In 2018, Trump implemented a program to combat Chinese spying. Biden’s DOJ just cancelled it.


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

WASHINGTON, DC- You honestly cannot make this stuff up. Law Enforcement Today has reported a number of times on Chinese nationals conducting spying operations against the United States, typically as part of colleges and universities.

Now, in what can only be described as a bizarre and tone deaf move, the Biden Justice Department has halted the Trump-era “China Initiative.” Seriously, if Donald Trump had found the cure for cancer, Biden would find a way to reverse it, such is his blind spot where it comes to the 45th president.

Fox News reported that the DoJ announced on Wednesday they are putting a halt to the “China Initiative” which was designed to prevent spying by the Chinese Communist Party and instead said they were launching what they called a new “broader approach.”

Trump launched the program in 2018 in order to protect U.S. security interests against Chinese spying, which was taking place primarily on U.S. intellectual property and in academia.

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According to the DoJ website, the program was designed for “identifying and prosecuting those engaged in trade secret theft, hacking, and economic espionage,” as well as “protecting our critical infrastructure against external threats through foreign direct investment and supply chain compromises.”

News of the DoJ’s short-sighted move was met with disgust from some experts on China, who claimed the move meant it was now “open season on Americans.”

“China is stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. intellectual property each year,” said columnist and author Gordon Chang to Fox News Digital in response to the announcement.

“John Ratcliffe, when he was director of national intelligence, estimated it was about $500 billion annually. So China should be the focus of U.S. efforts and now to drop the China Initiative sends a message to Beijing and everyone else that it’s open season on Americans.”

“It seems it’s become politically incorrect to go after China’s spies, so this is inexplicable in my view,” Chang added.

Biden’s feckless incompetent boob of an attorney general, Merrick Garland as well as the equally incompetent Biden administration have been under pressure from activists and faculty at some universities over the program. They claim it’s “hurting” U.S. competitiveness in research and disproportionately targeting people based on race.

“To be clear, China poses a legitimate threat of espionage that the Justice Department and FBI must take seriously,” two authors from the far-left, Soros-funded Brennan Center, Michael German and Alex Liang said.

“But too often, the Justice Department has brought cases under the China Initiative that have not targeted espionage or intellectual property theft by Chinese spies, but minor administrative violations by scientists of Chinese ancestry who are not suspected of affiliation with the Chinese government.”

In response, Chang was apoplectic.

“That’s crap,” Chang told Fox News Digital.

“Look, the reason they went after academics on technical charges was because making an espionage or treason case was too hard. So what they did was they felt the best use of prosecutorial resources was to go for the easy convictions. That’s not to say that these individuals were not guilty of serious crimes.”

Chang continued, explaining that China operates under a system where no citizen may refuse the government’s demand to spy on their behalf, meaning that all Chinese nationals are legitimate targets for inquiry.

“It’s not about race,” Chang said. “It’s about China forcing them to commit acts of espionage. The other thing is we know China targets American nationals of Chinese descent, and so again every ethnic Chinese is a legitimate target of counterespionage efforts because China has made them so. So, let’s drop this political wokeism. Let’s start defending our country because we’re going to lose it if we don’t.”

Meanwhile, writer and policy expert Ying Ma told Fox that even an appearance of race-based targeting is “unhelpful and undesirable,” while warning the threats from China are real.

“The government that most aggressively targets Americans of Chinese descent is China’s,” Ma said. “Unfortunately, some individuals are in fact susceptible—whether due to greed or a misplaced sense of Chinese nationalism, or both. Look at Eileen Gu betraying the United States at the Winter Olympics.”

She continued, “The threats from China are real. Let’s hope the Justice Department will find a more effective way than the China initiative against espionage and the theft of American scientific research.”

One author referred to the decision as a potential disaster for the U.S.

“This is clearly pouring cold water on individual FBI agents in the field,” said Michael Pillsbury, author of “The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower.

“If this is interpreted to mean give Chinese technology cases a lower priority, it’s going to be a disaster.”

Fox reached out to the FBI for comment, however they didn’t immediately respond.

Congress is in the midst of passing legislation to oppose China, however House and Senate Democrats cannot agree on what should be included. Political leaders hope to reach a compromise and get something to Biden’s desk in the coming months.

For one of those prior reports on Chinese college professors spying for the CCP, we invite you to:


BOSTON, MA- According to several reports, on Tuesday, December 21st, a prominent Harvard professor was found guilty of lying about his ties to China.

Charles Lieber, 62, the former chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology, has been found guilty on six counts of lying related to his work at the Wuhan University of Technology.

The university professor pleaded no guilty to two counts of filing false tax returns, two counts of making false statements, and two counts of failing to file reports for a foreign bank account in China.

Lieber was first arrested by federal authorities in January 2020 and was initially charged with making false statements regarding his participation in the Thousand Talents Plan, a Chinese recruitment program that aims to foster foreign academic talent.

Lieber denied his involvement during inquiries from U.S. authorities, including the National Institute of Health, which according to prosecutors, had provided him with millions of dollars in research funding.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) alleged that Lieber was paid by the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) “$50,000 USD per month, living expenses of up to 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan (approximately $158,000 USD at the time) and awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT.”

In exchange, prosecutors stated that Lieber agreed to publish articles, organize international conferences, and apply for patents on behalf of the Chinese university.

According to the DOJ, under federal law, Lieber was obligated to disclose the financial relationship.

DOJ alleged that Lieber concealed the payments from WUT on his tax returns and lied to federal investigators about the extent of the relationship.

In 2018, Trump implemented a program to combat Chinese spying. Biden's DOJ just cancelled it.

Lieber’s research group at Harvard had received over $15 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, which requires disclosing foreign financial conflicts of interest.

The jury deliberated for just about three hours before announcing its guilty verdict following five days of testimony in Boston federal court.

Following his initial arrest, Lieber sued Harvard University, alleging that the institution was obligated to cover his legal fees. Lieber’s defense attorney Marc Mukasey argued that prosecutors lacked proof of the charges and that investigators did not keep any record of their interviews with Lieber prior to his arrest.

Lieber has reportedly been on paid administrative leave from Harvard since being arrested in January 2020. Acting U.S. Attorney Nathaniel Mendell said in a statement on Tuesday, December 21st:

“There is now no question that Charles Lieber lied to federal investigators and to Harvard in an attempt to hide his participation in the Chinese Thousand Talents Program.”

He added:

“He lied to the IRS about the money he was paid, and he concealed his Chinese bank account from the United States. The jury followed the evidence and the law to a just verdict.”

Patrick Hegarty, the special agent in charged of the Northeast field office Defense Criminal Investigative Service, said in a statement that Lieber “eroded the trust the DOD has in its researchers to prioritize the United States and its service members over foreign governments, and over personal financial gain.”

The professor’s arrest was part of the DOJ’s China Initiative, a counter-espionage program that begun during the Trump administration that focuses on “identifying and prosecuting those engaged in trade secret theft, hacking, and economic espionage.”

This case is among the highest profile to come from the DOJ’s China Initiative. Hundreds of faculty members at Stamford, Yale, Berkeley, Princeton, Temple, and other prominent colleges have reportedly signed onto letters to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to end the initiative.

The faculty say that the effort to compromises the nation’s competitiveness in research and technology and has had a “chilling” effect on recruiting foreign scholars. The letters also complain that the investigations have disproportionately targeted researchers of Chinese origin.

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Experts: China developing EMP weapons as part of first-strike “New Blitzkrieg” strategy to destroy America

December 4th, 2021

BEIJING- Law Enforcement Today warned as far back as June that the United States is vulnerable to an attack on our electric grid which would in effect end life as we know it. That is not an overstatement.

Now, Epoch Times is reporting that China is exploring a surprise EMP attack as a first-strike option under Beijing’s “New Blitzkrieg” strategy.

According to Sam Kessler, an adviser at North Star Support group, a multinational risk management firm:

“The risk of an EMP attack on U.S. infrastructure is very high, particularly in this international environment.”

Sleep well America…the Biden administration is laser-focused on trans-rights and proper pronouns.

Forbes reported last year the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security issued a report on Beijing’s ability to conduct an EMP attack on the United States.

Dr. Peter Pry, executive director of the task force said that China now possesses super-EMP weapons, knows how to protect itself from EMP attacks, and has gone as far as to develop first-strike protocols despite denials they would do so.

On top of that, China has the most active ballistic missile development program in the world, according to the Center for Strategic International Studies, which makes the development involving EMPs even more troublesome.

China has used stolen U.S. technology in order to manufacture three types of high-tech weapons in order to attack the U.S. electric grid and other key technologies in what would be a “Pearl Harbor” style attack which would be capable of blacking out the entire country, shutting down not only power plants but disabling transportation, utilities such as water and sewer treatment plants, communication, etc.

It’s basically a “nation killer.”

Pry noted that China has built a network combining satellites, high-speed missiles, and super-electromagnetic pulse weapons with would virtually melt down the electric grid, disable all communications and eliminate the ability of our aircraft carrier groups to respond to such an attack.

Forbes noted that despite many people believing such weapons are figments of overactive imaginations or concerns are overblown, the threat is in fact real.

EMPs actually come in several forms, including natural such as solar geomagnetic disturbances (think solar flares), or man-made such as a large nuclear detonation or a cyberattack. Make no mistake about it…any combination of the above spells major trouble.

The recent news comes about as there are growing concerns about China’s expanding military capabilities and its increased saber-rattling with Taiwan.

So what exactly would such an EMP look like? Basically an EMP is a burst of electromagnetic energy that disrupts communications and damages electronic equipment.

As noted above, while any nuclear weapon can in effect cause an EMP, specialized EMP weapons or “super EMP bombs” create enormously strong gamma radiation which multiplies the effect of the pulse, which expands the destruction over a greater range.

Epoch Times noted that an EMP attack centered, for example, over New York City would devastate the entire northeastern United States, according to Pry.

He cited a slide from 2018 whereby it showed that a high-altitude EMP blast would eliminate around 75 percent of the U.S. power generation capacity. That would cause a cascading effect over many months which would cause losses of heat, food, and water and result in a catastrophic loss of life.

“EMP weapons offer Russia, China, and the ICBM-armed rogue states a fast, cheap, and effective means to make most Americans feel immediately the horrors of war, making them attractive to enemies who seek to create pressure on the U.S. leadership to capitulate or negotiate,” said Rick Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center.

Pry compiled a report released last June cited by Forbes which said hypersonic missile systems could be used to deliver EMPs. It should be noted that China in August tested such a missile which caught the Pentagon off guard and raised a ton of red flags.

“Taiwan military intelligence in open sources credits China with having a Super-EMP nuclear weapon—based on design information stolen from U.S. nuclear weapon labs,” the report stated.

“China is on the verge of deploying or has already deployed hypersonic weapons that could potentially be armed with nuclear or non-nuclear EMP warheads, greatly increasing the threat of surprise attack against U.S. forces in the Pacific and against the United States.”

As the Forbes report noted last year, the U.S. Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from EMP Attack notes that “the physical and social fabric of the United States is sustained by a system of systems—a complex and dynamic network of interlocking and interdependent infrastructures whose harmonious functioning enables the myriad actions, transactions, and information flow that undergird the orderly conduct of civil society.”

The report noted that high-voltage control cables and large transformers that control the electric grid are particularly vulnerable to EMPs. Such transformers weigh some 400 tons, cost $7 million each and the U.S. is way behind in having backup transformers readily available so if a significant number went down at once, it would present huge issues powering the country.

There is some prior experience with EMPs, having occurred in 1962 when the 1.4 megaton Starfish Prime thermonuclear weapon was detonated about 400 km above the Pacific Ocean.

That EMP caused electrical damage some 900 miles away in Hawaii, shutting down about 300 streetlights, setting off burglar alarms and damaging a microwave telephone link that shut off phone calls between the island of Kauai to the rest of the island chain.

That explosion was from a weapon 100 times bigger than what was dropped on Hiroshima to end World War II.

From a natural standpoint, an unexpected geomagnetic storm from the Sun in 1989 caused the Hydro-Quebec power system to collapse within 92 seconds, which left six million Canadians without power. That was caused by the Sun ejecting a trillion cubic mile plume of superheated plasma or ionized gas.

Up until the developments in China, solar EMPs were believed to be the most likely threat, occurring every sixty years or so.

Dr. Pry said the Chinese weapons were developed as part of its Total Information Warfare program. More disturbing, he noted, is China’s apparent willingness to use a “high altitude electromagnetic pulse” weapon or HEMP as a first strike weapon to be launched from satellites, ships, and land.

“China’s military doctrine—including numerous examples presented here of using HEMP attack to win on the battlefield, defeat U.S. aircraft carriers, and achieve against the U.S. homeland a surprise ‘Pearl Harbor’ writ large—is replete with technical and operational planning consistent with a nuclear first-strike,” Pry said in his report.

But don’t worry. The Pentagon is laser-focused on critical race theory and drag queen story hour. Nothing to be concerned about.

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For our prior reporting on the EMP threat from China, we invite you to:


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- A week or so back, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm acknowledged that the US electric grid was susceptible to a ransomware attack. What she didn’t mention however is the vulnerability our electric grid has to an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse bomb.

For those unaware, the thriller 24 in year four had an EMP go off, resulting in lights going out, communications going down, a helicopter crashing to the ground and computers being rendered useless. It is a nightmare scenario.

According to the 2009 EMP Commission Report, it presented a nightmare…one might say a doomsday scenario if such a weapon were used against the US electric grid. According to the report, it predicted that if such a weapon were used in the United States, 90% of the American population would perish. Meanwhile we are concerned with “climate change.”

The release of the report spurred a couple of books to be written about the subject, with all of them becoming best sellers. However according to Freedom First Network’s reprint of a blog by Jeff Thompson, he theorizes that most Americans are unaware of the threats posed by an EMP.

While our potential adversaries, namely Russia, Iran, China and North Korea recognize the dangers posed by an EMP, Thompson believes the United States is falling asleep at the switch.

For example, Russian General Vladimir Slipchenko wrote a military textbook in which he called EMP’s the “greatest revolution in military affairs in history.”

The general noted that possession of such a weapon would render an enemy’s military completely obsolete. Meanwhile, the United States military is having drag queen shows, suggesting Navy personnel read books on critical race theory, and trying to understand “white rage.”

According to Thompson:

“If you can’t get your missile defense systems online, if your tanks won’t run, if your planes have all just fallen out of the sky, you’re kind of screwed, aren’t you?”

 Furthermore, the journal of the Russian General Staff, Military Thought carries the concept further. One article within the journal entitled “Weak Points of the US Concept of Network-Centric Warfare” identifies the use of an EMP as a means of defeating the US military.

Thompson notes that Russia has in its possession a so-called “Super-EMP,” a weapon which is capable of disrupting spacecraft, radar sites, ICBMs, energy supply systems, military command systems and economies. Nothing to see here.

To make matters worse, Thompson notes this particular weapon is designed for first strike capability. He noted that as of 2017, the US has no super EMPs, at least none the public is aware of.

In China, they too are working fast and furious on EMP technology as well. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in their textbook, The Third World War—Total Information Warfare, addresses the importance of developing China’s EMP defenses to “neutralize and check” the US if necessary.

China is also aware of US vulnerability to an EMP attack, noting that the US “is more vulnerable than any other country in the world” to EMP attacks. Thompson notes the fact China singled out the US in this book is cause for grave concern.

Meanwhile in good old Iran, which Biden is prepared to lift sanctions on, they have fully endorsed the use of EMPs and are aggressively developing battle plans for their use.

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In a military textbook called Passive Defense, it reaffirms Slipchenko’s ideas on EMPs. In fact, former CIA Director James Woolsey pointed out that “Tehran’s military is planning to be able to make a nuclear EMP attack…[emphasis added].

Remember—Biden is planning on lifting sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program, which is widely believed to be developing nuclear-grade weapons.

According to Woolsey:

“Passive Defense and other Iranian military writings are well aware that nuclear EMP attack is the most efficient way of killing people, through secondary effects, over the long run. The rationale appears to be that people starve to death, not because of EMP, but because they live in materialistic societies dependent upon modern technology.”

Thompson said another Iranian military journal, within an article titled “Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars,” it notes that in order to defeat the United States, it is necessary to do so through an EMP attack. The article says:

“…if the world’s industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults, then they will disintegrate within a few years…American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot.”

Thompson notes Iran is in the process of gearing up to deploy such a weapon. For example, he notes they have been attempting to purchase RF weapons from Russia, and that the Iranian news agency MEHR reported the nation is attempting to protect itself against an EMP attack.

Ambassador Henry Cooper, former director of the Strategic Defense Initiative previously warned Iran’s satellite launches are, in some cases, believe to be in preparation for such an attack against the United States.

And what of our old friend North Korea? Thompson notes that back in April 2013, North Korea was able to gain orbit of its KMS-3 satellite, deployed at the perfect trajectory to enable it to evade early warning radar and National Missile Defenses in the United States. Such a trajectory would enable that rogue nation to launch an EMP field over the continental United States.

Later on that same month, they were able to orbit a satellite over the New York-Washington, D.C. corridor. Thompson warned that if an EMP had been activated in such an orbit, the entire Eastern Grid of the United States would have been taken out, a grid that accounts for over 74% of US electricity generation.

On that same date, April 16, 2013, unknown actors used AK-47s to launch an attack on the Metcalf transformer substation which services Silicon Valley in California as well.

North Korea, which seems to be at a much more aggressive stance than the other three nations, also in July 2013 had one of their freighters found in the Panama Canal with SA-2 missiles mounted on their launchers hidden under bags of sugar.

The ship had sailed through the Gulf of Mexico with such a configuration, which, if armed would have allowed the freighter to execute an anonymous EMP attack from offshore.

A hearing in the House of Representatives on October 12, 2017 saw experts warn members of Congress that an EMP attack by North Korea would kill 90% of Americans within a year, and referred to it as an “existential threat, as reported in Newsmax.

Ironically, electric power lobbyists in Washington, DC are actually fighting against EMP protection of the US energy grid, which clearly seems to fly in the face of common sense. That fact is probably worth examining.

Fortunately for the United States, while many of our leaders have been asleep at the switch regarding EMPs, former president Donald Trump attempted to prepare the United States against an EMP attack.

On March 26, 2019, Trump signed Executive Order 13865—Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses. After this order—the first time EMP preparedness became a priority of the US government—was issued, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began to investigate techniques, backed up by research, to protect critical American infrastructure against EMP attack.

While Joe Biden overturned a boatload of Trump’s executive order during his first few weeks and months in the White House, he has left this particular one intact, indicating perhaps his administration realizes the threat EMPs pose to the homeland.

So, while Trump’s order is a step in the right direction, we are still behind the other four nations mentioned above as far as where we are at with an EMP program, and more importantly a defense against an EMP.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to lose the virtue signaling, the critical race theory, the drag queen shows, and white rage and worry about protecting and defending our country. That is the most important—no the only—mission of the United States military and security apparatus.

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