If you didn’t fear “fear” how would you feel? Think about that. Our fear of “fear” is the real danger.



I’m in London, England right now teaching. Last night at around 3:30 AM, several people texted me partial info about President Trump’s travel ban.

That sure woke me up quickly!

Immediately the movie in my mind started…the fear projector began running negative images of chaos, riots, being stranded. Within a few seconds, my physiology changed to support the dire straits in my mind; shallow breathing, butterflies, I could feel myself starting to sweat.

Maybe 30 seconds had passed.

I took a deep breath and acknowledged that I was in the fear loop. 

Knowing where I was helped everything calm down so I could process what was happening.

Fear loop

I focused on where I was (fear loop) and then, where I needed to be. I looked at the Cycle of Behavior in my mind and saw myself moving towards a plan. As soon as I started identifying options, my physiology started to mirror my mindset: My breathing changed, I sat up more confidently, I shifted from emotional to strategic.

I need you to understand how huge this is. You can learn this too! The mind navigates the body.

How we feel affects how we think and how we think affects how we feel.

With new clarity, I began to research. I still had fear because the danger was real. This scenario the world is facing is real. But I was controlling my mind so I could make decisions.

Tony Blauer

It was then I learned that I was in the only country where travel was approved by the USA! I was still thinking strategically. That was good news, but how long would that remain before the UK was restricted?

Could I change the flight? Would the airlines be flooded with calls? Would there be chaos with all expatriates trying to get out of the only airport open with travel to the USA?

Once again, as my mind produced negative images, my physiology changed. I knew what to do and I’m trying to teach that to you, too.

Managing fear is a real skill and it applies to everyone. This morning after doing the work on myself and my situation, I wrote this for you, your family and friends.

Tony Blauer

If you didn’t fear fear how would you feel?

Think about that.

It’s our fear of fear that is the real danger.

It’s the fixation on the idea that creates the fear loop. If we don’t have the self-awareness to catch this happening (in our mind) and the strategy to understand what is taking place, we will continue to fixate on the idea.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Fixation is what creates anxiety and this is what produces the negative movie in our mind.

This is the psychology behind the acronym F.E.A.R. – False Expectations Appearing Real – where we visualize a negative “future” event that debilitates us in the present.

Fear is the cue. Fear leaves clues.

Face it
Understand it
Control it
Know it


If this were a crime scene, we are literally mugging ourselves of time. We are robbing ourselves of energy, creativity, and positivity by fixating on a negative future. These negative thoughts are hijacking our potential and confusing probable for possible.

To move from “emotional to strategic,” we need to recognize when we’re in the fear loop and we need to step out. Even when we’re scared.

Know Fear

Remember, there’s no such thing as “no fear,” there’s only “getting to know fear” and learning how to use it as a fuel to get moving.

Don’t mug yourself. Don’t be an accomplice to this “mind crime.” 

  • Get out of the fear loop.
  • Push away danger.
  • Don’t incite it by inviting it in your mind.
  • Get safe in your head first.

I really hope this helps.

Coach B

Coach Tony Blauer has been in the self-defense and defensive tactics industry for over four decades. He runs program on personal safety as well as fear management and resiliency.  You can learn more about his systems here: www.knowfearnow.com 

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