I’ve never written for Law Enforcement Today before.  I’ve also never shared a single one of their articles.

But I’ve been following them for years.

The truth is that as a police officer who is going on 15 years, I’m afraid to.  And to be honest, I have asked them to publish this without my real name.

It’s not that Law Enforcement Today is particularly political.  When they do take on political topics, it’s always relentlessly pro-police.  That’s why I follow them.

It’s because like many of you, the right to free speech doesn’t apply to me.  Because I’m a cop. 

If I share an image of a thin blue line flag, I’ll be called a racist.  

If I share a story about someone who crossed into the country and killed someone, I’ll be called a bigot. 

If I share an article about how politicians are blatantly disregarding law and order, I’ll be called a nationalist.

Allow me to explain why I’d suggest we don’t have the luxury of the very Constitution that we took an oath to uphold.

The Media Hates Us

We live in a society where, thanks to social media, you are guilty until proven innocent.  Thanks to the way the mainstream media portrays us, we are all “bad apples”.  We no longer have to even do anything bad – we just have to be accused of it.

Internal affairs investigations in my city are handed out as freely as the meth around here.  All it takes is you looking at someone the wrong way. They’ll file a report.  You’ll be on “paid administrative leave”.  And we all know what that means.

God help you if the media finds out about it.  They’ll destroy your career.  They’ll find out about the time you turned right on red at a “no turn on red” sign with your FTO next to you and it’s game over.

Law Enforcement Today shared an article some time back about how the greatest enemy we face in law enforcement is in our own departments.  It’s crucial to the point I’m trying to make for you to read that before I continue:

Save me… before I go too far.

“Good job.”

When was the last time you heard those words?

When was the last time administration in your own agency congratulated you on doing something right?

When was the last time you believed you had the support of the leaders who were supposed to be making our jobs easier?

Stop me… because I’ve already found the rope.

Why is it that we need to be just as afraid of covering our own asses as we are of the criminals we’re trying to stop?

How did we get to the point in policing where I need to hesitate on pulling the trigger of my gun when a member of MS13 has one pointed right at me?

When did we get to that moment where the leadership in my department was more afraid of answering questions from the media than answering questions from the widow I’ll leave behind?

Prevent me… for I’ve learned to tie the noose.

How did politicians get so much influence in my department, and why is it that the people who were supposed to have my back now only have their own?

When did the harassment in our agency take such an ugly turn… and why am I so afraid of reporting the bullshit?  How is it that I’m living more in fear of IA and days off without pay than I am of being shot?

At what point did it become acceptable for an officer wounded in the line of duty to become ostracized from the very department he served with for so many years?

Watch me… I’ve been given enough rope to hang myself.

Where did all of our training go?  Why is it that we beg for training and the lack of it is blamed on “budgets”, but there always manages to be a “budget” for ridiculous compliance paperwork?

How did we get to the point where we spend more time on how to write a report identifying a person we pulled over for their race, sex, gender or sexual orientation than we spend learning how to shoot a gun?  And how is it that we get blamed when we miss?

Judge me… because that’s what you do. 

You thought I was ok. You thought we were all ok. Because we’re police officers, and we put on a front.

But then when the pain got to be too much, the support wasn’t there and I needed you the most… you turned away.

And when I finally did the unthinkable and ended the pain, you had a look of shock on your face. You passed along your thoughts and prayers to my family.  You said, “we wished he would have given us a sign… told us that he needed us”.  You quietly judge me for not having the courage to come back to work the next day.

But the truth is I did give you a sign – WE gave you a sign.  I am hanging not because I failed… I am hanging because YOU failed.

The enemy is within. The enemy is you.  And until you can recognize that and fix it… we will fall.

This one is on you.

There’s A Threat To Our Families

How many occupations are out there – outside of being a “gangster” – where the lives of family members are threatened because of the job of the spouse?  Very few.

Yet that’s the case with us. I’m writing this damn article and yet I won’t share it on my own social media.  You can say that makes me a hypocrite.  I’d say it makes me cautious.  Because there IS a war on law enforcement in society these days and I don’t want my family to be the casualties.

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

We don’t share content because we are afraid of what departments and others around us will think.  But then we are upset that more stories about what’s happening in the world that’s impacting our brothers and sisters doesn’t get shared.

When it comes to going into physical battle, we say:

“Send me”.

But when it comes to taking a stand and having a voice, we say:

“Yeah, I wish I could hit that share button.”

We are quickly getting to a point in society where we’re going to have to stop being silent.  That silence is destroying us from the inside out.

But for today… the best I can do is hope that YOU share my words.  Because today… I’m still my own enemy.

Editor Note: We understand where the author is coming from.  More often than not, it’s the spouses, friends and families of LE sharing our articles for this very reason.  We recognize this is just one of the many problems plaguing law enforcement and a free society.  And so in case you missed it… here’s a letter from the founder of Law Enforcement Today on what you need to know… and how LET is fighting back.

Dear America:

When I founded Law Enforcement Today, I did it during a time where freedom of speech still existed. 

A time when the ability to market and advertise your company wasn’t infringed by bigger companies that control the media space and decide who does and doesn’t get a voice based on their own political perspectives.

Sadly, that time has come to an end.  Which is why our family at Law Enforcement Today has no choice but to step forward to fill that void and begin advocating for people and companies that are being actively silenced.

We’ve received word from some of our partners in the firearms and tactical industry that Google is actively shutting down advertising accounts of companies in the firearms accessories and tactical space.

Let’s be clear – we’re not talking about companies selling guns.

One such company, for example, is Inforce.  They make weapon mounted lights that are used by departments like the FBI, NYPD, LAPD, Boston PD, CBP and others.  Widely recognized as being both an LE and a consumer brand that helps make people safer… they are now shut down by Google.

They are a company spending six figures on advertising their products to consumers on the search engine, and now they’ve been shut down.

Here’s the message they received:

“Google, despite our ads having run without issue, now insists that weapon-mounted lights do not fall into the “increasing safety” clause of their violent content policy, therefore they cannot approve our ads. This is regardless of the ad copy wording because the landing page contains policy-violating content (the weapon-mounted light products).  Google is having to crack down on what qualifies as a ‘safety-enhancing’ accessory as a result of the backlash they have received following recent shootings in the US.”

Bing, another search engine, also shut down the ad account because the flashlights have “a line related to weapons.”

Please understand that we’re using Inforce as just one example of our many partners who have come to us about this attack in the recent weeks since the Dayton and San Antonio shootings.

Inforce, like many other partners of ours, moved to Google advertising after their ad account was shut down on Facebook and Instagram.  Although the platforms explicitly allow for the “advertising of weapon-mounted lights”, they still shut down the ad accounts as they move to remove all firearms and tactical related advertising from their platforms.

Think about this for a minute.  Where do you do your searching for products and brands? If you’re like most Americans, it’s Google, Facebook and Instagram.

When the three biggest platforms decide it’s time to attack the industry and the Second Amendment, it has the potential to be catastrophic.  It’s, in effect, gun control through censorship.  And it’s an attack that’s going to continue to spread.

We at Law Enforcement Today want to make our stance very clear. 

We strongly and firmly stand behind the Second Amendment, companies that keep civilians and law enforcement officers safe through products and innovation, and the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country.

We are launching a new series of options to help our partners and other patriotic businesses to be able to connect with consumers. While we can’t replace Google, Bing or Facebook – we sure can provide options to ensure that these companies and our brothers and sisters have a voice.

We welcome with open arms companies in the firearms and tactical industries and are proud to offer them options to get their products to market.  We’re also proud to stand beside organizations like NSSF, which runs SHOT Show, along with the Anteris Alliance, to make sure that the companies they represent have a massive voice.

Now to the consumer side of things.

We started noticing the problems a couple of years ago.  Social media was scaling back the reach of content that it didn’t believe people should see.

Not that there was anything offensive about it.  We’re talking about pro-police videos, stories about patriotic Americans and more. 

And from our perspective, that created a huge problem.  We have some of the greatest warriors in the world.  Yet their voices and their stories were being buried.

The mainstream media, on the rare occasion that it would tell some of these stories, would give you only a piece of them.  They’d cram as much as they could into a 90 second segment, slap their bias on it and that was it.

We needed to fix it. And so we are.

Law Enforcement Today (LET) is proud to announce the beta launch of LET Unity – a new home focused on bridging the gap between civilians and civil servants.  We’ve merged with The Whiskey Patriots to massively expand content, rolling out hundreds of videos to members.

 Many of those in our focus groups dubbed it the “Netflix of the law enforcement community”.  But the truth is, it’s so much more.

The first officer in the door at the Pulse nightclub shooting. 

Emergency responders from the Parkland shooting. 

The bomb squad that responded to the Aurora movie theater massacre. 

Survivors of the Dallas five killings.

The first Marine Guard hostage in the Iran crisis. 

The CIA agent who started a counter human trafficking company. 

SWAT teams. 

Sniper schools. 

World War II veterans.

And so, so much more.

The membership is less than the cost of two coffees a month, and those who sign up for an annual membership will get some surprise bonuses in the mail.  We decided to charge a nominal fee so we could take all of the proceeds and reinvest them into capturing more of these stories.

On top of that, we’re opening up the platform to some well-known podcasters who are going to be joining the team with some incredible content soon.

We have a problem in society.  Censorship has created an existential threat to democracy.  But even worse is the risk we run that some of these incredible stories of patriotism, hope, faith and our Sheepdogs would be lost.

We’ll soon be launching a series of content with Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) to share the stories of survivors.  We will also be dropping a weekly law enforcement focused newscast that addresses some of the most important topics in the country… and helps bridge the gap between those who serve and those whom they serve.

On top of that, we’ll soon be rolling out a series of private discounts and special promotions to members only as a “thank you” for being a part of the family.

The beta platform is live and the apps for Apple, Android, Apple TV and Roku will be launching soon. 

We hope you’ll join us in this journey, knowing that your membership is going to give a voice to those who have been silenced for so long.

Click here to sign up. 

If you are one of the many companies out there that’s being censored – or you’re worried about what’s to come – don’t hesitate to reach out today.  I can be reached at [email protected]

We will not be silenced.  You shouldn’t be either.

God bless you all, and God bless America.


Captain Robert Greenberg

Founder, Law Enforcement Today

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