engaging in a fundamental transformation of our country that one Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. That is of course, unless it is he who is pulling the strings. After all, the Biden administration has many of the same reject retreads from the Obama administration. Look no further than his inept, clueless press secretary for confirmation.

So, let’s see exactly what “fundamental changes” Biden has undertaken, with full credit to Breitbart News.

  Jan 20

  1. Memorandum: Regulatory review—Executive action froze a number of President Trump’s regulatory changes, including one which would have lowered the cost of insulin and epinephrine (payoff to Big Pharma).
  2. Announcement: COVID-19 proposal—Biden introduced his debt-busting $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan, although over $1 trillion from previous packages under President Trump have not been spent yet.
  3. Executive Action: Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement—Biden announced a return to this agreement, even though it is more punitive to the U.S. than countries such as China and India which are bigger culprits, and despite the U.S. lowering emissions despite our withdrawal under Trump.
  4. Executive Order: “Equity” as Policy Goal—As opposed to “equality of opportunity,” Biden is mandating “Equity of outcomes”; this order also abolished President Trump’s order which established the 1776 commission, which recognized our true founding, unlike the liberal-embraced “1619 Project” which says America began when slaves arrived on the continent and our country was founded on racist principles.
  5. Executive Order: Ending Trump Travel Bans—The Biden administration called the Trump travel bans on terror-prone counties as “discriminatory,” wrongly referring to it as a “Muslim ban”
  6. Executive Order: Federal Mask Mandate—Biden requires everyone wear masks “in Federal buildings and on Federal lands”—except for the Biden family when they visited the Lincoln Memorial for inaugural events.
  7. Executive Order: Organizing New COVID Response—Biden reorganized the White House’s coronavirus response within the White House, of course creating another bureaucratic position of “Coordinator of the COVID-19 Response and Counselor to the President.”
  8. Executive Action- Rejoining the World Health Organization—Biden told the United Nations that the US would be rejoining the WHO, which is in the pocket of China and has been an apologist for the Communist Chinese Party over the Wuhan China virus.
  9. Executive Order: Revoking Trump Immigration Policies—Biden revoked President Trump’s interior immigration enforcement policy, including an executive order where the former president had taken on sanctuary cities and states.
  10. Executive Order: Revoking Trump-Era Regulatory Reforms—Biden revoked several of President Trump’s executive orders designed to reduce regulation and streamline government operations. Gotta get that “swamp” apparatus back up and running.
  11. Executive Order: Including Illegal Aliens in Census—Biden directed the Census to count the population of each state “without regard to whether its residents are in lawful immigration status,” clearly designed to help stats that were at risk of losing Congressional seats.
  12. Executive Order: Revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline—Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline; issued moratorium on oil and gas leasing in ANWR and other federal lands as part of a regulatory review; this order put at least 10,000 people out of work, not including related businesses
  13. Executive Order: Imposing Transgender Agenda on Women’s Sports—destroyed women’s sports by mandating those “identifying as female” could compete against girls and women in sports, saying, “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports.” So much for Title IX.
  14. Executive Action: Memorandum Promoting More Regulations: Biden called for regulatory review to “ensure that regulatory review serves as a tool to affirmatively promote regulations” rather than discourage them.
  15. Executive Order: Ethics Pledge Restricting Lobbying—this one’s funny, since Biden’s administration has a boatload of former lobbyists on the inside; this order restricts administration staff from lobbying for a period of time after they leave.
  16. Executive Order: Ending Border Wall Construction—another job-killing order with Biden saying, “It shall be the policy of my administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall.” Every foreign country in the world fine, but no a dime to protect the American people.
  17. Executive Action: Pausing Student Loan Payments—Biden continued the pause on student loan repayments enacted by President Trump near the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year, as shutdowns mandated by the nation’s (primarily) Democratic governors kept people out of work.
  18. Executive Action: Memorandum Deferring Deportation for Liberians—Biden allowed Liberians who fled civil war in their country to stay in the US, even thought that conflict ended long ago; that status had previously been extended by President Trump.
  19. Executive Action: Memorandum Preserving DACA—Biden reversed President Trump’s policy which had said the Obama era policy usurped Congress’ legislative authority; plus hey, more voters for Biden and the Democrats!

That was just in the first day. Let us continue.

Jan. 21

  1. Executive Order: Mask wearing on Domestic Transportation—in a redundant order, Biden expanded the mandate to wear masks to all forms of domestic transportation that cross state lines, including commercial air travel (which had already made this mandatory for going on almost a year).
  2. Executive Order: Plan for More Coronavirus Therapies: Nothing new here, just a continuation of Trump-era policies, but Biden wanted to feel important, so he ordered the federal government to do what it was already doing anyway.
  3. Executive Order: “Data-driven Response to COVID—Biden directed federal agencies to gather data on coronavirus, which they were doing already but now they are led by the new bureaucrat White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator.
  4. Executive Action: Memorandum on Federal Funding to National Guard for COVID—Biden directed FEMA to reimburse 100% of the cost to states using the National Guard for COVID response.
  5. Executive Order: Supplies for Fighting COVID Through Defense Production Act—Biden ordered the federal government to review existing medical stockpiles and fill in any gaps by using the DPI.
  6. Executive Order: Requiring “Equity” in Coronavirus Relief and Response—another issue to drive a racial divide in the country, creating the “COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force” to make sure coronavirus response is done in a politically correct manner.
  7. Executive Order: Creating Conditions for Schools to Reopen—despite the fact that his own CDC said that schools should reopen, Biden, who is owned by teacher’s unions, said that his policy was “to help create the conditions for safe, in-person learning as quickly as possible,” while suicide intervention services across the country have seen an epidemic level of school-age children calling for help, as well as a spike in the number of school-age suicides. But hey, Biden has to protect those donations from the NEA and AFT.
  8. Executive Order: Promoting COVID Safety in the Workplace—Biden directed the Secretary of Labor to use OSHA enforcement to promote COVID safety in the workplace.
  9. Executive Action: Memorandum to Strengthen Global Response to Pandemic: Biden said the US would work with international partners and institutions on COVID, revoking sanctions against rogue regimes if necessary (hmm, using COVID to remove sanctions against Iran maybe?)
  10. Executive Order: Creating COVID-19 “Testing Board”—Biden, looking to boost coronavirus testing and tracing, created another bureaucracy, the COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board to address so-called bottlenecks in the system.

Jan. 22

  1. Executive Order: Promoting Federal Government Help for the Economy: Biden directed federal agencies to try to help the economy recover from coronavirus, including making relief programs more user-friendly. (We’ve got an idea on how to do this…OPEN THE DAMN COUNTRY BACK UP!)
  2. Executive Order: Revoking Trump Order to Streamline Federal Workforce—Biden revoked several Trump-era executive orders on the federal workforce and supports a $15/hr. minimum wage for federal employees.

Only two orders on the 22nd? Old Joe must be slowing down…maybe time for a nap. All that signing must have worn him down…writer’s cramp maybe? Forced him to take TWO days off.

Jan 25

  1. Executive Order: Revoking Transgender Military Ban—“[T]here is substantial evidence that allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military does not have any meaningful negative impact on the Armed Forces,” Biden said. Very high priority, this one.
  2. Executive Order: Buy American (without Trump protections for American workers)—Biden ordered federal agencies to prioritize American companies in procurement, however excluded President Trump’s emphasis on immigration enforcement.
  3. Executive Action: Travel Ban on South Africa—travel bans are only xenophobic when President Trump is doing it; Biden imposed the ban on South Africa after a new variant of the coronavirus was discovered.

Jan 26

  1. Executive Action: Memorandum Banning the Use of “China Virus”—Biden said the use of the term “China virus” was symptomatic of anti-Asian discrimination so he banned the use of the term “China virus” because using references to the origin of the “China virus” is apparently not friendly to the Chinese, where the “China virus” came from. So apparently we need to stop using the term “China virus.”
  2. Executive Action: Memorandum Promoting Consultation with Tribes—Biden expressed “respect for Tribal sovereignty and self-governance” and “commitment to fulfilling Federal trust and treaty responsibilities to Tribal Nations.” Or something.
  3. Executive Order: Elimination of Private Prisons—in order to eliminate what liberals call “systemic racism,” Biden said he would eliminate private prisons, while not identifying why private prisons are connected to racial discrimination.
  4. Executive Action: Systemic Racism in Past Federal Housing—Biden declared that past federal housing policy has been racist and restored an Obama-era rule considering “disparate impact” to end racial discrimination. This action will serve to remove zoning authority from local and state officials and use the federal government’s reach to browbeat suburban and rural areas into accommodating low-income housing.

Jan. 27

  1. Executive Order: Making Climate Change the Focus of National Security: This one’s the money shot folks. By using national security, liberals will be implementing the Green New Deal whether we like it or not. “It is the policy of my Administration that climate considerations shall be an essential element of United States foreign policy and national security.”
  2. Executive Order: Creating President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)—“[I]t is the policy of my Administration to make evidence-based decisions guided by the best available science and data,” Biden said. Except when it comes to reopening schools, apparently. Then its decisions based on what the teachers’ unions say.
  3. Executive Action: Memorandum Requiring “Evidence-based Decisions” in Government Policy—Biden said, “Scientific findings should never be distorted or influenced by political decisions.” Except when it comes to government-mandated shutdowns.

Jan. 28

  1. Executive Order: Expanding Obamacare During Coronavirus—Biden created a special enrollment period for Obamacare to help those who may have lost their health insurance due to losing jobs during the pandemic mostly due to draconian lockdowns based on politics instead of science.
  2. Executive Action: Restoring U.S. Funding to Overseas Groups Providing Abortion—because US taxpayers should advocate for and pay for abortions for foreigners.

Feb. 1

  1. Executive Action: Proclamation Maintaining Tariffs on Aluminum from UAE—after the UAE signed a historic peace deal with Israel, brokered by the Trump administration, Biden reversed the incentive UAE received by restoring tariffs on aluminum on that Middle Eastern nation.

Feb 2.

  1. Executive Action: Memorandum Directing FEMA to Help with COVID—Biden reaffirmed ongoing efforts and directed the Department of Homeland Security to use FEMA to assist state and local governments with coronavirus.
  2. Executive Order: Reversing Public Charge Rule on Immigration—Biden started to reverse President Trump’s enforcement of a long-standing (but little used) policy against immigrants that would become a burden on the state.
  3. Executive Order: Addressing “Root Causes” of Migration from Central America—Biden said he would work with “El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (the ‘Northern Triangle’) to address the root causes of migration.” Perhaps the lure of a bunch of freebies from Democrats in the US?
  4. Executive Order: Task force to Reunite Families—Biden crated an “Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families” which helps reunite children apprehended at the border with their families (that is if they weren’t brought here by “mules” or if they in fact have families).

Feb. 4

  1. Executive Order: Expanding Refugee Program for Impact of Climate Change: Biden expanded US refugee programs, including a so-called “resettlement of individuals displace directly or indirectly from climate change.”
  2. Executive Action: Memorandum on ‘Revitalizing’ Foreign Service—Biden threw a bone to the “Deep State,” crediting so-called “remarkable professionals and patriots…whose expertise has too often been sidelined.” There’s something in there about “integrity” so they can’t be including John Kerry in this memo.
  3. Executive Action: Memorandum Restructuring the National Security Council—Biden issued guidelines for restructuring the National Security Council, which had been slimmed down and streamlined under President Trump.
  4. Executive Action: Memorandum Promoting “LGBTQI” Rights Worldwide—first of all, when did they add the “I” and what does it mean? Anyhow, Biden ordered a global effort to decriminalize homosexuality, which was already an existing policy under President Trump. Oh, and we found out what the “I” means…intersex. Why don’t they just include the whole alphabet? Might make it easier. After all with what, 50 some-odd genders there must be one for each letter of the alphabet, right? 

Let’s admit something. There is no way in hell that Joe Biden had anything to do with any of these orders, except putting his name at the bottom. All of the above…52 orders or actions… in around two weeks.

It’s going to be a long four (?) years.

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