Officials say illegal immigrant who called officers ‘pigs’ arrested after shooting gun towards police helicopter


DENVER, CO – An illegal immigrant unlawfully residing in Aurora, Colorado, was said to have been recently arrested for opening fire during a protest that was taking place in May.

Police sources say that Felix Missael Alva was witnessed by police discharging a firearm in the air on May 30th, with statement alleging that the discharged firearm was aimed in the direction of news crews and police helicopters in the air at the time.

Alva was said to have been ordered deported from the country back in 2010.

During the May 30th incident, Alva was also said to have been making several antagonistic remarks, such as “this ain’t no peaceful protest,” and calling police officers “pigs”. Police believe that Alva fired anywhere between six to ten shots in the air during the incident.

When police located Alva by way of a license plate number found on his Jeep, officers searched his residence and were said to have recovered a .45 caliber handgun that appeared to be the one witnessed from the May 30th shooting.

A search of the Jeep owned by Alva also revealed anti-police signage used during commonly seen at protests and artillery shell fireworks much like ones set off during previous protests.

Meanwhile in New York, an illegal immigrant implicated in the stabbing of an officer in June is said to have some terrorist ties. 

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It’s an update that should come as a surprise to nobody.

In June, Law Enforcement Today reported on an incident where Dzenan Camovic stalked NYPD Officer Yayonfrant Jean Pierre, eventually stabbing him in the neck. 

Camovic took his firearm and fired on other officers who returned fire, striking him and ending the fight.  Now, state and federal prosecutors allege that Camovic had interest in terror groups.

In June, Camovic, an illegal alien from Bosnia, is alleged to have been the person on video attacking Pierre and other officers. 

Initially, police thought the attack had something to do with the ongoing riots in the area stemming from George Floyd’s death in police custody. 

However, after investigation, now federal and state prosecutors are claiming that the attacks were stemmed by Camovic’s idolization of terror groups.

In the indictment for attempted aggravated murder and federal charges of theft and unlawful possession of a firearm, police allege that Camovic told a nurse, while he was recuperating from gunshot wounds, that his “religion made me do it.”   

Robert Stahl, Camovic’s attorney, refutes that Camovic committed the crimes out of his desire to join any terror group. 

Stahl said that Camovic “is a troubled young man in a number of respects, as opposed to having any terrorist or Islamic leanings.” 

Prosecutors allege that Camovic had texted a friend prior to the attack that he would “be awhile.”  They also went through his phone and found deleted images of references to the Islamic State in Arabic s well as mentions of a magazine that has been used to radicalize and recruit people in the past.

Prosecutors contend that Camovic had digital media which contained audio and video files of lectures and sermons that were given by deceased al-Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki. 

In addition, an unnamed police source advised that Camovic had been inquiring about the permissibility of killing innocent people regarding his faith.  He had also been, for approximately a year prior to the attack, expressed interests in ISIS as well as other terror groups out of Syria.

US Attorney General William Barr released a statement pertaining to Camovic, saying that he “used the cover of chaos” (riots over George Floyd), to conduct a “premeditated and cowardly” attack on NYPD officers.  Barr continued:

“If not for the heroism and bravery of the responding NYPD officers who returned fire and took the assailant down early in the attack, untold additional officers and innocents could have been killed or injured.”

Police advise that Camovic has no criminal history since he immigrated into the United States as a small child.  Camovic, according to Stahl, was brought here because of the unrest that is occurring in Bosnia. 

Federal authorities have placed a detainer hold on Camovic which will prevent him from being released pending the outcome of the criminal cases.  Stahl advised they will not contest the detainer hold, stating:

“It’s not like he snuck into the country or something, but his immigration status is perilous because he’s stateless.”

The incident that Camovic was involved in occurred on June 3rd where he had stabbed Pierre and started chasing NYPD Officer randy Ramnarine. 

After he started chasing Ramnarine, he quickly returned to Pierre which caused Ramnarine to open fire.  Ramnarine was able to fire two shots at Camovic and Pierre was able to fire six times. 

However, Camovic was able to successfully take Pierre’s firearm fired on Ramnarine and other officers.

Ramnarine and another officer were struck by the gunfire and a responding sergeant was able to return fire, striking Camovic, ending the fight.  Camovic was immediately treated for his wounds and was transported to the hospital with injuries to his face, legs, and abdomen area. 

Stahl has been ordered to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation by a judge. 


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