Illegal immigrants busted in “massive Amazon theft ring”. As in really, really massive.


OKLAHOMA COUNTY, OK – Police in Oklahoma have arrested three people, two of which are illegal aliens, and charged them with what they allege was a “massive” theft ring.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office reported they began their investigation on December 30th after responded to a report of illegal dumping in the area of 206th and Harrah Road.

When they deputies got to the location, they discovered roughly 600 empty Amazon packages on the ground.

Deputies became immediately suspicious that someone had been stealing Amazon packages and began digging through the piles of boxes for clues.

While digging through the boxes, deputies located a garbage bag which contained an envelope with a local address and a receipt from a local business.

Armed with the address, deputies were able to obtain a search warrant for the address listed on the envelope, 203 South Birch Street in Luther.

When deputies executed the search warrant, they allegedly located “thousands” of packages. In a statement issued on Facebook, the Sheriff’s Office wrote:

“Investigators found thousands of undelivered Amazon packages; some still wrapped on pallets in the home. Packages were stored throughout the home in almost every room and filled the storm shelter.”

Deputies identified two of the suspects, Cesar Yasnier Cerqueira Rojas and Maikel Perez Laurencio, both illegal aliens, had been employed with Amazon as third-party drivers.

This means that they both had easy access to any packages that would be going through the hub they were assigned.

Along with Rojas and Laurencio, deputies also took a legal immigrant, Dinneris Matos Delgado, into custody as they allege, he was involved in the scheme.

The three suspects in the case all face several felony counts of possession of stolen property and embezzlement. In addition to the felony charges for theft, Delgado was also charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance for methamphetamine which was located during the arrest.

Deputies believe that the three had been taking packages straight from the hub and bringing them to their residence so they could search through them. Deputies did not advise if the three were selling the items online or through other means.

Deputies warned that the three may face additional charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

They also noted that although they do have names from the people they arrested, they are not positive the names given are real. They wrote:

“It’s important to note, we are working to verify the identities of Rojas and Laurencio. They provided us with identification from Cuba, but we question whether the ID’s are authentic.”

A representative from Amazon, Kelly Nantel, said the company was grateful for the work of the Sheriff’s Office. She said:

“We are thankful for the quick investigative work of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and are committed to taking care of any customers who may have been impacted by this criminal activity.

Customers missing packages are encouraged to report any delays to Amazon customer service so we can work quickly to make it right.”

Oklahoma County Sheriff, Tommie Johnson, III, praised his deputies for their quick turnaround from time of discovering the packages to being able to make arrests in the case. He wrote:

“Our investigations team and patrol deputies did an amazing job.

It would have been easy to write this off as an illegal dumping case; but our deputies recognized this was much more serious and contacted investigators.

Our investigators quickly identified a suspect and followed through to bring this case to a successful conclusion.”

The Sheriff’s Office reports that all the packages that were recovered during the search warrant have already been returned to Amazon.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Illegal immigrant wanted for allegedly raping a 5-year-old finally caught 20 years later

HIGH POINT, NC – Police in Las Vegas, Nevada have been looking for an illegal alien since he failed to appear in court for sex charges in May of 2001.

The suspect was located and taken into custody after living for twenty years under an alias.


The suspect, in this case, 40-year-old Eric Santibanez-Cardenas, was taken into custody on December 28th in High Point, North Carolina.

His arrest came after police had somehow determined that Santibanez-Cardenas had been using an alias the day prior.

Officers with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit along with additional law enforcement resources set up some type of fake appointment with Santibanez-Cardenas to lure him to police.

Santibanez-Cardenas took the bait and went to the meeting location, not realizing that he was meeting with police who knew his true identity.

Police took him into custody without incident and transported him to the county jail. Santibanez-Cardenas is currently being held on a $500,000 bond while awaiting extradition.


In 2001, police in Las Vegas reported Santibanez-Cardenas allegedly raped a 5-year-old boy. When he was scheduled to appear in court for the four charges against him, four counts of sexual assault, he failed to show.

Santibanez-Cardenas has been in the wrong ever since. It was not until 2006 that authorities learned that Santibanez-Cardenas had started using an alias, Julian Solis-Cardenas. Police lost track of Santibanez-Cardenas until they learned that he was hiding in plain sight in High Point.  

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has placed a detainer on Santibanez-Cardenas which is a request that if he is released at any time they are notified so that they can take custody of him.


Santibanez-Cardenas is just one example of many in terms of illegal aliens and sex offenses, and it may get only worse with the crisis at the border. Every day, illegal aliens who have been convicted of sexual offenses have been crossing illegally into the country.

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande have reported recently arresting two gang members as well as another illegal alien who has a previous child sex crime conviction.

Additionally, agents arrested a Salvadoran national who is a registered sex offender who was arrested in 2018 for indecency with a child by sexual conduct in Texas.

In that case, instead of serving time in prison and then being deported, he was given five years of probation. After his release on probation, police in Houston arrested him for another case, this time for stalking and child abuse.

The suspect, in this case, was then deported only to return in 2022, this time with a 7-year-old girl and her mother.

Another illegal alien who was caught trying to enter the country was from Ecuador who had convictions for aggravated sodomy, child molestation, and rape from Atlanta, Georgia. He had previously served 12 years in prison before being deported.

According to Fox News, during the fiscal year of 2021, Border Patrol reported a total of 488 convicted sex offenders that have been caught reentering the country.

This notes an increase from 156 in the fiscal year 2020 and only 58 in the fiscal year 2019. So far, fiscal 2022 has shown 64 illegal aliens crossing into the country who are convicted sex offenders.

While these numbers alone should be scary to anyone reading this article, these numbers only account for the ones that were captured by Border Patrol.

They do not count the number of convicted sex offenders who have snuck into the United States without being caught.

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