Report: 40% of air traffic flying out of McAllen International Airport is migrants being ‘redistributed’


McAllen, TX – As the southern border crisis grows, the Biden administration is struggling with how to handle the hundreds of thousands of migrants answering his promise of leniency in immigration enforcement.

This promise has caused the government to start flying illegal aliens to other parts of the United States at taxpayer expense.

Jenn Pellegrino, a reporter for One America News Network, tweeted yesterday that 40% of the air traffic flying out of McAllen International Airport are migrants being moved from the border:

“Approx 40% of the airport traffic this morning at Texas’ McAllen International appear to be migrants headed within the US.

“They are carrying boarding passes & paperwork that indicates they do not speak English.”

Migrants arriving at the border are being flown from South Texas to places like El Paso by Customs Border Protection (CBP). Federal officials say the migrants need to be moved to ease overcrowding at processing centers.

El Paso County officials said Saturday that they have received about 270 migrants per day on two flights from the Rio Grande Valley.

Many of these migrants were then expelled across the border to Juarez, Mexico under the Trump-era Title 42, which allows deportations under health and safety because of the pandemic.

Landon R. Hutchens, spokesman for the CBP, said overcrowding in South Texas is making the flights necessary.

He said that the agency “was also anticipating” that migrants would be sent to shelters, but that “sometimes these decisions are impacted by other things.”

Hutchens clarified that the Biden administration has stopped expelling immigrant children who cross the border alone, the expulsion of immigrant families and single adults continues under Title 42.

The spike in immigrants arriving at the border has prompted the Biden administration to consider a plan to fly illegal aliens into northern cities near the Canadian border for processing.

According to an email obtained by The Washington Post, border officials requested air support from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement because 1,000 members of families and unaccompanied minors crossed the Rio Grande on the morning of March 19, and border agents have another 1,000 migrants they have been unable to process from the previous night.

The Biden administration has not yet determined which northern and coastal states will receive flights from the southern border.

The Gateway Pundit published a message sent to them from a passenger flying out of McAllen International Airport on Friday. The passenger claimed that migrants were being permitted to fly without identification:

“We were sent this today from a reader in Texas…. Yesterday I flew on a commercial aircraft from DWF on a major carrier. A carrier who has removed small children from planes for not wearing a mask. I can’t believe what I witnessed.

“They are allowing migrants with NO ID to bypass TSA and fly. How is this safe? Could they be infected with COVID-19. Reports are many are.”

It is difficult to get a clear picture of what is occurring at the border, as the Biden administration has created a media blackout of the immigration facilities. Numerous media outlets have complained about restrictions against media access put in place by the administration.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to defend the lack of media access by saying the press can cover the border situation off of “B-roll” footage provided by a single pool camera the government is allowing into one facility.

“Psaki noted that networks would receive the footage during press briefings, saying, that “network pool footage” would be “provided to all of the networks so that you can all see, as the media for yourself, and be able to provide analysis on that pool footage.

“We’ll continue to work with agencies on creating avenues for media access.”

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Cruz: Biden’s ‘most radical immigration plan proposed in history’ bringing in ‘criminals, murderers, rapists’

February 26, 2021

 HOUSTON, TX – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused the Biden administration of moving rapidly toward open borders during a radio interview yesterday. Cruz said Biden’s immigration plan is the “most radical” plan ever proposed.

Cruz blasted Biden’s attempts to halt deportations of illegal immigrants living in the United States. A Department of Homeland Security memo ordered by Biden issued on his first day in office instructed immigration deportations to be paused pending reviews of ICE policies.

The policy was blocked by a preliminary injunction issued by a judge in January. U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton of the Southern District of Texas issued a second injunction against the pause on Tuesday. Judge Tipton said that the administration could conduct the review but “a need to assess priorities does not necessarily mean a pause on government functions.”

During an interview on the Michael Berry Show, Cruz said the Biden administration wants to return all deported persons back to the United States, regardless of criminal history:

“You look at the Biden immigration plan which was put out, is the most radical immigration plan any administration has proposed in history.

“They have proposed allowing every single person who was deported from this country for the last four years to come back…and by the way, they don’t make exceptions for criminals, for murderers, for rapists.

“I mean it’s utterly bizarre to have a federal administration refusing to enforce the law against violent criminals and frankly it makes our country more dangerous, it makes Texas more dangerous…”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas signaled the administration’s light-handed approach to immigration during his Senate confirmation hearing in early February.

When asked what message he had for migrant caravans headed to the United States border expecting a more welcoming country than when Donald Trump was president, Mayorkas responded:

“There’s a commitment to follow our asylum laws, to enforce our asylum laws, and that means to provide humanitarian relief for those individuals who qualify for it under the law.”

His comments, and others made by Biden officials, have been received as invitations to come to the border by migrants. Honduran migrant Marlon Lopez told CNN in January that then-President-elect Biden was “going to help all of us. (Biden) has given us 100 days to get to the U.S. I’m here today because I’m dreaming to get to the U.S.”

Cruz said that Biden is moving rapidly toward open borders, and does not care who gets let into the country:

“We are a nation of immigrants and there are wonderful people who come here and come here legally. There’s a right way to come.

“But today’s Democratic Party has been radicalized where they’re you know, they’re not even willing to enforce the law against violent criminals who are committing horrific crimes.”

Cruz’s criticism comes at a delicate time for President Biden and the Democrats, who spent most of the presidential campaign in 2020 attacking the Trump administration for detaining children at the border. The Biden administration is struggling to control a surge at the border brought on by his promises of leniency on immigration. Biden had to re-open a controversial children’s detention center along the border this week, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed the detention was necessary because of COVID-19 protocols.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd refuted Psaki’s explanation for the change in policy stating:

“Today, Jen Psaki said the administration could not hold the children in other locations due to the Covid protocols including social distancing, but what she didn’t tell the media was that the children in (Border Patrol’s) custody were being held in conditions that have nearly no way to social distance.

“The hypocrisy from the left and the mainstream media indeed shows they care nothing for the children they used as pawns to attack President Trump. They are being held in the same locations they accused the Trump administration of inhuman acts when they said he was holding ‘kids in cages.’”

Immigration Reform Law Institute representative Dale Wilcox did not hold back when he was asked about Biden’s immigration plan, calling it:

“A bizarre and sinister attempt to shutter our entire immigration law enforcement system.”



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