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We should be aware of an ever-growing problem that our country faces today. With the technology available to just about anyone, and the way our lives have turned “digital,” we have made ourselves prey to what has become a wide spread financial crime…. identity theft.

My name is Melony, and coauthoring this with me is my husband Patrick. I have been working with small businesses and law enforcement my entire career.  Law enforcement has a special place in my heart not only for what they sacrifice on our behalf, but because I am married to a 28-year veteran police officer who currently serves as a captain in our police department. Through this connection I am also immensely aware of the dangers of this special profession and value of keeping distractions to a minimum.

After we met, it became somewhat of a mission for me to represent a product that could bring peace of mind to the members of our extended law enforcement family. Focusing on law enforcement and other public services has been very rewarding. In 2017, I contracted with the FBINAA to provide our identity theft services as a revenue sharing partnership and have since started to partner with other law enforcement and public service organizations.

Identity theft can happen to anyone and has extended consequences for its victims. As a lucrative way for people to steal instead of work, avoid consequences for their actions, obtain medical care and even support terrorism, it is not going away.

Unfortunately, not only do you have the threat of being a victim of identity theft as an everyday citizen, but as law enforcement officers, you and your families are being specifically targeted. I’m sure most of you get the bulletins, that hacktivist groups like Anonymous, Sovereign Citizens and LulzSec, are targeting law enforcement and their families in attempts to distract, discredit and demoralize us. Some are doing so out of revenge for our doing what we have sworn to do.

Some of the venerable areas for us are the systems in the jurisdictions where we work. Counties, municipalities, retirement systems, training management systems, all of these type systems have been hacked or accessed for criminal reasons at some time or another and sensitive data leaked. It seems that no one takes it serious until the breach happens. Then all the sudden, we need better security or encryption. It’s the old proverbial case of closing the gate after the cows got out. We need to be protected while out protecting others.

When most people hear about identity theft, they think of credit. Here’s a shocker. Credit is only 17 percent of identity theft and the financial institutions have a general liability to give you the money back. People using your credit card number and making unauthorized purchases, is not identity theft. It’s just every day variety “theft,” or depending on your state laws, “unauthorized use of an access card.”

Identity theft is defined as “the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain.” That does sound a lot like credit card theft doesn’t it? Well here’s the difference. When someone uses your credit card number, they are using a line of credit that is already established and used by you and your family. You may have had that card for years. The loss usually ends up being the banks. But when someone uses your name, date of birth and social security number to “apply” for a credit card or any other service that requires your personal information without your knowledge, then they have stolen your identity. Now if the criminal is really smart, they will use a different address than yours, and you will be completely unaware that you now have a new credit card in your name. Unless you monitor your credit frequently or employ a monitoring service, you will not know about this invasion in your life until you apply for credit yourself or the bill collectors and lawsuits start finding their way to you. There are numerous ways in which having your identity stolen can be harmful. This is just the one that most people are aware of. In this series, we hope to bring awareness of identity theft and the areas it threatens.

This outlines the biggest problem, which is finding out a long time after it has happened, that your identity is compromised. Now the big problems of affidavits, court documents, appearances, letters and countless phone calls start. This daunting task will be a frustrating situation that will threaten the serenity of your home, your marriage and distract you at work. That distraction is what we want to avoid. Distractions are life threatening to our men and woman in blue. If their minds are distracted, their lives are in greater danger. Our most important suggestion is to be proactive and protect yourselves and your family. Stay focused, be safe and God bless you.

identity theft services

Patrick and Melony Knab. (Courtesy Knab family)

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