Veteran: Why do I need an ID to buy ammo but not to vote? That’s discrimination.


My dad always told me that he could sleep at night if he had a clear conscience. But if he had wronged someone and felt guilty, he could not sleep until he made it right. Once he corrected the situation, the guilt went away, he was able to function properly and slept like a baby.

Now, imagine for a moment that each of 50 states were not made of the people who live there but were an actual person themselves. There are several states that are begging to be asked: how do you sleep at night? For a laundry list of reasons, California is the chief among sinners (to quote Paul in 1 Timothy 1:15).

Before I go any further, I know the weather and the scenery are beautiful. I am fully aware of the fact that there are some amazing and wonderful people living in California. And I know that some of the amazing, wonderful people love living there.

But if California was a person, I believe they would have no problem sleeping. Not because they haven’t been wronging people, but because they just do not feel guilty. Which leads me to a logical conclusion: they feel no guilt or remorse, because it does not bother them. They just do not care.

California has multiple sanctuary cities and has in fact deemed itself a sanctuary state. Meaning that people not here legally can find cities that will not turn them over to ICE or CBP, even if they are guilty of violent crimes. Ask the family Kate Steinle and others how they feel about violent criminals not being deported, only to commit additional violent crimes.

San Francisco has such a significant problem with human feces in public places that someone had to create an online “crap map” so people can navigate the city.

The states concealed carry laws are ridiculous.

The Constitution of the United States has this section called the 2nd Amendment, which establishes our right to keep and bear arms, and this right shall not be infringed upon. Unless you live in California and a handful of other states that believe that their laws are superior to the Constitution.

In fact, to get a concealed carry permit in most parts of California, you must show justifiable need to be issued a CCW license. Justifiable need is defined by things like restraining orders and substantiated threats of violence against the applicant.

Even upon issuance, the license can contain restrictions asto the time, place, manner and circumstances under which the person may carry a firearm.

California does not issue carry permits to non-residents, with exceptions for non-resident military members permanently stationed in California. 

In terms of reciprocity, California does not honor any other states’ concealed carry permits. So, unless you are a Californian (or military member stationed there) who has been deemed worthy, if you get caught carrying, even with a valid license from another state, you can be charged of illegal possession of a weapon.

California, with a population of 39.6 million people, currently has approximately 108,000 concealed carry licenses issued. By comparison, Texas has currently issued 1.4 million licenses to carry with a population of 28.5 million. Equally as telling, Texas honors the licenses issued by 44 other states. California honors: 0.

California also refuses to require an ID be presented to vote in local, state and federal elections, as they deem that racist. Voting is a Constitutional right, guaranteed to citizens (with a few exceptions) of our great nation. Yet, they deem who may be licensed to participate in other Constitutionally protected activities.

In their latest act of lunacy, California legislator passed a law requiring not only a valid California ID to purchase ammunition, but also a background check with each purchase. That background check has a nominal fee that is paid by the ammo purchaser.

According to United States Concealed Carry Association website,you must be legally eligible to purchase and/or own a firearm and be at least 21 years old to purchase ammunition.  

Beginning in July 1, 2019 ammunition sellers will be required to conduct point of sale background checks (which should take only 60-90 seconds) with $1 paid by the consumer.  (Phase 2 of Prop 63).

For those who don’t currently have a gun registered, there will be a one-time $19 “eligibility check” that may take up to 10 days.

The law will require all ammunition sales, including mail order sales and sales between unlicensed parties, to be processed by a licensed ammunition vendor who will conduct the background check.

Only California residents can purchase ammunition. There is no restriction on the amount or type of ammunition that can purchased although there are restrictions on how much a person can sell in a 30-day period without being a licensed vendor.

Ammunition may not be purchased out of state then brought into California, doing so would be a misdemeanor. 

If I wanted to go hunting in California, it would be extremely difficult.

As a Texan, I cannot buy ammo in California. If I bring the ammo I bought in Texas, I am technically guilty of committing a crime once I cross the California state line.

If I open an office in California and spend several weeks a month out there, I could not go to a range to practice with my everyday carry or other pistols I wanted to maintain my shot group with.

For this reason, along with many others, I would never locate my business in California. 

Oddly enough, the only people impacted by the stupidity that is the California state legislations “logic” are law-abiding citizens. The people that are committing acts of violence are not buying their weapons or their ammo through legal channels to begin with.

Considering that California is more concerned with the protecting the “rights” of people in this country illegally more than they are the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of its law-abiding citizens, I honestly must ask myself, how does California sleep at night?

The only logical answer is, they just do not care.   

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