I was lying there when I heard the door squeal open.

Did he come back? My fear said as a light started growing
Dark shadows and foot prints slowly creep close to me
God I going to die, take care of my children I’ll never again be able to see

I heard voices but my wounds took over my body and mind
Fear was swallowing me whole when I saw another light began to shine

Slowly the image drew closer to where I lie almost dead
My face beaten, bones broken, I laid blooded and red
The voice was deep when he said “ma’am it will be okay. We’re here to help, the ambulance is on it’s way.”

I’m alive with my children because those men in blue helped me, so what about you?

Is your hate deeper than the love and protection our men and women are trying to do?

The following day I was lying there as the blood soaked through my vest.
Why was I hit? I served my country. I always did my best.
Did hate snatch me from my family and friends?

If I die, would all the fighting and wars come to a end?
I helped a dying woman just a day ago
Now I’m taking my last breath for reasons I’ll never know.