Illinois top public defender wants police to stop arresting people for certain crimes, citing health concerns


COOK COUNTY, IL– There are so many idiotic things being said and done around the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, in Cook County, Illinois, the top public defender, Amy Campanelli, suggested that police stop making arrests to combat the spread of the virus.

Of course! What an incredible solution.

She said:

“[Police should] refrain from arresting anyone for low-level, victimless, or economic-related offenses.

The fewer people arrested, the less chance there is of them being placed in close quarters with others where the virus can spread. We have a public health crisis that requires the cooperation of officers on the street.”

Why didn’t we think of this before? Not just with the Wuhan Virus, but for any sickness. Why send criminals to prison for terrorizing our communities and breaking the laws that hold our society together if it puts them at risk for getting a cold?

In order to keep communities safe, people infected or possibly infected with the COVID-19 virus are being asked to self-quarantine.  In the event that an infected person doesn’t want to do that, police can arrest them due to the quickly spreading nature of the virus.

Campanelli learned of this, and said:

“I asked [the Chicago Police Department] instead to route those persons to the nearest hospital and not add them to our court system or jail.”

How she thinks those people would be routed without arresting them, since they aren’t wanting to be quarantined, remains unknown.

Please keep in mind that there have not been any cases of COVID-19 reported in Chicago.

Further, it’s unknown what would determine which crimes would be considered “low-level, victimless, or economic-related offenses.” Who would get to decide which crimes would get essentially decriminalized?  What would happen to people who committed said crimes if they weren’t imprisoned?

Clearly, nothing. They would be released right back into society, ready to commit their next crime.

Because look how well that’s already been working out with Chicago’s bail reform.

Even in the wake of a world-wide pandemic with health threats to everyone in our nation, Campanelli and other bleeding-heart liberals are still choosing to focus on the wellbeing of criminals than the health and safety of law-abiding citizens.

It makes absolutely no sense.

Joining Campanelli on her crusade to set offenders free is Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley.

No surprise there.

On MSNBC, Pressley said:

“Ten percent of those that are incarcerated are over the age of 60 and already have an underlying condition. We should be using compassionate release.”

Among other political garbage she spewed about our poor inmate population, she also said:

“[COVID-19] has certainly highlighted and exacerbated every socio-, racio-, political fault line in our country.”

Of course it has.

Meanwhile, Cook County officials are already looking at releasing inmates.

Sheriff Tom Dart told the Chicago Tribune:

“People at the jail are in a confined area. If we get one infection, we’ve got a huge problem.”

Yes, that’s true.

But how can the solution possibly be setting criminals free?

Do they think that released criminals are going to play by the rules now? There’s a pandemic, so naturally that means they have to stop being bad guys for the good of society. That’s how criminals’ minds work, right?

One category of persons they’re looking at releasing are those with “exceptional health care needs.” As long as, of course, the prisoner doesn’t pose a threat or flight risk.


They’re putting this category under the umbrella of “compassionate releases,” which is generally reserved for the terminally ill.

Give. Me. A. Break.

That is such a propagandous term to use, it’s disgusting. Now when I say I’m completely against inmate release because of COVID-19, they get to say it’s because I’m not compassionate?

I’m very compassionate.

I’m compassionate for the victims of the crimes these people have committed. I’m compassionate for the people who are stuck in places like nursing homes, homeless shelters, youth shelters, who don’t have the option to just be released somewhere else because they might get sick.

I’m compassionate for the corrections staff members who still have to remain working inside the same prisons where they’re so concerned about inmates.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said:

“The office has already secured the release of several detainees deemed to be highly vulnerable to COVID-19, including a pregnant detainee and another detainee who was hospitalized for treatment not related to the virus.

Additionally, staff are reaching out to other jurisdictions regarding detainees who are in custody due to outstanding warrants on low-level offenses. Sheriff’s staff are asking those jurisdictions to either quash those warrants or geographically limit them so that those detainees can be released from Cook County Jail.”

While I think it’s ridiculous to do something like this, some people are saying it’s not enough.

Take a guess as to which side of the political spectrum those people are on.

Sharlyn Grace is the executive directir of the Chicago Community Bond Fund. 

She said:

“Any developments that get people out are positive but we need much more dramatic changes.”

Included in these dramatic changes, according to her and other prisoner advocates, is calling for the immediate release of “anyone incarcerated in Cook County Jail on an unaffordable money bond, limiting the admission of new people to the jail on money bonds and the immediate release of individuals over the age of 50 or who with compromised immune systems.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

“Unaffordable money bond.” Seriously.

Advocates and attorneys banded together and sent letters to Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker asking for him:

“Consider immediately ordering a review of all people in Illinois prisons and jails who are elderly or infirm, with an eye toward providing medical furloughs or compassionate release to as many of them as possible.”

To be clear, officials are already implementing strategies inside the jails to prevent the spread of the virus to a facility, including canceling family visits, screening essential visitors, increasing the amount of hygiene products and sanitation, and creating an arrival area for new detainees with the intent of observing them to ensure they’re not infected prior to sending them in the main part of the jail with the general population.

To advocates and other members of the left, that’s still not enough.

The Uptown People’s Law Center represents inmates covered by federal consent decree.  They’re executive director, attorney Alan Mills, said:

“I think there is no question that should the virus make its way into the prison system we are looking at a disaster. All of the sorts of things that are being said as to what you should do to slow the spread — wash hands and keep social distances — those things are impossible in prisons. And should it spread, the health care system is already stretched too thin. We just don’t have enough staff.”

Essentially, Mills is saying that we should let his people go.

And all the other prisoners around the nation, I’m sure.

So, America, let’s sit back, relax, and watch as our streets become overrun with criminals because…compassion.

Just make sure you’re ready to protect your family. I know I am.

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