Many law enforcement members are also military reservists who are returning home from Iraq.  Military service members lost their lives, lost limbs, and missed treasured time with loved ones for relatively little pay in arduous conditions.  This week, media reports tell us that no one requested a ticker tape parade to welcome them home.

Every American should be saying thank you.

I wish I could take your pain and help bear your burdens, as Christ has done for me.

I would shed my tears if it meant you heroes did not have to.

I would gladly give up my Christmases, vacations, and free time with my family so you can be with yours.

I would work overtime every day and not complain so you can relax.

I know I don’t have much to give, but I wish there was a way to pay you all the value of your worth.

Know that I shed tears for you and others did, too,

Hear this from your grateful country:

Job well done!

We’re giving you ticker tape parade in our hearts.

We are proud of you.

We love you.

Ken Wise is a reserve police officer who also serves as the department chaplain at Mid America University in Oklahoma City.  He is employed as a full-time janitor in a metro Oklahoma City area school with over 2000 students.  He is an Army and Navy reserve veteran.  His personal experience in an active-shooter situation four years ago makes him determined to do whatever he can to see that every officer receives this training.