‘Cold-blooded, premeditated, and despicable act’: Illegal alien arrested for murdering ex in front of her kids


SCHUYKILL TOWNSHIP, PA – An illegal alien has been arrested in Virginia after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her two young children in Pennsylvania.

According to police, Danelo Cavalcante, 31, stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death outside her Schuykill Township home on April 18, 2021.

Fox 29 News reports that Schuykill Township police were called to a domestic disturbance at about 4:15 pm at the 300 block of Pawling Road.  

Responding officers found the victim, 33-year-old Deborah Brandao, on the ground with multiple stab wounds to the chest.

Investigators told the Philly Voice that Brandao had been outside her home with her 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, when Cavalcante arrived.

Cavalcante allegedly pulled Brandao to the ground by her hair and threatened to kill her, saying he was “going to do something bad to their lives.”  

He then reportedly pulled two knives out of a bag, got on top of Brandao, and stabbed his victim over a dozen times, in front of her two children.

The Philadelphia Inquirer states that Cavalcante also threw a rock at Brandao’s children.

While she was being attacked, Brandao reportedly told her daughter to get help.  The 7-year-old girl ran to a neighbor’s house for assistance, and the neighbor called 911.

A neighbor also attempted life-saving help for Brandao before the police arrived.

After emergency responders came on scene, Brandao was rushed to nearby Paoli Hospital, where, sadly, she was pronounced dead of her wounds.

The suspect fled the scene of the attack before police arrived.

However, Brandao’s young daughter assisted police with their investigation, identifying Cavalcante from a photo lineup and saying, “That’s him, that’s the guy that killed my mom.”

Cavalcante was later arrested in Virginia by the Virginia State Police.

After his extradition from Virginia back to Chester County, Cavalcante is facing charges of “first-degree and third-degree murder, aggravated assault and related offenses.”

As it turns out, according to Breitbart, Cavalcante is also in this country illegally.  There is no information at this time as to when he entered the United States.

Breitbart News reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has put a detainer on Cavalcante, “requesting the local jail hold him until they are able to take him into federal custody for arrest and deportation.”

Breitbart refers to Chester County as a “sanctuary jurisdiction” and asserts that the county “often refuses to cooperate with ICE.”

Chester County has indeed been unofficially listed in the past as a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants, although county commissioners decried that designation last year.

In addition, according to the Daily Local News, Cavalcante had also previously been forbidden from coming near Brandao according to the terms of a Protection from Abuse Order Brandao obtained in December 2020. 

Police reported that the order was put in place due to Cavalcante’s “abusive behavior,” including previously threatening Brandao with a knife.

However, the Daily Local News notes, that order was also:

“dismissed by a Montgomery County Common Pleas Court judge after Brandao failed to appear for a scheduled hearing to make the temporary order permanent.”

Dolly Wideman-Scott, CEO of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County told the press:

“Our hearts are heavy as we learned of the senseless death of Deborah Brandao.”

She continued:

”Domestic violence must stop. Too many families and communities are mourning those who died at the hands of a loved one. 

“We all must take a stand to address and end domestic violence by making perpetrators accountable for their behavior and support laws to protect victims and their children.”

Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said after Cavalcante’s arrest:

“This is a heartbreaking tragedy. Two children are left without a mother. The pain these children and all of Deborah’s loved ones are enduring as a result of this depravity is horrific.”

She promised that she would handle the prosecution herself, and she went on to say:

“We will ensure that the defendant is brought to justice for this cold-blooded, premeditated, and despicable act.”

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Sanctuary NYC: Illegal immigrant MS-13 gang members charged with hacking young mother to death

QUEENS, NY– Earlier this month, Law Enforcement Today reported on four MS-13 gang members that had been arrested after officers observed them placing a woman’s wrapped corpse in the trunk of their vehicle. 

Now, the woman has been identified, and three of the illegal alien MS-13 members have been charged with murder. 

According to reports, MS-13 Gang members 20-year-old Rigel Yohairo, 22-year-old Allan Lopez, and 21-year-old Jose Sarmiento were arrested and charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon, concealment of a human corpse, and tampering with evidence this month in the death of 31-year-old Nazareth Tamer-Claure. Tamer-Claure is the mother of an eight-year-old boy.

The fourth suspect arrested in the case, Rodolfo Lopez, who is also an illegal alien MS-13 gang member, has been arrested and charged with concealment of a human corpse and tampering with evidence.

According to Queens County prosecutors, Yohairo, Lopez, and Sarmiento allegedly beat Tamer-Claure with baseball bats before hacking her to death with machetes in the neighborhood of Far Rockaway.

The four men were under surveillance when officers observed them placing a long oddly shaped object into their trunk and driving away.

According to reports, officers followed the vehicle the men got into, only to later discover that the long suspicious object that they were carrying was a woman’s body that was wrapped in a blanket. 

Breitbart reported that days before the alleged murder, Tamer-Claure obtained a protection order against her boyfriend, 28-year-old Anander Henriquez, also an illegal alien MS-13 Gang member. Tamer-Claure had reported Henriquez for choking her on April 9th.

This was not the first incident of abuse that Tamer-Claure reported against Henriquez however.

According to reports, several months prior, in January, Tamer-Claure was allegedly punched in the face multiple times by Henriquez before he hit her with a metal pipe. Henriquez pleaded guilty for the attack.

All five MS-13 gang members are currently in police custody. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency confirmed to Breitbart News that all five suspects have detainers placed on them, a request that New York officials turn them over to ICE agents should they be released at any time.

Although these men should face the harshest penalties and then be deported back to their countries of origin, New York is a sanctuary state, meaning that local law enforcement agencies are prohibited from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents.

Due to this, often times illegal aliens who have changes pending against them are often released back into the community rather than being deported. 

Last month, an illegal alien MS-13 gang member in Long Island was arrested for his involvement in the murder of a 19-year-old, Breitbart News reported. The illegal alien had previously been convicted of second-degree murder.

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